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Sadosky Foundation Institutional Summary
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Sadosky Foundation Institutional Summary


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Sadosky FoundationInstitutional Presentation Buenos Aires, February 2012
  • 2. Overview The Sadosky Foundation is a mixed (public-private) institution whose goal is to promote a closer and stronger interaction between Academia and Industry in all fields related to Information and Communications Technology It was formally created by the Argentine Government through a Presidential decree in July 2009, and started operations in April 2011 It is named after Argentina’s and Latin America’s computer science pioneer Manuel Sadosky Manuel Sadosky (1914-2005) Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 3. The Foundation has mid and long term goals Argentine physicist Jorge Sábato explained very clearly that the goals we are trying to achieve require a sustained effort over time Jorge A. Sábato (1924-1983) “The necessary interaction between government, the productive sector and the scientific-technological infrastructure is not achieved just by a wish or through a decree. It is a consequence of a social and political process that accelerates as its participants achieve a better understanding of their roles, have common interests, define common goals and communicate in a common language.” Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 4. Organizational Structure Management President Minister of Science, Council Technology and Productive Innovation Vice-president Vice-president President of the Chamber President of the Chamber of Software companies of Telecom. companies (CESSI) (CICOMRA) Board Members (Chambers + Ministry of Science) Executive Director Advisory Board Projects, Programs, Operations Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 5. Mission and Vision Vision: “Innovation in Information and Communications Technology as one of the key enablers to the development of the country”. Mission: “The Sadosky Foundation connects, through a series of projects and programs, the scientific – technological infrastructure with the productive sector in all fields related to Information and Communications Technology, so we can add more value to our products and services and achieve a positive impact in our society and in the development potential of the country. This will contribute to having more and better science in these fields and to strengthen our productive sector.” Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 6. The importance of innovation in the ICT Sector An important part (Argentina’s software sector data): The other part: The use of ICT in:  Education  Health  Homeland security  Industrial development  Agriculture  E-Democracy  And more… Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 7. Programs The following programs have been included in our Strategic Plan, approved in May, 2011 - PhDs in Industry: In collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, offering economic incentives to companies that incorporate PhDs to their staff - Facilitation of collaborative projects between Academia and Industry: the Foundation will provide funds and all the resources needed to increase chances of success for this type of projects - Technology watch - Collaboration with similar institutions in the Country and all over the world - Economic aid to Workshops, Conferences or Seminars on these topics - STIC: Security in Information Technology. A program to promote the scientific and professional development of this topic in Argentina Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 8. Projects The following projects are currently active: - Vocations in ICT: spark interest in ICT among secondary school students using 3D animation tools such as Alice and promotional materials - Who is who: an interactive map of the research groups, R&D areas of the productive sector and collaborative projects between academia and industry - ReportAR: collaboration between local vendors of ERP system to develop common functionalities - Competitiveness in non-ITC sectors though ITC: identification of economic sectors that will benefit from innovations developed by the ICT sector Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 9. Collaboration Agreements Argentina’s Ministry of Defense - Collaboration in technology projects related to the healthcare infrastructure of the armed forces “Argentina Conectada” Plan (a plan to lay out 50.000 km of Fiber Optic connections all over the Country) - Collaboration in establishing links to the telecommunications research community Argentina’s Ministry of Homeland Security - Implementation of IT projects with local components for improving public safety ANSES – Conectar Igualdad Program (a plan to distribute 3 million netbook computers to public secondary school students) - Collaboration in the “Vocations in IT” program, using the distributed netbooks to include software and educational materials Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation
  • 10. Contact Information Fundación Dr. Manuel Sadosky de Investigación y Desarrollo en TICs Av. Córdoba 744, Piso 5, Oficina I Buenos Aires (1054), Argentina +54-11-4328-5164 Sadosky Foundation – Institutional Presentation