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Local Social Digital | Australia | November 2011

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  • 1. We do digital and designfor local government. !We help to transformpublic servicesthrough open, socialinnovation.!We also run campaignsand events.!
  • 2. this is not a storyabout technology(well, maybe just alittle bit…)
  • 3. shift from thinking aboutPublic Institutionsto focusing on creatingPublic Value
  • 4. and what roletechnology can play in cities
  • 5. itʼs about aspiring to something new: 
new behaviours, new ways of thinking Open RelaxedCollaborative TransparentEngaging Authentic Sharing Personalised Fun Human Honest
  • 6. “ We Gov ”
  • 7. local social digital… democracy collaboration customer service data engagement social innovation
  • 8. Democracy
  • 9. rsh ip L ea de Trust over control Yes is the new noNu End techno ignorance Permission to experiment Public value over public bodies
  • 10. reconnecting with constituents
  • 11. everybodyʼs doing it
  • 12. enge hallTheC What is the impact?Is it embedded?
  • 13. Internal CollaborationRole modeling change from the inside out
  • 14. a safe space to practice
  • 15. The safeguarding app
  • 16. Principles⠶ Networked approach, centred on the client⠶ More ʻhumanʼ technology⠶ Information-rich, visually light interface to show ʻthicknessʼ of the file allowing safeguarding professional to focus efforts
  • 17. The application
  • 18. Open Data
  • 19. Making city governmenteasy to access and easy understand
  • 20. enge hallTheC Where is the Business Case?How do we ensure it’s meaningful?
  • 21. “Open data is not a magic recipe forrighting wrongs. What will move thingson is the stories that communities tellabout their situations and theirpossible futures”" @danmcquillan
  • 22. Digital Communications and Engagement
  • 23. reach out, communicate and engage
  • 24. enge hallTheC Is there a depth of connection?
  • 25. “question the distribution of power at a basic level” @DanMcQuillanSupporting Social Innovation
  • 26. creating parallel structures
“You don’t destroy or change what’s there,you just resolutely go about building analternative… there is a good chance thatbuilding new public services outside ofits walls may be the answer.” @CarrieBish
  • 27. enge hallTheC How do we take it to scale? How does it become sustainable?
  • 28. match makinggovernment and social innovation
  • 29. Share Ideas Set ChallengesConnect and Organise
  • 30. Simpl is meant for ideas that will radicallyimprove our citiesNew ways to design servicesWays to involve citizensBetter use of the webWays to save money
  • 31. settingchallenges
  • 32. bringing on and offline together – a Simpl meet up
  • 33. TIME TO START (truly and meaningfully)
  • 34. @DominicCampbellhttp://wearefuturegov.comFutureGov