Romanian Alumni Community Newsletter Volume I, Issue 12


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Romanian Alumni Community Newsletter Volume I, Issue 12

  1. 1. Welcome to Romanian Alumni Community Romanian Alumni Community Monthly Newsletter Bucharest, December 22, 2011 Volume I, Issue 12 Alumni News From Alumni Table of Contents Season’s GreetingsAlumni News ► U.S. Alumni and Grantees Transcript for Q&A Live Discussion on “Volunteerism: Sharing the Spirit of Service  New Publications by U.S. Fulbright Alumna Tracey S. Rosenberg Remember the #StateAlumni Hashtag!  Continuous Collaboration between Roma- State Alumni Research Center nian and U.S. Alumni Follow State Alumni on Facebook  Donation Ceremony at the Center for American Studies, University of BucharestFrom Alumni  News from U.S. Fulbright Alumna Kathleen► Romanian Alumni and Grantees Laraia McLaughlin The Institute of Strategic Studies – Launching Event Alumni Information Dr. Rodica Mihăilă - Testimonies of Romanians who are Making a Difference Alumni Links Welcome Home to the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program Grantees Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 1
  2. 2. Season’s Greetings from the Romanian Alumni Community Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 2
  3. 3. Bucharest, December 22, 2011 Volume I, Issue 12Alumni NewsTranscript for Q&A Live Discussion on “Volunteerism: Sharing the Spirit of Service On December 5, 2011, Peace Corps Deputy Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet joined the State Alumni for a Q&A Live discussion on “Volunteerism: Sharing the Spirit of Service.” Last October, Hessler-Radelet shared her inspiring personal and family history of volunteering with participants of the IVLP project on “The Spirit of Volunteerism: Honoring 50 Years of the Peace Corps.” Building on the volunteerism theme, this webchat took place on UN International Volunteer Day to allow alumni to share their experiences, best practices, and inspire each other to promote volunteerism in their communities. The transcript of this dis- cussion is available at the #StateAlumni Hashtag!Remember to use #StateAlumni to tweet about and promote your nextalumni activity and remind alumni to do the same. Not only does an activestream help monitor and support alumni activities; more importantly, it in-spires alumni to remain active in their countries and contribute to the posi-tive impact of the dynamic, global alumni network to which they be-long. Follow this stream by logging on to the State Alumni website andviewing the Twitter feed on the homepage. State Alumni Research Center The Research Center offers access to more than 20,000 full-text periodicals from the following databases: EBSCOHost Academic Search™ Premier, EBSCOHost Science & Technology Collection™, Gale Cengage Learning™ Academic OneFile and General OneFile, Gale Cengage Learning™ USSD, and ProQuest eLibrary®.Visit the Research Center at State Alumni on FacebookFollow the most recent alumni news from all over the world by clicking on theState Alumni Facebook page: Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 3
  4. 4. Bucharest, December 22, 2011 Volume I, Issue 12From Alumni ► Romanian Alumni and GranteesThe Institute of Strategic Studies – Launching Event Dr. Marius Profiroiu, Fulbright Senior Alumnus 2010-2011 and a Professor of Public Policy and Administration at Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies has informed us about the launch of the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS), a think tank promoting the experts’ civic involvement and participation in decisions to influence the Romania’s future. ISS aims to make a contribution to the initiation, coordination and structuring of public policies at national level. The launching event, took place at Marriot Hotel, Bucharest, on December 15 and hosted the debate entitled The Reform and the Crisis of the Public Sector in Romania: What Is Next?, addressing the latest trends on performance of the public system within the new economic and social context. Dr. Profiroiu emphasizes that an important contribution to this project wasbrought by several academics from Martin School of Public Policy and Administration (his host universityduring the Fulbright stage) who encouraged and supported him to put these ideas into practice. We arealso glad to notice that Dr. Calin Hintea, a Fulbright Senior Alumnus and a professor at Babes-BolyaiUniversity of Cluj, is among the ISS initiators. Dr. Rodica Mihăilă - Testimonies of Romanians who are Making a Difference Dr. Rodica Mihăilă, Romanian Fulbright alumna, founder of the American Studies Department at the University of Bucharest and professor of American Literature and Civilization at the University, was featured on the U.S. Embassy’s website in the Remarkable Romanians section. To see her profile, please follow the link below. Home to the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program GranteesDiana Melian, Mihaela Fodor and Radu Velica, TeachingExcellence and Achievement Program (TEA) fellows finishedtheir programs in U.S. and returned home. At the end of theprogram they got together in Washington, DC where theyreceived their TEA diplomas and met Mr. Adrian Tudorache,representative of the Embassy of Romania in U.S.A.The end of the program festivity was also an occasion for theRomanian “HORA” to be presented in a multinationalenviroment. The traditional folk dance was initiated by theRomanian fellows and joined by grantees from different partsof the world. Please follow the link below for the video: Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 4
  5. 5. Bucharest, December 22, 2011 Volume I, Issue 12From Alumni ► U.S. Alumni and GranteesNew Publications by U.S. Fulbright Alumna Tracey S. Rosenberg Tracey S. Rosenberg, U.S. Fulbright scholar to Romania in 1999-2000 published a novel entitled The Girl in the Bunker (Cargo Publishing, 2011). The novel retells the story of Hitlers bunker from the perspective of Joseph Goebbelss twelve-year-old daughter. More details about the book are available at: in-the-bunker/. Also, a short story written during Tracey’s Fulbright year in Romania and entitled Lizards is available for e-readers at The story is about a young Jewish writer in Communist Romania who tries to supporther family and her boyfriend, while struggling to write poetry she knows the regime will never let herpublish. For more details about Tracey’s work, you may follow her blog at: Collaboration between Romanian and U.S. AlumniFulbright alumnus Sandu Frunză published, in 2010, the book Dumnezeu şi Holocaustul la Elie Wiesel: Oetică a responsabilităţii (God and the Holocaust according to Elie Wiesel: An ethic of responsibility)(Bucharest, Romania: Editura Contemporanul). It has recently been reviewed by another Fulbrightalumnus, Michael S. Jones, in Mathal/Mashal: Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies 1:1, Donation Ceremony at the Center for American Studies, University of Bucharest On December 7, U.S. Fulbright Scholar Yudit Kornberg Greenberg made a donation of her book Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions to the American Studies Program, University of Bucharest. The donation ceremony was organized by Dr. Rodica Mihăilă, Romanian Fulbright alumna, director and founder of the Center for American Studies at the University of Bucharest. The event was attended by many students and professors from the university.News from U.S. Fulbright Alumna Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin On November 18-19, Kathleen attended the Society for Photographic Education West Regional Conference. She met with fellow photo educators, photo students, and presented a lecture on her book, The Color of Hay, keeping in line with the conference theme of Survival. She focused on what life has been like in the area where she lived during her Fulbright grant in northern Transylvania, and how sur- viving is about keeping up with farming practices, inflation, and fashion (both clothing and interior decorating). Also, on December 15 she gave a public lecture at the Cleveland Park Neighbor- hood Library in Washington D.C., sponsored through the library and the Romanian Embassy in U.S.A. Romanian.US.Fulbright.Commission 5
  6. 6. Bucharest, December 22, 2011 Volume I, Issue 12Alumni InformationJoin STATE ALUMNI Romanian Alumni CommunityThe State Alumni website is a dynamic, Help to build the Romanian Alumni Communityinteractive secure community for more than by sending articles, news, sharing ideas, pictures1,000,000 alumni of exchange programs. and professional opportunities. Find out about upcoming local events, stay connected with fel-►Network with other alumni from around the globe low alumni, find information about alumni-related► Share information about exchange programs and programs and research funding opportunities.alumni activities with a global audience►Participate in Q&A Live discussions with experts If you would like to submit an article, announce-►Access resources such as grants, jobs and research ment of an event, testimonial, job or grant op-databases portunity, please contact the alumni coordinator►Access more than 20,000 free periodicals, newspa- at: and more. Visit the Romanian Alumni Community onIn order to enroll, visit the site https:// and click on “Join Now” or “Clickhere to register”. Please wait for verification andconfirmation of your account by the administrativeteam of the State Alumni website. Alumni Links United States Government Alumni U.S. Embassy in Bucharest Community Romanian-U.S. Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Fulbright Commission Commission Facebook Page Romanian Alumni Community If you wish to cancel your subscription to this newsletter contact This Newsletter is produced by the Romanian Alumni Coordinator 6