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Genre Research
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  • 1. Genre Research
    Scott Hunter
    A2 Media
  • 2. British Youth Culture & Social Realism
    Here are some examples of social realism films.
  • 3. In social realism & british youth culture films they bring up theories and depictions of modern day british culture.
    For example, in Sweet Sixteen the film does focus on the life of
    Youths in underclass Britain and focus’ on the cycle of deprivation.
    The cycle of deprivation is the theory that underclass Britain won’t
    Stop and that it is passed down through generations in underclass
    Families. However, Sweet Sixteen shows a young lad in a positive
    Manner and shows him trying to surpass his roots and get out of that
    Eden Lake also looks at the same theories however, in a much more
    Negative light and even with tendencies of horror within it as the
    Underclass youths are the main antagonists.
    Overall films relating to British Youth Culture & Social Realism are
    A favorite of mine as they are relatively simple to do, yet there
    Messages and theories within the film are very realistic and easily
  • 4. Horror
  • 5. I believe that the horror genre would be difficult to make as in some cases with such films like Saw in which there main horror selling point is intense bodily harm and they do this by using a manner of special effects and usually have a big budget relating to mise-en-scene and props to make their films gore detail as realistic as possible. Yet, on the other hand other horrors such as Scream would be a lot more easier to do as it only takes one antagonist perhaps with a weapon of some sorts. But I believe that it would be rather difficult to do on a low budget and try make it seem appeasable and realistic.
    Other horrors such Paranormal Activity would also be a lot more difficult to do as their main selling point Is the fear of the unknown and you can never see the what is causing the distress etc. This sort of horror would be difficult to do on a low budget and with semi-professional camera skills and equipment.
  • 6. Action
  • 7. Out of all of the genre’s that I have researched I believe that Action is possibly the most difficult genre to put together at an amateur level. This is because almost every action movies have giant budgets from big hollywood studios. This deals with all of the special effects with such things giant explosions, gun shoot outs & car chases all very stereotypical action film scenes. Also in action movies there always tends to be very type cast actors performing in them such as Sylvester Stallone in The ‘Expendables’. And without a major budget it would certainly be difficult to pull off creating one on amateur level with a small budget and it would be difficult to set a scene or anything. I don’t believe action is my choice of film as it is extremely difficult to make one look professional.
  • 8. Sci-Fi
  • 9. I believe, that like action, that sci-fi is possibly the hardest genre to develop a trailer
    For on an amateur level. This is because most sci-fi movies have giant budgets and are
    Normally produced by big Hollywood studios which give great funding to sci-fi projects
    As most are heavily reliant on cgi and special effects and to place these in a film is not
    Cheap. It is also difficult to have a rather believable plot and scenes when not having
    A right amount of funds.
    Overall I can now say that sci-fi is definitely not a genre that I would consider for my
    Short movie trailer .