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This is for Future Focus Infotech recruiters.. to inform them the power of social networks

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  1. 1. What is BeKnown ? BeKnown, from Monster, takes features of LinkedIn and BranchOut, and yet is goes a little beyond the latter and is more versatile and flexible than Linked in. There 600 million-plus users are not in LinkedIn Monster would be targeting them hence not really a alternative to Linkedin
  2. 2. What is BeKnown ? Visually it looks a lot like Facebook and by installing the app on FB it actually gives you a second profile and this can be imported either from Linkedin or Monster. And you can have pictures and the usual Facebook content and it can be a different persona of the actually profile that you have created on FB. It helps you handle your social and professional persona in the same place. HENCE IT WILL BE VERY ATTRACTIVE TO THE YOUNGER AUDIENCE ... UNLIKE THE STIFF UPPER LIP LINKEDIN THAT IS BENDING BACKWARDS TO BE WHACKY
  3. 3. LESSON FOR FFIRecruitments are moving towards the social media way. You better be there Monster shows the way
  4. 4. More on BeKnown You can have your friends/contacts to endorse you. There you get some brownies in the process. You will be rewarded with badges (like foursquare) based on how long you have been working with the same employer etc.. Apart from you general endorsements BeKnown enables skills-specific acknowledgments too.. This is a cool feature/.
  5. 5. BeKnown for Recruiters Recruiters can create their own BeKnown profiles, they can also have their company pages after building their networks, and they can post jobs there... Free ofcourse This apparently is a Beta release how the professional conversations are going to happen one has to watch and see . It is, in all likelihood, poised to become one of the prime social recruiting networks for sure
  6. 6.  The appeal is more for the young career-oriented users, with limited experience Altimeter Group’s Charlene Li shares. “If I’m looking for an entry-level researcher or intern I won’t find them on LinkedIn,” the Financial Times quotes her as saying. “When you’re coming out of college, you don’t have a professional network, you have Facebook.”
  7. 7. India has to wait….Facebook users in India will not be able toaccess BeKnown at least for a year … so weep you head of ppl
  8. 8. How it works? LINK HERE
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