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Learn what Fulbtr

Learn what Fulbtr

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  • 1. Fulbright awards fund Belgian citizens to study, research, or lectureat an accredited U.S. institution for a period between three months and one academic year.Applicants who will travel to the United States without a Ph.D. are placed in the “Student”category and are required to remain in the U.S. for a minimum of six months; applicants whowill have a Ph.D. by their time of departure are placed in the “Research” category and mayremain for a minimum of three months. All departures must take place between August 1 ofthe current year and March 31 of the following year.Benefits include:  $2,000 to $30,000 based on merit and financial need. The money may be used to cover flights, tuition, living costs, etc.  Sickness and accident insurance for grantees  J-visa sponsorship for grantees and any accompanying dependents.  Active Fulbright networks to welcome them in the United States and as an alumnus in Belgium when they returnApplication process:  Submit preliminary application online to determine eligibility: http://www.fulbright.be/fulbright-awards/application-form/  Complete online application by appropriate deadline. Applications include: o Biographical information o Personal Statement and Study Objectives essays o Transcripts and diplomas o Three letters of recommendation o Letter of admission or letter of affiliation  Mandatory in-person interview: in mid-November or –March depending on award  Notification of award: in late-November or late-March depending on awardApplication DeadlinesOctober 31  Foreign Language Teaching Assistantships  Study of the United States Institutes for Secondary TeachersMarch 1  Journalism Award - $30,000  Student and Research awards in all fields – including LL.M, MBA  BOAS Harvard Scholarships- covers one full year of costs at Harvard*EU citizens whose projects relate to US-EU affairs, EU policy, or EU institutions shouldcheck their eligibility for the Fulbright-Schuman award (www.fulbrightschuman.eu)also administered by the Commission in Brussels. This award is valued at €3,000/month anda €2,000 relocation grant and has an application deadline of March 1.*