ARC - Setting Up Alumni Office in School


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Presentation on Setting Up Alumni Office in School. Presented at Alumni Relations Conference held at ISB, Mohali [India] on 29th March, 2014.

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ARC - Setting Up Alumni Office in School

  1. 1. #arcindia Setting up Alumni Office in School Session Delivery: Mr. Sahil Dewan
  2. 2. #arcindia School X
  3. 3. #arcindia School Y
  4. 4. #arcindia School Z
  5. 5. #arcindia Setup an Alumni Office in School What we don’t mean: • Make a teacher part time responsible for collecting Alumni Data and organize Events • Start talking to your Alumni Association and ask them to do more events and organize football or basketball matches • Hold fresh elections or create a new team of Alumni volunteers to plan and execute activities • Create a list of activities to be done over a few weeks • Create an Alumni Page on website with nostalgic photos of Alumni This is what naturally comes in our mind, right?
  6. 6. #arcindia Setting Context What comes in your mind when we think of doing something for Alumni? (Delegates will say Alumni, Events, Reunions)
  7. 7. #arcindia Decrypt Alumni Associations Alumni Association School Alumni Association School
  8. 8. #arcindia Clarity of Purpose What we know - Feeling of connectedness with each other (fellow alums) - They have a sense of pride whenever engagement happens through events and other forums. - They are, happy and proud, but they might not be collectively proactive. What we Discount - They do not have time to feel responsible for doing things for their Alma Mater - They need nurturing, someone needs to be responsible to guide and inspire them, consistently What we know - Schools need to have knowledge about what their alumni are doing and where they are - Schools should try to do their bit: help organize events, welcome alumni back to school - Schools don’t have Alumni Management as a top 5 priority What we Discount - A need to track and manage alumni networks in ‘Organized & Professional’ manner - Schools need to take the first step (Invest Resources – HR, Time, Money) Alumni Association School
  9. 9. #arcindia Clarity of Purpose Conclusion: Schools need to proactively develop an Alumni Affairs Infrastructure and proactively serve their alumni, which will further enable Alumni engaging and contributing back to their Alma Mater So Let’s Build an Alumni Affairs Office! Alumni Association School
  10. 10. #arcindia Let’s start What are your key challenges in establishing/developing an Alumni Affairs Office? (Remember, depending on how old your school is, priorities of the office and nature of operations can vary, so don’t worry.) 2 Minutes – Discuss in Pairs How can these be overcome? 2 Minutes – Discuss in Pairs 3 steps you can go back to your school and take? 2 Minutes – Discuss in Pairs
  11. 11. #arcindia The Relationship Building Process
  12. 12. #arcindia Setup Phase Office Infrastructure Team Build Brand & Expectations Vision, Missio n, Principles Allocate Budget
  13. 13. #arcindia Setup Phase Team* *STAR
  14. 14. #arcindia
  15. 15. #arcindia So walk together with your Alumni
  16. 16. #arcindia Post Setup Strategy Data Management Alumni Association Role Communication Management Events Alumni Engagement Programs Priorities (6 months, 1 year, 2 years) Strategic Plan, Goals, Weekly/Monthly Activities, Systems, Governance, Accountability
  17. 17. #arcindia Key Principles - It is not a short term activity. Alumni should not perceive it an outcome of over-enthusiasm or anxiety. There needs to be a plan. - Be Patient, results will take time - Alumni Association should be involved and meetings should be planned to clarify the roles and intentions of the school office - Recruiting/Managing Volunteers (Motivated Alumni) is the key. - Decentralize activity through volunteers, chapters – will only happen if the school is taking the lead and showing the direction - It’s a lot about content, stories, nostalgia and IMPLEMENTATION