INNOVATION & CHANGE 2020, Seminar by Frank Feather, Business Futurist


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Seminar by Frank Feather, Business Futurist, delivered in Shanghai, China, 2010

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INNOVATION & CHANGE 2020, Seminar by Frank Feather, Business Futurist

  1. 1. INNOVATION & CHANGE 2020 Futuristic Leadership & Change Management in the New Innovation-Led Economy March 25-26,2010 Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Key Take-Aways: You will learn about, understand, explore, and discuss these topics about innovation and change for the 2010-2020 decade: ● Forecasts of the global and local economy to 2020 ● Latest business, technology, and innovation trends ● Latest economic, consumer, and marketplace trends ● How to become a futuristic leader of innovation ● How to forecast future trends for your business ● Learn to re-invent your business, before competitors do Frank Feather ● How to encourage innovation and change world-leading business futurist ● How to be an effective manager of change former international banker ● Get latest innovation ideas, before competitors do strategy and marketing consultant ● Meet and discuss innovation with your peerschange agent, innovation strategist ● Gather million-dollar ideas for your business best-selling author ● Leverage innovation to boost margins and profits Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  2. 2. Innovation& Change 2020 March 25-26, 2010 Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Trainer Frank Feather The book Frank has published: Frank Feather is CEO & President of, and of Glocal Marketing Consultants, both based in Toronto, Canada. He is a world-leading business futurist, economist, former international banker, strategy and marketing consultant, change agent, innovation strategist, best-selling author, and public speaker/seminar leader. Frank also knows China very well. Continuously since 1984, he has been a Special Advisor on economic modernization and market reform to Chinese government policy think tanks. Frank’s book Future Consumer was published in China, and he has lectured widely in China. Other books include: Futuristic Leadership A-Z; Biznets: The Future of Business; and Future Living: The Coming Web Lifestyle. In 2008, Frank was a turnaround CEO at a Fortune 500 financial services company (identity confidential). He was responsible to shore-up liquidity, restructure balance sheet, reallocate resources, and initiate "4x4" plan (quadruple profits within 4 years). This project was completed in 100 days and this company was back on track and will achieve 4x4 growth plan despite 2008-10 recession. Frank has successfully forecasted economic and business trends for 30+ years with great accuracy. And has extensive experience in helping organizations become more innovative and successful managers of change. Frank coined the now well-known phrase "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally" in 1979. And in 1980 he organized and chaired the First Global Conference on the Future under that theme. Held in Toronto, Canada, this is still the largest international conference on the future ever held, with more than 6,000 attendees and more than 1,000 speakers over 5 days. Testimonials John M. Cranor III, President & Remarkable! A cogency and a clarity unsurpassed by any presentation on the CEO, KFC International future Ive ever heard. Were giving your book to each franchisee around the world.Dr. Leslie Riseberg, VP - Technology Outstanding! Your vibrant, energizing presentation was the perfect formula to close Planning, GTE Service Corporation the conference. Harry Schell, Chairman/CEO, Youre the most quoted person weve ever had around here. BICC Cables Ross H. Roberts, VP & GM, Ford Your keen insights will help drive our success. Thanks for sharing -- yet again -- Motor Company your knowledge of the future. Lee K. Dailey, Director Leadership Our best speaker. Truly customized and case supported. Center, United Technologies Corp. Paul J. Hanley, VP- Sales, Thank you so much for a very significant contribution. All in attendance found it Radisson Hotels International informative, relevant, thought-provoking, and industry-focused. David Wano, Executive VP Bank , Simply fabulous! A grand-slam Closing Keynote. Youll definitely be back! Administration Institute (BAI) Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  3. 3. Innovation& Change 2020 March 25-26, 2010 Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Overview Innovation and change must be strategic and relevant to future needs, not current circumstances. There is turbulent and dramatic economic change, both in China and the world at large. The world economy is going through an era of “creative destruction” where old ways die and new ways must be found. China’s export and local markets will increasingly demand more-innovative products and services. China’s new policy is to build an innovation-led economy. To succeed, this policy requires new innovation strategies. Innovation must be based on what the future global and local economy will be like, and must not only meet but exceed the demands of new customer expectations in a more- competitive market. Chief Innovation Officers must become leaders in futuristic innovation, with a focus on the decade to 2020. To do so, they must understand the future, and learn new ways to innovate. This interactive 2-day seminar explains how. Methodology This seminar is packed with valuable information and mini-case examples, which will be presented and discussed in a highly-interactive format, with small group discussion and extensive dialog with the presenter. Each segment or module will allow for each participant to draw out strategic implications specific to their own company, thus adding significant value to having an entire corporate team join the seminar. Each participant will receive free autographed and personalized copies (in English) of Frank’s books Futuristic Leadership and Biznets, as well as full course materials and Frank’s latest article on Futuristic Innovation and Change Management (to be published in 2009).Who Should Attend Top executives, senior managers, and department heads in various functions will find this seminar particularly valuable. Companies will obtain great benefit by bringing their management teams to the seminar: Strategic/Corporate Planning manager/director Organizational Development manager/director Research & Development manager/director/VP Marketing manager/director/VP Chief Innovation Officer Division/Department Heads Chief Information/Technology Officer Chief Financial Officer CEO, President, General Manager Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  4. 4. Innovation& Change 2020 Agenda March 25-26, 2010 Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai Pudong Day 1 09:00 09:10 09:30 Forecasting the Future Economic Trends to 2020 Technology Trends to 2020 09:50 Consumer Trends to 2020 Case Studies: 10:10 Political Trends to 2020 10:30 (Refreshment Break) 10:45 Business Environment to 2020 11:00 Future-Proof 4-STEP Strategies 11:30 Innovate & Re-Invent 12:00 (Lunch) 13:00 Case Study: Dell Computer 13:05 Dell’s “Mass Customization” 13:20 Disruptive “Dell Direct” Model 13:40 Changing the Rules of the Game 14:00 Lessons From Dell (Group Discussion/Interaction) 14:30 Case Study: Auto Industry 14:45 Innovation Success/Failure 15:00 (Refreshment Break) 15:15 Case Study: P&G 15:30 Innovation Leadership 15:45 Innovation Strategy, Management and Process 16:15 Broad-based Approach 16:45 Summary, plus Preview Day 2 17:00 (End of Day 1) Agenda Day 2 09:00 09:10 09:30 External Change Internal Change Culture of Change/Shared Purpose 10:00 Constant Innovation/Re-Invention Case Studies: 10:15 Butterfly Transformation 10:30 (Refreshment Break) 10:45 Attitude to Change & Overcome Resistance to Change 11:00 Disruptive change: Good or Bad? 11:15 Avoiding Risk of Change Failure 11:30 Capacity and Motivation to Change 11:45 Discussion Q+A 12:00 (Lunch) 13:00 Managing Change 13:15 Intentional Thinking 13:30 Constant “Beta” Mindset 14:00 Organizational Roles 14:15 Leading and Managing 14:30 Investing and Resourcing 14:45 (Refreshment Break) 15:00 Process of Change 15:15 What to Change: 5 Issues 15:30 Who to Lead: 5 Issues 15:45 Who needs to Adapt: 6 Issues 16:15 Pilot Projects & System-wide Change 16:45 Summary Note: Logos are the property/ 17:00 (End of Day 2)trademark of the respective companies Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190
  5. 5. Innovation& Change 2020About InnoEC March 25-26, 2010 Intercontinental Hotel, Shanghai PudongInnoEnterprise China is leading in systematic innovation rating andconsulting services. We realize our ideals by helping enterprisesand organizations establishing innovation systems.Our successis built on our customers’ successes. Innovation is the key thatunlocks your true potential for success.As a leading professional knowledge-based company, we arespecial for:An exceptionally high caliber of expertise;Outstanding innovation experiences, tangible process andpractical tools applied tothousands of projects,services, products andbusiness systems;Thinking globally, actinglocally; Aggressivenessin achieving morevalues for ourcustomers. Recent Clients: Alcatel Shanghai, ASP, Bayer, Li-Ning Sports, Cadbury, C-Bons, Changhong, Conexant, DSM, Emerson Climate, EPCOS, GE, Gemalto, Grammer Automotive, Haier, Huntsman, Intel Shanghai, Invista, Johnson & Johnson, Kohler, Kone, Kraft, Lenovo, Nokia, Packetfront, Pan Asia Technical, Philips, Perfect, PRTM, Putzmeister, Roechling Automostive, Saint-Gobain, Schneider Electric, Shanghai Ericcson, Tencent, Verigy, etc. Upcoming Events: Innovation Project Management Speaker: Ray Sheen April 14-16, Shanghai Innovation Champion Certification Workshop Speaker: Langdon Morris April 22-23, Shanghai Speed thinking Speaker: Ken Hudson June 21-22, Shanghai Hands-on tool-box for innovation Speaker: Ken Hudson June 24-25, Shanghai Tel:400-628-8980 Fax:86-21-55663190