Improving Ink Jet Printers with MEMS


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Master's students use concepts from my (Jeff Funk) forthcoming book (Technology Change and the Rise of New Industries) to analyze improvements in ink jet printers and in particular the latest ones from MEMS (micro-electronic mechanical systems). See my other slides for details on concepts, methodology, and other new industries.

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Improving Ink Jet Printers with MEMS

  1. 1. Memjet Technology<br />Team Members :<br />Poh Lai Say HT083353R<br />Low Kok Tat HT083262M<br />Melvin Lim HT093124E<br />Chan Wei Siang A0076876<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Memjet Office Printer<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Inkjet Technology<br /><ul><li>Continuous inkjets</li></ul>Idea patented in 1867 by William Thomsen, Lord Kelvin.<br /> 1st commercial continuous inkjet medical devices by Siemens in 1951.<br /><ul><li>Thermal inkjets</li></ul> Discovered by Ichiro Endo of Canon in August 1977.<br /> 1st commercially thermal inkjet printer by HP in 1984.<br /><ul><li>Piezoelectric inkjets</li></ul> Invented by Seiko-Epson in Japan in the late 70s.<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Inkjet Technology<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />4<br />Inkjet Technology<br />Continuous<br />Drop-on-Demand<br />Binary Deflection<br />Multiple Deflection<br />Hertz<br />Microdot<br />Piezoelectric<br />Thermal<br />Electrostatic<br />Acoustic<br />Elmjet<br />Scitex<br />Image<br />Videojet<br />Diconix<br />Linx<br />Iris Graphics<br />Hitachi<br />Tektronix<br />Sharp<br />Epson<br />Brother<br />HP<br />Canon<br />Lexmark<br />Xerox<br />Matsushita<br />NEC<br />Xerox<br />Memjet<br />
  5. 5. MemjetPrinthead Technology<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />5<br />MEMS(Microelectromechanical systems)<br /><ul><li> The technology of very small mechanical devices driven by electricity
  6. 6. MEMS device ranges between 20µm to 1mm
  7. 7. Printhead is made up of 11 Integrated Circuit (IC) Chips, with a total of 70,400 nozzles (6,400 per IC Chip) and patented ‘drop triangle’ design
  8. 8. IC Chips are made from Silicon Wafer fabricated by deposition of layer material, patterning via photolithography and then etching to produce the required shapes</li></ul>0.72mm<br />
  9. 9. Technology Paradigm Shift<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />6<br />Printing Speed: <br />Traditional printer <br />- Printhead scans back and forth as paper is fed through, thus limiting the printing speed as a result. The highest speed that traditional inkjet printer is achieving now is around 30-32 PPM.<br />Memjet printer <br />- Printhead is stationary while paper is fed through. This is made possible by the page wide Memjetprinthead with 70,400 nozzles firing up-to 774 million drops per second, that is about 1 page per second(or 60 PPM).<br />222.8mm wide<br />
  10. 10. Technology Paradigm Shift<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />7<br />‘Faster’ Printhead : <br />Traditional printer (HP printhead evolution 1985-2006)<br /><ul><li> 360 million drops per second(high-end DesignJet)</li></ul> 170 million drops per second(home & office HP DeskJet)<br />Memjet printer (2008)<br /><ul><li> 774 million drops per second</li></ul>70,400 nozzles/printhead<br />11 kHz nozzle firing rate<br />1600 dpi resolution<br />1.5 picoliter (pl) per drop<br />
  11. 11. MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />8<br />Technology Paradigm Shift<br />Ink ejection rate and Moore’s Law: <br />By looking at the HP’s printhead development timeline, the ink ejected per second from the printhead doubled every 18 months which is similar to Moore’s Law in the semiconductor industry. <br />Memjet’s Technology (Silicon ICs, 70,400 nozzles, 5 colors) <br />
  12. 12. Technology Paradigm Shift<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />9<br />Smaller ink drops: <br />Traditional Printer<br />- Around 2-5picoliters per drops.<br />MemjetPrinthead<br /><ul><li>The nozzles on the Memjetprinthead fire ink drops of between 0.6-1.5 picoliters, depending on the firing rate. Lesser volume of ink is achieved with a smaller ink chamber within the printhead and smaller nozzle width of about 12x24µm. The smaller ink drop also allows it to dry up faster and consume less ink.</li></li></ul><li>Technology Paradigm Shift<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />10<br />Geometric Scaling of Nozzle: <br />Assuming a drop of ink is a perfect sphere:<br />Volume of sphere = 4/3 πr3<br />Any reduction in the width(diameter) of the nozzle will effectively reduced the volume of ink drop by a power of 3 thus reducing the overall usage of ink.<br />Decreasing nozzle size and distance between nozzles will decrease size of print head, thereby reduces cost.<br />Other Aspects of Scaling in Printhead: <br />Ability to add printheads horizontally (Short Edge) to increase printing width and vertically (Long Edge) to increase the printing speed or print resolution.<br />And since there is only one standard-size printhead, there is economies of scale.<br />
  13. 13. Value Proposition<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />11<br />Low Running Cost<br />Superior Printing Speed<br />
  14. 14. MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />12<br />Value Proposition<br /><br /><br />
  15. 15. Value Proposition<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />13<br />Superior Printing Speed: <br /><ul><li> Print ‘Normal’ quality color print (1600x800dpi) at 60 PPM, or an astonishing 1 full A4 color page per sec. At least twice as fast as its closest rival in the inkjet printer market.
  16. 16. Print ‘Best’ quality color print (1600x1600dpi) at 30 PPM, which is still faster than most office printers shown in the comparison table.</li></li></ul><li>Value Proposition<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />14<br />Low Running Cost: <br />Comparing with other inkjet printers<br /><ul><li> Lower ink consumption : smaller ink drop volume, max 1.5pl vs 2-5pl
  17. 17. Cheaper ink : Memjet ink tanks are design to allows multiple time of refills at authorized OEM partners, without paying extra for ink containers
  18. 18. Low printhead replacement cost : Single printhead designed to last entire printer lifetime
  19. 19. Lower maintenance cost : fewer moving parts as printhead is stationery</li></ul>Comparing with other laser printers<br /><ul><li> Lower power consumption : less energy needed to operate printer
  20. 20. Lower cost per page : brings color printing to offices at a cost lower than monochrome laser printer</li></li></ul><li>Printer Business Opportunities<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />15<br />Wide Format Printer : <br /><ul><li> Print 8” to 42” wide media
  21. 21. 5 printheads in array
  22. 22. 5 colors per printhead – CMYKK or CCMMY
  23. 23. 30 D-size per min at 1600 x 800 dpi or 1171 m2 per hour with 42” media
  24. 24. 15 D-size per min at 1600 x 1600 dpi or 586 m2 per hour with 42” media
  25. 25. Relatively low hardware cost with laser-fast printing speed in full color</li></ul><br />
  26. 26. MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />16<br />Printer Business Opportunities<br />Label Printer : <br /><ul><li> Print upto 8” wide media
  27. 27. 5 colors printhead – CMYKK
  28. 28. 12 inches per second at 1600 x 800 dpi
  29. 29. 6 inches per second at 1600 x 1600 dpi
  30. 30. High registration accuracy</li></ul>High Speed Label Printer : <br /><ul><li> Print upto 8” wide media
  31. 31. 5 printheads in parallel
  32. 32. 5 colors printhead – CMYKK
  33. 33. 32 inches per second or</li></ul> 2926 m per hour!!!<br /><br />
  34. 34. MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />17<br />Printer Business Opportunities<br />New Opportunities in Digital In-Production Printing for Memjet Printers:<br />Finished Goods<br />Distribution<br />Center<br />Label Printer<br />Wide Format Printer<br />Product Labels Convertor<br />ROLES REPLACED BY MEMJET PRINTERS !<br />Final Product Manufacturing<br />Print-On-Demand Label Printer<br />Retailer<br />Business<br />Semi-finished Product Manufacturing<br />Print-On-Demand Label Printer<br />
  35. 35. Printer Business Opportunities<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />18<br />Advantages of Digital In-Production Printing:<br />Reduce Cost<br />Lower Lead-time<br />Last Minute Activity<br />More Flexibility<br /><ul><li>Will reduce the need to make advance purchases and holding inventories of costly pre-printed labels
  36. 36. More space will be available for value-add manufacturing activities rather than storing pre-printed labels
  37. 37. Reduce wastage as companies tends to order labels in excess of requirement due to long turn-around time
  38. 38. Specific labeling/marking can be assigned as a ‘last minute’ activity of the manufacturing process
  39. 39. Language/Country specific requirements
  40. 40. Regulatory and regional marketing
  41. 41. Supply and demand will become better coordinated and fulfilled
  42. 42. Product labels can be proof-read before the manufacturing activities start thus ensuring correctly decorated products all the time
  43. 43. Will significantly reduce the manufacturing lead-time and thus improve product time-to-market</li></li></ul><li>Other Business Opportunities<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />19<br />Digital Newspaper Printing Kiosk: <br />Replaces human-manned kiosk with automated on-demand printing kiosk <br />Laminated Flooring:<br />For printing high resolution photographic images of natural wood flooring before finishing with an extremely hard, clear-coated melamine overlay to protect the printed film.<br />
  44. 44. Other Business Opportunities<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />20<br />Devices for Fast Data Transfer: <br />Wide Format Printer – 5 printheads arranged in array<br />High Speed Label Printer – 5 printheads arranged in series<br />A gigabit router(1000Mbps) is used to route the print data file from PC to the individual printhead controller. As the printer gets faster and bigger(beyond the current 5 printheads, larger print data files have to be processed within a shorter time, faster transfer speed will be needed. Optical fiber networking with a transfer rate of upto 100Gbps could be the future solution. Thus, there could be business opportunities for suppliers of optical fiber networking cables, networking switches in the future.<br />
  45. 45. Other Business Opportunities<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />21<br />New Formulation of Aqueous Ink: <br />At the current printing speed of 1 page(A4) per second, the current ink used in Memjet have to dry up almost instantaneously. This is to prevent ink smudge on the next print-out that will be stacked over the previous.<br />This opens up new opportunities for ink suppliers to work out a new formulation of ink that will be able to dry up much quicker than they are now.<br />
  46. 46. MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />22<br />Technology Improvement<br />Higher Resolution & Faster Printing Speed: <br />In Memjet’s laboratory testing, the printhead has been found to be able to work at a firing rate of upto 100kHz. However, as the firing rate increases, the drop size will be reduced and print quality will not be optimum at current resolution of 1600x1600dpi. <br />By making the nozzle size smaller, more dots will be able to be squeezed within the 222.8mm overall width of printhead ICs to achieve a higher printhead resolution. Add color redundancy for CCMMYYKK, 8 color channels instead of 5 currently. Provide a more vibrant printout(photo-printing) and dead nozzles compensation.<br />With smaller and more nozzles in future Memjetprinthead, a quicker controller will also be required to drive the printhead to fire more nozzles per second through higher firing rate. <br />Current controller :<br />32 bit RISC controller, 648 MHz CPU<br />
  47. 47. Thank you!<br />MT5009 - Analysing Hi-Tech Opportunities<br />23<br />