World CSR Congress: Integrating sustainability into a global organization


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World CSR Congress: Integrating sustainability into a global organization

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World CSR Congress: Integrating sustainability into a global organization

  1. 1. World CSR Congress: Integrating sustainability into a global organization Alison Rowe Global Executive Director Sustainability International Business FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2013 FUJITSU LIMITED
  2. 2. Who we are  Japan’s largest IT services provider and No. 3 in the world*  We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers  Over 170,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries 2011 IT Services Vendor Revenue. Source: Gartner, "Market Share: IT Services, 2011" 9 April 2012 2 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  3. 3. Sustainability is important to us  Environmental accounting present in our business in 1938  Long-standing members of sustainability organizations & indexes, e.g. UN Global Compact, CDP, Business for the Community  Top positions in world leading environment rankings  FORTUNE Magazine’s 2013 List of ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’  Executive commitment 3 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  4. 4. Different approach In 2007, Fujitsu Australia developed a new approach that integrated sustainability with its core business through three phases Seven years later, the company has seen a positive impact on its revenue, market position and brand reputation 4 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  5. 5. The business value of sustainability We are continuing to enhance our understanding. Basically,  Provides environmentally responsible products and services  Follows environmentally responsible business practices  Considers the long term implication of operations  Reports openly and honestly about their performance 5 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  6. 6. Sustainability is good for business - 2007  Started with the launch of sustainability consulting services which led to revenue generation and brand value  Shaped our approach which was market and customer driven 6 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  7. 7. Phase one: securing leadership buy-in & establishing credibility Approach  Make the case for change  Measure the organisation’s baseline position  Set a commitment and clear targets Learnings  Get senior leaders on board  Absolute vs Intensity targets  Establish credibility by securing ‘quick wins’  Create hook conversations  Defines benefits that are meaningful to operational decision makers  Frame data, trends & forecasts relevant to the organization's strategic planning 7 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  8. 8. Phase two: translating vision into action Approach  Define desired market position  Develop a comprehensive strategy  Set short-, medium- and longterm goals  Set objectives for key executives Learnings  Align strategy with overall corporate strategy  Measure relevant data  Clear accountabilities & owners  Installing governance – Sustainability Board 8 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  9. 9. Phase three: embedding sustainability in the company’s DNA Approach  Expand the boundaries of the strategy  Leverage sustainability as a competitive differentiator  Challenge long-held views about ‘how we do business’  Instil sustainability as a core value Learnings  Remove goals that become too internally focussed or business as usual  Expanding governance – Global Sustainability Board 9 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  10. 10. Examples of strategic goals Solutions Reduce customer and society GHG emissions by 26m tons by March 2016, by increasing the deployment of sustainability solutions For more details; URL: Citizenship Support initiatives that address the complex social and environmental challenges, e.g. biodiversity conservation Resources Increase generation capacity & procurement of renewable energy Continue efforts for efficient use of water 10 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  11. 11. Success factors  Build a multidisciplinary team and establish a Sustainability Board - critical from governance and leadership standpoint  Develop a comprehensive business plan for sustainability including financial and non-financial performance metrics  Link the sustainability strategy with business success rather than treating it as a side initiative  Understand your company’s growth strategy and align  Change the way you talk about sustainability  Engage staff at all levels and encourage employees to take ownership of targets and results  Keep an eye on the horizon by monitoring environmental NGO activity. This generally provides a good indication of future regulations and market pressures 11 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
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