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Tom Hockaday - Seminario 'Nuevos enfoques sobre políticas de innovación'
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Tom Hockaday - Seminario 'Nuevos enfoques sobre políticas de innovación'



Los días 13 y 14 de marzo de 2014, la Fundación Ramón Areces organizó con el Instituto de Estudios de la Innovación (IREIN) y el Foro de Empresas Innovadoras una jornada sobre 'Nuevos enfoques ...

Los días 13 y 14 de marzo de 2014, la Fundación Ramón Areces organizó con el Instituto de Estudios de la Innovación (IREIN) y el Foro de Empresas Innovadoras una jornada sobre 'Nuevos enfoques sobre políticas de innovación'. Contó con la intervención de destacados expertos internacionales como Luc Soete, rector de la Universidad de Maastricht; Julia Lane, del American Institutes for Research (AIR) de Estados Unidos; Giovanni Dosi, del Institute of Economics de la Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Italia); Daniele Archibugi, del CNRS y del Birkbeck College de la University of London; John Cantwell, del Rutgers Business School de Rutgers University (Estados Unidos); Jorge Katz, de la Universidad de Chile; Tom Hockaday, del ISIS Innovation de la Universidad de Oxford (Reino Unido), y Johan Schot, del Science and Technology Policy Research de la University of Sussex (Reino Unido).



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Tom Hockaday - Seminario 'Nuevos enfoques sobre políticas de innovación' Tom Hockaday - Seminario 'Nuevos enfoques sobre políticas de innovación' Presentation Transcript

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  • isis-innovation.com Layers in the Innovation Ecosystem Research Base – Researchers, TTO, Administrators Professional advisers – patent attorneys, lawyers, accountants, banks, commercial property managers, pr, head-hunters, consultants, students, journalists Innovative companies, investors, entrepreneurs, Other universities, institutes
  • isis-innovation.com Elements • The Research Base – University, Institute, Hospitals • Business & Finance • Government • A fourth area …
  • isis-innovation.com Elements – Research Base • Supportive Vice-Chancellor, Rector, Provost, Director • & Senior Researchers • Research Activity • High volume & quality • Researcher engagement • University Policies • IP Ownership / Revenue sharing / Spin-outs • Disputes • Research Services Office • Manage relationship with Research funders • Access to Proof of Concept / Seed funds • To accelerate technology transfer • Technology Transfer Office • Adequately resourced
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  • isis-innovation.com The Innovation System Recruitment, head-hunters Angel Networks Students Angel Investors Investment Funds Accountants Bankers Lawyers Technology Transfer organisations University Researchers Commercial property managers Journalists Consultants Public Relations Local Government Hospitals Government Labs Research Institutes Members of Parliament Incubators Business networks Science ParksOther universities Industry Technology companies Business Start-ups ‘City deal’ Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Phases of Growth
  • isis-innovation.com Phases - Introduction Phase 1 The old days up to late 1980’s Phase 2 The heydays mid 1990’s to mid 2000’s Phase 3 The winds of change early 2010’s Phase 4 a Economic pressures nowadays Phase 4 b Impacts of Impact looking ahead Implications REFERENCE: LES NOUVELLES, December 2013 http://www.lesi.org/les-nouvelles
  • isis-innovation.com Phase 1 University, Researchers Research just got funded somehow, anyway, by government? Occasional interactions with industry, ex-students Industry
  • isis-innovation.com Phase 2 University, Researchers Technology Transfer Office Industry Increasing interactions with industry, technology companies, 2-way flows. Recognition of value of IP, creation of TTOs
  • isis-innovation.com Phase 3 University, Researchers Technology Transfer Office Industry TTO’s mature, some thrive, many struggle. Research collaborations with Industry become far more important to researchers [why? weak economy, pressure from government] Researchers now view IP differently, as a means to research funding, not only TT deals
  • isis-innovation.com Phase 4 University, Researchers Technology Transfer Office Spin-outs TTO’s need to adopt more flexible models, to satisfy changing ways researchers view the use of IP, and changing industry models, ‘Open Innovation’ Universities need to modify its expectations of the TTO. Will character of TTO’s change …? Research Collaborators Licensees
  • isis-innovation.com Phase 5 University, Researchers Technology Transfer Office Industry Universities respond to pressure for Impact, become far better a explaining benefits from public investment, TT impact diluted. University views TTO as smaller part of a bigger picture. Society Policy
  • isis-innovation.com Phases - Implications • For Technology Transfer Offices • - may disappear where the university sees no economic value in its IP • - must [continue to] explain non-commercial benefits of the commercial route • For Universities • - may lose the non-commercial benefits [Impact] of the commercial route • - will complain later when they miss the blockbuster • For Government • - beware the ‘commercialisation effect’ • - help universities understand why commercial route is good for them, for the non- commercial reasons • For Industry • - may miss out on commercial positions • - may pick up more technologies for free
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