Worldwide Recommendations Received                                    via LinkedIn for Frank Feather, as per Profile      ...
CONSULTANT, COACH, MENTOR (continued)                              KEYNOTE SPEAKER, SEMINAR LEADER Frank is a global busi...
BUSINESS FUTURIST                                                   FORESIGHT LEADER Frank is a brilliant Futurist — with...
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Frank Feather RECOMMENDATIONS via LinkedIn


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Consolidated list of Recommendations received from LinkedIn Connections

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Frank Feather RECOMMENDATIONS via LinkedIn

  1. 1. Worldwide Recommendations Received via LinkedIn for Frank Feather, as per Profile ~ Member of Top Recommended People Group ~ Organized in Sections — Please Scroll Down Director, CEO, Interim-CEO … Consultant, Coach, Mentor … Business Futurist Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader … Foresight Leader … China Expert (See Separate File for CLIENT CONSULTING and KEYNOTE / SEMINAR Endorsements Received Outside LinkedIn)CORPORATE DIRECTOR, CEO, INTERIM-CEO Frank is an extraordinary professional, a fantastic  I know Frank through working directly with him at aperson. A fellow Board Member, he was thorough, disciplined, confidential start-up. He is obviously very intelligent, withand has a deep understanding of matters being discussed. He super-extensive knowledge and expertise. He understands theis not bashful to ask a pointed question to better understand a real underlying questions, and answers clearly with intention toproposed decision or to redirect debate. Frank is outstanding; help. I’m impressed by his compassion and devotion to others.a great professional with a high level of thought and very A brilliant and caring man, he is truly a good leader, effectivecreative approaches. (2010) manager, savvy businessman, and excellent boss. He ~ Jose Antonio Rios, Board Member, respects, listens, understands, and answers everyone on the Claxson Interactive Inc. (USA, Argentina) team. Leading by example and working tirelessly, he is a man of honor, to be trusted. (2010) Before I met Frank, someone should have said: “Fasten ~ Dr. Kena Curran, Co-Founder/EVP Health & Fitness,your seatbelts; Put your seatback in the upright position.” Confidential Start-Up (USA)Some people have their "forte" in managing, others in investing,performance improvement, technology, leadership, etc. I’ve CONSULTANT, COACH, MENTORmet senior executives all over the world, but have rarely met a  Frank Feather is the most versatile and knowledgeableCEO who is such a strong crosswise dispenser of knowledge Management Consultant that I have been fortunate toand expertise. His impressive C-Suite experience, clarity, and know in my entire professional life. Frank excels in applyinga particular capability of "seeing" whats next, bless him with his futuristic vision in tough business contexts, thanks to hisgreat talent across many complex business subjects. Frank is extensive multidisciplinary knowledge in Organizationala proven C-level knowledge resource and guide — in the true Development, Innovation, Change Management, Finance,sense of the word "Chief". (2010) Corporate Governance, Government Policy, etc. The virtuous ~ Massimo Scalzo, CEO - Managing Partner, domain of such different disciplines allows him to make a CRM Business Process Consulting (Italy, Germany, Poland) powerful difference in providing an analytic framework to make better decisions from a systemic point of view. I praise Frank´s Frank is a down-to-earth, seasoned executive who willingness to share his knowledge and professionalmaintains a unique balance. I watched him skillfully juggle a experience on LinkedIn, where he always provides solid advice,start-up founder’s expectations and dreams with business the best of his professional experience, and his analyticalrealities and best practices. He also finds time to “give back” vision. He helps others attain a better understanding of issueswith Keynotes, Seminars, articles, and books. I look forward to relevant to professional life, and supports managers, leadersworking with him again. (2010) and even other consultants, in gaining new insights to support ~ Michael McCullah, Independent Business a more-reliable taking-decision process. (2009) Consultant & Trainer (USA & Japan) ~ Octavio Ballesta, Partner and COO, Talaentia (Spain, Venezuela) Frank has rich and diverse skills — banking, interimmanagement, future consulting, strategy, globalization  Frank’s enthusiasm for business is something I deeply(China), and entrepreneurship. I am impressed with his respect. He was very helpful and provided great insight when Iselfless approach towards spreading his wealth of knowledge. was thinking about opening my own firm, and he is alwaysA great person to be associated with, I hold him in very high interested and willing to lend a helping hand. (2010)esteem and look forward to working with him. (2010) ~ Ashish Bhatia, Business Development Manager, ~ Nitin Kumar, iCEO, CITM, CM&AA, CMC, CGEIT, Import Warehouse, Inc. (USA, India) Board of Directors, Confidential (USA, India)
  2. 2. CONSULTANT, COACH, MENTOR (continued) KEYNOTE SPEAKER, SEMINAR LEADER Frank is a global business strategist and true visionary.  As Frank says, "the future belongs to those who getA dynamic leader, he has the drive and energy to see complex there first" and, wherever I go online, Frank already gotprojects to completion, guiding C-Level teams and Clients there first! He has his finger on the pulse and constantlythrough the entire lifecycle process, on time, within budget. amazes me. I would never hesitate to recommend Frank as aFrank consistently delivers recommendations for the type of coach, Keynote Speaker, Coach, or Consultant. He has ainnovative programs and solutions necessary to achieve higher crystal-clear perspective on future directions and what worksprofit margins and wider marketplace potential. In strategy (and what doesnt) in business and in life. (2009)consulting, he draws upon his extensive domestic and ~ Thea Westra, President,international background without losing sight of the strategic Forward Steps Consulting (Australia)objective. Frank is very adept in providing guidance duringchallenging economic times. He embodies one of todays most  Frank is a gifted thinker with an uncanny ability toformidable renaissance men. Frank is a remarkably intelligent perceive the future and to describe and explain it to people inand capable business expert, and an individual of surprising his Seminars and Keynote presentations. (2007)skill and intuition. I highly recommend Frank. He is a unique ~ Lance Secretan, Founder,and very talented individual who delivers. ( 2008) The Secretan Center Inc. (Canada) ~ Diane T. Creston, President, Creative Director & Executive Producer, Creston Advertising & Marketing, Inc. (USA)  Frank is a fantastic person and always available for new challenges. I admire his vision on future trends and the Frank is a complete professional who fully understands capacity to share it based on simple facts. Frank is definitely aand practices management in a way that utilizes all reference as a Speaker and Consultant on future trendsresources in the most efficient manner possible. A master applied to business. (2009)of innovation and futurist, Frank can quickly integrate new data ~ Georg Dutschke, PhD, Marketing & Management (Portugal)and technology into a working system without sacrifice toperformance and continuity, while taking the necessary steps  Frank is an expert in predicting future trends into ensure that all personnel are comfortable and accepting of business. He knows his stuff! (2008)all changes implemented. These abilities and skills make ~ Shane Morand, Owner, Victory Seminars, Inc (Canada)Frank the ideal key man on any project where complexsystems, technology, time, fiscal responsibility, and human  Frank is someone that you can trust to get the job are all part of the mix leading to success. (2009) A sought-out Keynote Speaker, he is dynamic, competent, ~ Charles Caro, Director of Marketing, motivational and, more importantly, has great integrity and Trinity Software Distribution (USA) personal character. I recommend Frank to anyone. (2010) ~ John Cordova, Certified Professional LIfe Coach (USA) Frank Feather distinguishes himself as one of the mostinfluential, respected and appreciated leaders amongst CHINA EXPERTtop level consultants. He is an impressively focused  Frank is one of the top China experts, and is alwaysindividual with precision and clarity in his communications. His generous in sharing ideas and his hands-on and in-depthrefreshing approaches are practical, applicable and futuristic; knowledge about China. I thoroughly enjoyed learning fromindispensable in this ever changing competitive world. He has Frank. He has amazingly endless enthusiasm about andan ability to respectfully challenge status quo mind-sets, vital understanding of China, effectively bridging gaps betweenfor todays successful leaders. He carries impressive and East and West and it inspires me profoundly. I am trulyenviable knowledge of organizations but his generosity is there honored to have Frank among my most valued contacts andfor anyone who wishes to tap into. I feel privileged to be one of my mentors. (2009)associated with him. (2010) ~ Wei Luo [罗伟], President, ~ Nicole Marchand, MA, Chief Officer, China-US Entrepreneurship Academy, LLC (USA, China) Growing Intelligence (Canada)  Frank is an outstanding presenter on business trends, Frank is a wonderful, brilliant colleague, and Im innovation and change, strategy, and China’s businessgenuinely honored to have the continuously opportunity environment. I learned a lot from Franks learn from his vast knowledge. (2010) Everyone loves his seminar. His content always gives me ~ Reut Schwartz-Hebron, Owner, great new ideas for my own business. Thank you Frank!! (2010) KeyChange Institute (USA, Israel) ~ Vivian Wang, Executive Director, Beijing HCH Education Consulting Center (China)
  3. 3. BUSINESS FUTURIST FORESIGHT LEADER Frank is a brilliant Futurist — with the track record to  Frank has a great mind — a lateral thinker and aprove it. He has an uncanny ability to take very complex visionary. There is no shortage of new ideas, creative ways oftrends and make them useful for business. He is a reliable looking at issues, and an ability to pull disparate piecessource for anyone wanting to know what the trends are going together and make sense of them. Talk with Frank and youllto mean. (2007) come away with a new and better perspective. (2010) ~ Brad Doyle, CEO, Business Web Solutions, LLC (USA) ~ Deborah Nixon, Founder, Trust Learning Solutions (Canada) Few can rightfully carry the title of “Futurist,” but Frank  Frank Feather is one of the most intelligent andFeather is at the head of that line. Frank is one of the most thoughtful people. Anything he says comes from carefulinformed, resourceful and intelligent people I know. His research, attention to detail, and an historical and globalexperience spans the globe and it takes but a brief perspective. When Frank Talks, People Listen — becauseconversation to know his level of expertise is exactly what a they know he’s “done his homework” and that significantcompany needs to be competitive in today’s market. It is rare intellectual power lie behind his statements. Frank’sand inspiring to come across someone as intelligent, thoughtful contributions to leadership and organization development areand remarkably on top of all issues faced by businesses consistently valuable. He truly is a futurist, who will guide thetoday. Frank also has the ability to relay his knowledge in a rest of us. Get to know him. Listen to his words. It will be worthmanner that anyone can understand and implement into their it. (2009)daily business lives and transform their business into all it can ~ John E. Smith, Director, Strategic Learning Group LLC (USA)be. Frank’s contributions to the LinkedIn community areunsurpassed in quality and true expertise. It is not everyone  Frank is a LinkedIn colleague who is a clever, insightful,who is willing to contribute such thoughtful and useful answers. creative professional. He built and created C-level groupsHe is at all times willing to help those who need his guidance. I and conversations at lightning speed. He is also a regularhighly recommend Frank as an unmatched expert in his field. contributor to the "Top Recommended People" forum whereIf your company is in need of transformation and you want the he is recognized as outstanding. Frank is also a kind personcompetitive edge, look no farther. (2009) with empathic as well as strategic strengths. (2010) ~ Sheilah Etheridge, President, SME Management (USA) ~ Jennifer Bishop, Director (Head of Client Listening), Content & Copy (Australia) Frank is a visionary, with a great sense of where theworld is going, who shows why we should always try to be a  I was immediately impressed by Frank’s business andstep ahead, and whom I respect. He is dynamic and non- philosophical acumen which provokes some of the mostconformist. Ill be following your career. Good luck! (2008) engaging and stimulating discussions. Franks credentials, ~ Filipa Saldanha Lopes, Project Editor & Manager, Caixatec, accomplishments, range and depth of knowledge, not to Tecnologias de Comunicação (Grupo CGD) (Portugal) mention his willingness to share his experience to help and support others, are astounding. Anyone would be privileged to Frank has that rare combination of visionary insight have the opportunity to collaborate with him, and have him onand grounded intellect which allows him to transcend their team. I hope to someday have that honor. Would Itrendy thought to clearly envision viable trends. I’ve recommend Frank? In a heartbeat! (2010)always found Frank to be highly astute, ethical, and extremely ~ Leigh Sturgeon, CEO/President,responsive. He has a great deal to offer, and delivers on Leighs Wishing Well, Inc. (Hawaii, USA)promises. I would not hesitate to work with him on any projectand would recommend him highly for his considerable skills.  I’m extremely impressed, not just by Frank’s acumen,(2008) but by his judgment, courtesy, and communications skill. ~ Diane Brandon, Consultant, Radio Host, He has a remarkable range of interests and competences. Intuition Teacher, Speaker, Author (USA) (2010) ~ Susan Shwartz PhD, Marketing, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. (USA) Franks perspective on the future has content, context,process, structure, and overview. His interactions with me  Frank is a terrific writer/editor with a gift for bringinghave been useful to more fully develop my plans. He also thought-provoking subjects to the attention of readers. (2007)helped me organize myself and my actions to improve my ~ Autumn Frymark, Independent Professional, Editor (USA)market position. I appreciate his thoughtful guidance. (2008) ~ Rodger Bailey, Educational Director,  Frank is wonderful to interact with, as he will respond Tinkers Academy (USA, Uruguay) with a smart and thoughtful reply that projects a different viewpoint to provoke thought. (2009) ~ Mary Lascelles, Moving Coordinator/Relocation Director, Moving Links 4 You (USA)