List of 10 Sales Performance Management (SPM) Vendors


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Here are 10 Sales Performance Management (SPM) Vendors

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List of 10 Sales Performance Management (SPM) Vendors

  1. 1. 10 Sales Performance Management (SPM) Vendors
  2. 2. Sap - Power your sales people to make a positive impact on every deal – with collaboration, insight, and agility from CRM sales software. Enhance performance with coordinated planning and execution of sales activities.
  3. 3. The NICE Sales Performance Management solution enables sales operations professionals to easily manage commission plan creation, administration and payments, as well as resolve disputes and inquiries. Sales team members can track their sales performance, view commission statements, drill into transaction details, and perform what-if analysis.
  4. 4. Xactly Incent, enables sales and finance executives to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs easily and affordably. It helps companies improve operational performance, optimize sales effectiveness, proactively manage risk and compliance, and maximize profits.
  5. 5. IBM Cognos Sales Performance Management (SPM) delivers measurable improvements for organization’s finance, sales, human resources, and IT lines of business. With SPM solutions from IBM, you can enable new kinds of compensation plans that drive desired sales behavior, reduce commission cycle times, and eliminate errors in overpayments.
  6. 6. Synygy’s comprehensive, technology-agnostic approach to incentive compensation and sales performance management (SPM) includes consulting services for assessing and transforming SPM processes. It conducts capacity and capability assessments that ensure companies focus on initiatives with the greatest potential for reducing operating costs, improving the satisfaction and productivity of salespeople, and maximizing sales performance.
  7. 7. CallidusCloud enables organizations to accelerate and maximize their lead to money process with their complete suite of solutions that identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales forces, automate quote and proposal generation, and streamline sales compensation – driving bigger deals, faster.
  8. 8. Incentives-SPM helps you plan models and manage sales strategies and plans with agility and effectiveness. INCENTIVES SPM solution best-of-breed advanced technology offers you the lowest TCO in implementing the system, and a rapid ROI.
  9. 9. Zoho Reports can complement your existing sales process and CRM applications, by bringing in effectiveness through its sales analytics capabilities. It helps you understand your sales force's current performance, identify inefficiencies and opportunities and achieve higher sales backed by sound insights and processes.
  10. 10. Salesforce is the leading sales performance management application for building a results-driven culture with social goals, real-time feedback, open recognition, and easy coaching. Coach your team directly within Salesforce CRM. Use coaching to help more reps achieve quota every month, and set goals tied directly to reports in Salesforce.
  11. 11. Beqom sales performance management suite includes all the functionalities to compensate and reward the behavior of sales channels, direct and indirect. It covers any part of Total Compensation Management. On the Sales side, it includes Sales Performance and Incentive Management. On the HR side, it includes Employee Performance, Salary Review, Bonus, Long-Term Incentives and Recognition.
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