11 Cloud Based Business Intelligence-Vendors


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11 Cloud Based Business Intelligence Vendors.

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11 Cloud Based Business Intelligence-Vendors

  1. 1. 11 Cloud Based BusinessIntelligence Vendors
  2. 2. Birst is a new approach to business analytics. It provides the agility anddeployment flexibility of SaaS, but retains the capabilities of enterprise-class BI.Birst provides powerful analytics to organizations of all sizes, without dependencyon IT.www.fpov.com
  3. 3. Jaspersoft empowers millions of people every day to make decisions faster bybringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processesthrough an embeddable, cost-effective reporting and analytics platform.www.fpov.com
  4. 4. Cloud9 tools help sales organizations minimize risk & deliver revenue byaddressing forecast accuracy, sales performance, and pipeline management. It givesa complete suite of sales BI solutions – from comprehensive reports and dashboardsto advanced self-service analytics and a powerful forecasting engine to drive superiorsales performance.www.fpov.com
  5. 5. The Indicee platform blends together your disparate business data and lets yourbusiness decision makers ask questions, create reports and share insights. Whennew data comes in, simply upload it and all your reports are updated automatically.www.fpov.com
  6. 6. GoodData offers a range of business intelligence software & reporting tools tohelp companies monetize big data. GoodData Bashes combine your data with ourexpertise to eliminate business variables and help you make decisions withconfidence and clarity.www.fpov.com
  7. 7. PivotLink provides consumer marketing optimization applications delivered assoftware as a service (SaaS). PivotLink’s on-demand analytic solutions offerbusiness users a comprehensive view of omni-channel consumer behavior,customer segment performance, marketing program effectiveness and marketingportfolio attribution.www.fpov.com
  8. 8. Newvem is the leader in enhancing cloud usage effectiveness through dataanalytics. Newvem’s KnowYourCloud Analytics, a free SaaS solution for AmazonAWS customers, provides a 360-degree view of their cloud usage to enable runninga reliable and efficient cloud deployment .www.fpov.com
  9. 9. Bime is a cloud-based Business Intelligence solution. It allows you to accesstraditional and internet based data from anywhere (SaaS BI), from sources such asGoogle BigQuery, Google Analytics, Google spreadsheets, Salesforce, SQL databases,Facebook, Excel spreadsheets, Amazon DB, SAP HANA and XML webservices. Youcan easily mix these data sources together to delve deeper into data and yourcompany.www.fpov.com
  10. 10. SAP Business Objects on Demand - Explore, report, and share your data withSAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand. Its a comprehensive business intelligencesolution in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that helps you get up and runningin minutes.www.fpov.com
  11. 11. Host Analytics is the #1 cloud corporate performance management company,providing the only complete suite for finance. Host Analytics helps organizationsmake better operational and financial decisions by streamlining and automating theirconsolidations, planning and reporting processes.www.fpov.com
  12. 12. MicroStrategy provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring softwarethat helps leading organizations make better business decisions every day. Deployapplications to thousands of users in weeks instead of years. Dramatically reduceproject risks. Cut operating costs and eliminate capital expenditures. And do itwithout sacrificing anything in application power, performance, and customization.www.fpov.com
  13. 13. Teaching Technologyto the Non-Technology Leader.Technology never stops evolving and we never stop following it. Led byinternational technology speaker Scott Klososky, we’re a teamrelentlessly focused on capturing and translating ways organizations canuse technology to win markets, adapt cultures, and remain ahead of thecurve for years to come. From public and private workshop tracks to full-scale organizational technology assessments and digital outreachblueprint strategies, we’ve got enterprise technology growth covered.Take a closer look at:www.fpov.com(405) 359-3910info@fpov.comvision you can use