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Running your business in the cloud: Funding Options
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Running your business in the cloud: Funding Options


Presentation by MD of Funding Options, Conrad Ford, at the 'Running your business in the cloud' event on 17th July at HUB Westminster.

Presentation by MD of Funding Options, Conrad Ford, at the 'Running your business in the cloud' event on 17th July at HUB Westminster.

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  • 1. 01/07/2013 Levelling the playing field
  • 2. Small firms have to be generalists Finance Director Sales Director Credit Controller Operations Director Company Secretary The big guys “All of the above” The little guys
  • 3. The top four challenges for small firms “Raising Finance” Finance Director “Finding Customers” Sales Director “Getting Paid” Credit Controller “Red Tape” Company Secretary
  • 4. How can I make sure I get paid?
  • 5. How a professional credit controller thinks ? “How quickly will they pay us? Do they pay others quicker?” “Do we really know who actually owes us money?” “How can we be quickly alerted if they‟re in trouble?” “What‟s the risk they fail? Could we survive it?”
  • 6. The cloud enables tools that think & act like your own credit controller Credit Controller
  • 7. How to get the finance I need?
  • 8. How a professional finance director thinks ? “What are the real costs? How do I get the best rate?” “What information do lenders really need?” “How should we present our case?” “What‟s the right type of finance?”
  • 9. Finance falling fast, only question is why Quarterly change in lending to SMEs (6%) (4%) (2%) 0% 2% Mid 2011 to Mid 2012 “Not sustainable” “Confidence issue” “Banks not lending” “Poor business skills” ?
  • 10. You lot(!) don’t make banks’ lives easy “Not even clear about how much they want to borrow & what it is for” “Lack of evidence of a customer‟s ability to repay loans”
  • 11. More funding choice than you might think Around 30 commercial mortgage providers More than 30 asset finance providers More than 50 invoice finance providers
  • 12. • Comprehensive finance applications to formats agreed with a range of leading lenders. • Help to find the right solution for a range of common finance needs, including growth, working capital or purchases. Finance Director
  • 13. …it’s already making waves “Traditional bank funding was not suitable.. „Sales are up thanks to the investment‟” “Makes multiple financing options easier” “Quick, automated application & selection” “Access to the right finance products & providers”
  • 14. We’re about to use the full power of the cloud The old world Only your bank can lend to you Unclear what lenders want Time-consuming to provide financials “All of the above” The new world Quick & simple Get it right Be in control