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Patchwork flyer

  1. 1. What is it?Patchwork is a simple web application which allows users acrossmultiple agencies to quickly and simply access the contact details ofother front line staff working with their clients. By helping practitionerscommunicate better across organisations, Patchwork means moreeffective multi-agency working. The application is accompanied by abespoke change programme designed to support more effective multi-agency work practices.What does it do?Patchwork allows frontline staff to discover and communicate withthe hidden network of practitioners working with a particular client.Patchwork shows practitioners where other colleagues are working withtheir clients and, if so, will provide them with each other’s contact details.It also allows for quick and easy referrals and signposting betweenorganisations if a practitioner feels their client would benefit from them.When implemented as part of a wider change programme designed toimprove multi-agency working, the technology makes it easier for staffto build networks across organisations and better coordinate services totheir clients.Who is it for?The need for simple, coordinated multi-agency working across localgovernment means that the uses of Patchwork are far-reaching. Initiallydesigned for people working with children and their families, we havealso implemented for older adults services and are seeking to workacross other areas such as probation services, homelessness anddomestic violence among others. The strength of the application is thatit is not limited to a council, or to council partners, but is of benefit to anyarea within the public service and beyond where a client has interactionswith many organisations.
  2. 2. How did it come about?Originally, the prototype was developed in response to the Baby Petertragedy, working with a small group of people from across the worldof social care. FutureGov worked closely designing with frontlinepractitioners across Children’s and Adults Services in Lichfield andStaffordshire, as well as Children’s Services in Brighton. Breaking themould, FutureGov have actively partnered with these authorities todevelop a product that is entirely designed by and for the frontline staffwho’ll be using it.A innovative development approach allows frontline staff to proposefunctionality included in the application through an open andcollaborative co-design process. By involving practitioners, it allows themto both design and more easily adopt new ways of working.Who we want to partner with?Patchwork’s development is supported by funding from StaffordshireCouncil and partners, NESTA and The Nominet Trust. So far we haveimplemented in Staffordshire and Brighton and we are now looking foranother local authority partner who can work with us and other councilsto build on the existing strengths of the technology and shape Patchworkas part of our early adopters programme.We are keen to work with progressive authorities who are committed toa bringing innovation to how they approach and deliver services. We’velots of ideas around how and where Patchwork might develop, includingambitions to join up individual clients, and begin to show the landscapeof agencies and staff around a complex families or at risk groups.Patchwork is currently being used to support multi-agency working inchildren’s services and with vulnerable adults, but has the potential to beused anywhere where it would help frontline staff to have visibility of theother agencies or practitioners involved in their caseload.
  3. 3. What’s the hook?This opportunity to partner on the development of Patchwork, offerscouncils a unique chance to shape modern user-centred public services.By becoming a partner, your local authority can contribute to thedirection in which the technology evolves, and suggest and co-designthe app as part of the early adopter community. Your council can alsoshare learning and thought leadership with the other partner authorities,building new collaborative solutions. This innovative approach to servicetransformation will allow agencies to foster a new relationship with theirfrontline staff and promote an open and hyperlocal approach to servicedelivery.Get in touch at: dom@wearefuturegov.comFor more info go to: