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PowerPoint presentations from Fundación Capital's South-South Knowledge Exchange Forum, organized with support from IFAD "Leveraging Opportunities to Encourage Financial Inclusion"

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Panel2 sam shongwe

  1. 1. MTN Mobile MoneySam Shongwe – MTN Swaziland Head of Mobile MoneyJohannesburg, 21 June 2012
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Background • MTN Global Footprint • MTN Swaziland 2. MTN Mobile Money • Deployment Across the Group • Major Challenges • Products Deployed • MTN & Financial Inclusion
  3. 3. MTN global footprintSouth and East West and Central Middle East andAfrica Region Africa Region Africa Region RSA Nigeria Iran Uganda Ghana Syria Rwanda Cameroon Sudan Botswana Côte d’Ivoire Afghanistan Zambia Benin Yemen Swaziland Guinea Conakry Cyprus Congo Brazzaville Liberia Guinea Bissau 3
  4. 4. MTN Swaziland • Established in 1998 • 770,000 Subscribers vs a population of 1.1million • Covering 93% of the country • Covering 95% of the population • Launched Mobile Money May 2011 • 100,000 MM subscribers • Over 220 AgentsMobile Money has been well accepted in Swaziland, in as far asregistering for the service, however transactions are trailing far behind.One of the major issues is trust in the service and availability of MobileMoney in the Market.
  5. 5. Evolution of MTN Mobile Money
  6. 6. Evolution of MTN Mobile Money Launched Soft Launch 2012MTN Mobile Money Active in 13 Operations
  7. 7. MTN Mobile Money - Challenges C h a lle n g e s O p p o r t u n it ie s • Regulator understanding of • 44% of the population don’t product have access to financial • Low Trust in new Product services • Agent liquidity is very • 92% of the rural population restricted have to travel on public transport to access banks • Operation hours are limited to agent hour • E93million domestic remittances (2011) • Public holidays • 66% have no other • Purchasing of float takes mechanisms to remit money over 24 hours except to self deliver • Stock outs • Gradual transformation of • Low customer experience these delivery mechanisms into formal systems
  8. 8. Mobile Money - Products Launched In Swaziland • Airtime purchases • Prepaid Electricity voucher purchases • E- Ticket (Bush Fire) • Bill Payments (Water bills) • Bulk Payments (Wages and other disbursements) Other Product Launched in MTN Operations • MFI (Rwanda) • Western Union (Uganda) • DSTV (Uganda)
  9. 9. MTN Initiatives around FI MTN Swaziland • Micro-finance Unit (funded by IFAD) • Imbita Women’s Finance Trust Key Objectives: • Expand Access & uptake of MM amongst the unbanked in Swaziland • Increased penetration & participation of Women in Mobile Money and rural enterprises • Government elderly grants
  10. 10. MTN Initiatives around FI M T N S e lf S e r v ic e M o b ile M o n e y K io s k s K io s k s
  11. 11. MTN Initiatives around FI MTN Uganda • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation • Gremin Foundation • CGAP • “Innovation Lab” Key Objectives: • Expand Access & uptake of MM amongst poor in Uganda • Increased penetration & participation of Women in Mobile Money • Develop partnerships with Financial Institutions to reach out to those who living under $2.5/day
  12. 12. MTN Initiatives around FI CGAP MTN B & M Gates F Innovation Lab FSP Grameen F MTN Role: •Provide technical resources •Marketing & Promotional support •Commercialise products for FSPs •Access to MTN services (hotline, sms, short code etc) •Reporting information© 2008 MTN Uganda LtdAll rights reserved.
  13. 13. MTN Initiatives around FIKeyMilestonesProject ObjectivesObj# 1 Market Research: Conduct market research on current and potential users of mobile money with a specific(Grameen) focus on those living under $2.50/day New Product Development: Identify, develop and rollout viable financial products that can be deliveredObj# 2 to poor customers through the mobile money platform via financial service providers (FSPs) as well as(Grameen) additional mobile financial product and servicesObj# 3 Strategic Marketing Campaigns: Rethink the strategic Marketing Approach and create innivative(MTN) marketing campaigns to scale mobile money to each identified market segment.Obj# 4a+b Facilitate Partnerships: Identify and enroll appropriate FSPs and mobile money innovators, build capacity to(Grameen scale mobile money and develop new products that are tailored to the needs of the poor and poorest and are& MTN) commercially viable. Grow and Improve Agent Network and customer Experience: Develop a robust network of mobileObj# 5 money agents providing consistent service to increase access to mobile financial services, especially in rural(MTN) areas.Obj# 6 Learning and Dissemination: Highlight key lessons learned in the project experience and disseminate(Grameen) such lessons to the international community. © 2008 MTN Uganda LtdAll rights reserved.
  14. 14. Siyabonga