ARC [Colleges] - Two Pillars: Data & Communication


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Presentation on Two Pillars: Data & Communication. Presented at Alumni Relations Conference held at ISB, Mohali [India] on 29th March, 2014.


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  • Ask people to share
  • Showing my profile and going to find alumni.
  • Are you using your db to send out a survey to your alumni about their experience and how they can help recommend your college to prospective students?
  • Bad timing example! :p
  • Placement season example, reunion example, monthly newsletter
  • Can ask for questions (If any)
  • ARC [Colleges] - Two Pillars: Data & Communication

    1. 1. #arcindia Two Pillars of Alumni Relations: Data & Communication Session Delivery: Mr. Deepit Gupta, Ms. Liza Boffen
    2. 2. #arcindia Data It’s not important who you know, it’s about what you know about who you know! Alumni data is the core of any alumni office Basis to reach out Means to engagement Data analytics Value creation Importance of Alumni data
    3. 3. #arcindia Question: What all data do you track of your alumni? Data
    4. 4. #arcindia Type of data that you should track: Contact Information Professional Information College Information Data
    5. 5. #arcindia Mode Do’s of Data Management Don'ts of Data Management Phone calls Weekends or post working hours Don’t push for information Emails Short, concise & personalized emails Avoid multiple emails Social media Use LinkedIn effectively Don’t spam groups Website Link on home page always Don’t share alumni information Chapters Encourage alumni ambassadors Don’t simply count on this method Referrals Keep minimum target of 5 Don’t rely solely on spreadsheets Data
    6. 6. #arcindia How is Data being stored? • Excel sheets • Homegrown automated system • 3rd party software for database management Are any institutes using their own system or 3rd party software? Data
    7. 7. #arcindia Data Database Softwares
    8. 8. #arcindia
    9. 9. #arcindia
    10. 10. #arcindia Activity
    11. 11. #arcindia Divide yourselves into groups of 3 Share your story with fellow delegates Question: Once data is gathered, how do you use data? (Focus on different avenues of utilizing data) Activity
    12. 12. #arcindia Utilizing your Data Scenario - Rahul is an alumni of XYZ College (15 year old college) - He has done his Biotech Engg - He graduated from the initial batch of the college - He has set up his industry in Biotech locally. What does a college do in such a case? Data
    13. 13. #arcindia Utilizing your Data Scenario - You have an alumni database of 4000 (<50% of total) - You see a dip in the number of students applying to your college or the growth is not appreciable What does a college do in such a case? Data
    14. 14. #arcindia Data Analytics - Assign task of data analytics to a team - From the calendar of activities made, know how alumni can be engaged - Start filtering out alumni on the basis of industry, past colleges, location, past giving behavior Data
    15. 15. #arcindia Set up monthly meetings with faculty for data utilization Study trends of alumni giving back through data Placement boost – Identify alumni across industries Bring alumni of common interests together Data Utilizing Your Data
    16. 16. #arcindia Communication to/with alumni How When What
    17. 17. #arcindia About Alma mater About Alumni About Alumni Office College achievements/rankings Achievements of fellow alumni Vision & Mission, Logo College events Chapter events Events Student laurels Alumni stories Career openings Membership Giving Back All other alumni initiatives What to Communicate?
    18. 18. #arcindia When to Communicate?
    19. 19. #arcindia When to Communicate?
    20. 20. #arcindia How to Communicate? Website Social media NewsletterMagazine Emails
    21. 21. #arcindia University of Oxford Alumni Website
    22. 22. #arcindia ISB Newsletter
    23. 23. #arcindia Annual Magazine of UIET Alumni
    24. 24. #arcindia Thank You!