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Presentation at the UK's Regional Transport Information Group (RTIG) about Open Data and initiatives in Manchester, UK.
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  • FutureEverything has been active in the world of open data since early 2009 when it started to develop the open data cities programme to advocate for a more intelligent and equitable data environment in the region.
  • Over the years FutureEverything has developed programmes and been an active participant in a number of European projects that create the logic and arguments for open data within cities
  • From the very outset the Open Data Cities programme was one that engaged a wide variety of stakeholders and interests. Just releasing open data isn’t enough, an ecology has to be developed
  • One of the main goals of the Open Data Cities project was to develop economic activity. This can be illustrated through this innovation process where the different component projects aim to support the development of products in an emergent market. The process was also developed to create an environment for talent retention in the GM region
  • Open Data Manchester was created by the Open Data Cities programme to create a demand side case for open data. The community meets every month and has developed into one that includes developers, journalists, public officials, policy people, artists, activists. It is active in local, national and international open data initiatives.
  • Jay Nath is CIO of San Francisco last year, he made a bag of a stamp calculation of the savings made from the release of SFMTA real time data. So it looks like business cases for releasing data are starting to become apparent
  • CitySDK developed out of the need to create larger markets for applications and services built on open data. CitySDK is a service development kit for cities and creates lightweight interfaces that can augment cities data systems and allow portability of products.
  • Smart Mobility is a key them in CitySDK and Mobility leaders Waag Society are developing prototype applications that marry open data and context to provide a more intelligent and personalised travel experience
  • Partners in Helsinki are drawing on their very active developer community to develop applications and services in the domains of mobility and participation
  • Through CitySDK we are able to develop more intelligent ways of engaging developer communities. Initial hack events were basic, in that ideas and proofs of concept were developed and seldom got further. This was for a number of reason. As open data practise matures, data providers provide better quality data and incentives align to the motivations of the participants these outcomes will improve.
  • The first proper event for CitySDK was in association with Manchester City Council. It encouraged the release of data and enabled 50 participants to create 16 application ideas. Funding was available to develop some of these to early stage prototype. It wasn’t all about apps. The winner DataCrossfader was a new way of navigating and combining datasets.
  • In March as part of FutureEverything we will be running Routes to the Future which builds on the experience of previous events both run by FutureEverything and organisations globally. March’s event will have more focussed product development support
  • The partnership with TfGM has enabled them to identify datasets, in consultation with the Open Data Manchester community, that will be of most interest. This data will be made available with appropriate descriptions and lots of other data from DataGM - The Greater Manchester datastore
  • Already some of the data is creating products. This is a nicely designed functional application that uses GPS capability to alert people of their bus stop - This is what you would expect from open data but what is most interesting is what you don’t expect.
  • Not to everyones taste but the people who created this probably know the MBTA commuter experience better than the transit agency themselves
  • Open Data - Transport and Manchester

    1. 1. Open Data,RTIG17th Jan 2013 Transport and Manchester Julian Tait @julianlstar Image courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives
    2. 2. "Open data is changing the world - people andbusinesses, governments and cities are puttingincreasing amounts of their data online free forreuse using open standards. Just as the originalWeb of documents changed the way we live so toowill the Web of Linked Data. Manchester can be inthe vanguard of a new breed of 21st century city -cities which make their data freely availableproviding a base for innovation and the creation ofnew kinds of social and economic value." Prof. Nigel Shadbolt - Open Data Institute Co-instigator of
    3. 3. OpenData AcceleratorsOpenData Cities Apps4Europe OpenData Manchester The Business of OpenData
    4. 4. OpenData Accelerators Apps4EuropeOpenDataManchester
    5. 5. Consortium of the CitySDK projectThe consortium consists of 22 partners in 9 European states. Inaddition to experienced SMEs, large ICT and media companiesand research partners the consortium includes eight cities, fivebeing Capital cities or Capital regions. The total population livingwithin the authority of piloting project partners’ organisations isover 31 million. Helsinki Manchester Amsterdam Rome Istanbul Barcelona Lisbon Lamia
    6. 6. OpenData CitySDK InterfaceCrowdsourcedContext
    7. 7. ReittiGPS, 1st Prize (everyday solutions) RouteClock , 1st Prize (GUI inventions) Seutuseikkailu ,1st Prize (concepts)Markus Halttunen / Essentia Solutions Janne Käki Tuomas Husu & team AudioReitit , 2nd Prize Rate a Ride (GUI inventions) 2nd Prize (concepts) Juho Kostiainen Teemu Laine Tässä.fi 2nd Prize (everyday solutions) Markus Tallgren & team / Addfore Technologies Andropas, Honorary Mention Aki Lehtinen Kyyti, Honorary Mention Ilkka Pirttimaa
    8. 8. Routes to the Future – Aninnovation challenge to createsmarter travel in GM March 2013 • Prize fund and support • Three day coding event • Public and private partners • Variety of prizes and incentives • Product development and support
    9. 9. Routes to the Future – Aninnovation challenge to createsmarter travel in GM Enabled by Open Data •Metroshuttle real-time location •Car Parks •Cycle Routes •Traffic volume and journey times •ATCO-CIF to GTFS
    10. 10. Thank