Mobile Insurance - Mobility enables insurance companies to hold the line on expenses while growing revenue


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Mobile Insurance - Mobility enables insurance companies to hold the line on expenses while growing revenue

  1. 1. Tablet PC Vertical Card Mobile InsurancePage 1 of 3 InsuranceMobility enables insurance companiesto hold the line on expenses while growing revenueOver 80% of insurance companies identify the improvement of customer service operations as key to sustain and enlarge their competitiveposition. Increasing the company‘s interaction with policy holders is seen as the best way to reduce claim costs, and one of the most signif-icant ways to improve distribution channel effectiveness.→ ChallengeInsurance carriersneed to determinehow mobility cancontribute to en-hancing productivitywhile decreasingspiraling costs andincreasing revenue.→ SolutionFujitsu tablet PCsoptimize claimsprocessing, salesautomation andunderwriting. Theykeep operating ex-penses under controlwhile enhancing theproductivity of in-surance staff.Fujitsu’s tablet PCs have a direct, positive impact on the productivity of field sales representatives, brokers, and under-writers as well as on operating costs for back-end processes such as claims operations. Closing and decision-making bysales representatives and underwriters is accelerated not only due to electronic signatures while administrative bur-dens are significantly reduced. The bottom line: lower operating costs, reliable field intelligence and data exchange,higher staff productivity, and improved customer satisfaction through end-to-end solutions.Claims Processing Field Sales Automation UnderwritingIn claims processing, fastturn-around times save labor andmoney and increase customersatisfaction. Using a lightweightbut fully-featured tablet PC, claimsadjusters can easily process 20percent more claims per day, re-sulting in a 20 to 40 percent in-crease in productivity.Instant access to customer ac-counts, pricing, and billing infor-mation, along with history, cangreatly improve sales productivity.Field sales representatives lever-age instant access to informationstored in back-office systems,reducing CRM cycle times andproviding valuable field intelli-gence. Furthermore, clients cansign deals on-site which can bedirectly sent to the backoffice,reducing lead times.The need to identify and appraiserisks, to establish premium rates,and create appropriate policiescalls for highly flexible and power-ful mobile devices. Insuranceprofessionals benefit from theefficiency increase offered by any-where, anytime computing fordeskbound as well as field activi-ties.Benefits■ controlling claims expenses■ eliminating data entry errors■ reducing claim cycle timesBenefits■ policy personalization■ full client data access■ immediate contract signingBenefits■ up-to-date risk information■ faster policy closing■ reduced administrative costs
  2. 2. Tablet PC Vertical Card Mobile InsurancePage 2 of 3 insurance staff benefiting from mobility is divided into three broad categories. All three groups show a high level of flexibility, have to reactin real-time and rely on tools which support their accurate and attentive way of working.Claims Adjusters Field Representatives UnderwritersClaims adjusters determine the extentof damage when an accident occursand whether the damages are coveredby the insurance policy.Field representatives act as a liaisonbetween the insurance company andthe agents and brokers who sell thecompanys products.Underwriters are needed to identify andappraise the risk of loss from policyhold-ers, establish appropriate premium rates,and write policies that cover these risks.ScenarioImagine a man has been involved in a car accident, slightlyhaving touched another car’s bumper while passing. The insur-ance company sends a claim adjuster to the accident scene toinspect his claim as well as the other party’s damage. The ad-juster uses a tablet to record the incident and employs the inte-grated cameras to document the damaged bumper. Open ques-tions and annotations regarding possible damages and custom-er data can directly be added to forms or applications on thetablet. Via 4G/LTE, the photos and documents can be directlyadded to the according folders, stored on the company server,accelerating the documentation process and reducing annoyingpaperwork back in the office. Moreover, other departments canimmediately start working on the incident. Chances are that theinsurance company’s underwriter re-evaluates the client’s riskand establishes an increased premium rate. The underwriter candirectly sign his recommendation on his tablet PC without theneed to print everything and send it over to the back officewhich then can prepare an information sheet to the customerand the responsible field representative, again saving valuabletime and simplifying the whole process. The customer might notbe willing to accept the determined new coverage and premiumrate and will likely want to inform himself about a possiblechange of insurance provider. The insurance company he takesinto consideration will send out a field rep, most probably usinga lightweight and ultra-mobile tablet PC as well, allowing toshow latest demos and simulations, fitting to the client’s re-quirements. Tablet PCs are perfect for sharing screen content,enhancing personal interaction and the relation with the cus-tomer. In addition, the sales rep can immediately note down hisneeds and financial background using the tablet PC while thecustomer won’t lose track of his annotations. He is also able toshow up-to-date pricing via embedded UMTS or LTE connectivity,allowing the potential client to decide whether or not the insur-ance provider’s offer is of interest and possibly directly signing acontract via pen input on the tablet’s display.The Mobility CycleFujitsu delivers devices and solutions in mobility perfectly adapted tothe customer’s needs and along all four phases of the mobility cycle:from assessment to operations. Professional services from Fujitsu coverall elements of the mobility cycle including deployment, training,helpdesk, operations management and financing.Financial Services: Fujitsu’s Financial Services help insurance compa-nies through a ‘pay-as-you-use’ model with fixed monthly or quarterlypayments, enhancing flexibility, transparency and affordabilityDeployment: Fujitsu and our partners deploy the overall solutionincluding on-site installation of new hardware as well as removal andvendor independent remarketing of old hardwareLifecycle Management: Fujitsu’s offering comprises service andmaintenance throughout the SLA including possible remarketingMobility Solutions from Fujitsu■ Notebooks■ Tablet PCs■ Convertible Notebooks■ Accessories■ App Partner Network■ Maintenance Services■ Customizing Solutions■ VDI Solutions■ Cloud Services (e.g. SecDocs)■ Financial Services■ Managed Mobile■ SBC Solutions■ Server systems■ Storage systems■ Security components■ Network componentsPhase 1: (Re-)AssessmentWorkflow,Security, App,Devices,AccessoriesPhase 2:PlanningFinancialServices,made4youPhase 3:DeploymentMaintenanceServices,FinancialSolutionsPhase 4:OperationsLifecycleManagement,ManagedWorkplace
  3. 3. Tablet PC Vertical Card Mobile InsurancePage 3 of 3 meet the needs and demands of an employee in a critical business area like insurance, Fujitsu highly recommends the following devices toimprove workflows and smooth operations in these business fields.Claims Adjusters: Fujitsu STYLISTIC M702 Field Representatives: Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 Underwriters: Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T902Designed for the Toughest Businesses Attach or Touch – The Hybrid Business Talent Your Excellent Flexible CompanionThe Fujitsu STYLISTIC M702 is the ideal choicefor claims adjusters as they are mainly work-ing on-site where accidents or damages hap-pen. Hence, they need a water- and dustprooftablet with toughened glass which can easilybe used outdoors, no matter the weatherconditions. Moreover, the tablet helps themto plan their daily tours in a quick and effi-cient way via touch input on electronic check-lists. Its 8.1 megapixel camera allows fortaking photos of possible damages, thusaccelerating the verification of coverage andfacilitating the documentation process. Fur-thermore, claims adjusters can use the STY-LISTIC M702 to check the database for clientinformation, comparable incidents or contractdocuments while sensitive data stays pro-tected due to the possibility of integrating thetablet into the insurance company’s VirtualDesktop Infrastructure.With its hybrid form factor, the Fujitsu STYLIS-TIC Q702 is the ideal companion for fieldrepresentatives working both in the office andon-site at the customer’s home. Without theattachable keyboard, the tablet ensures effi-ciency and productivity at customer visits.There, the field representative can use thetablet PC for access to CRM tools, checkingcritical information such as client data, billingor pricing via 4G/LTE. With pen and touchinput, policies can easily be customized andcustomer data can spontaneously be com-plemented. Moreover, the tablet can helpboost the closing of deals by using itswide-view high-bright display to show effec-tive demos or simulations. What’s even moreimportant, pen input on the tablet screenallows field reps and customers to sign con-tracts or permissions to send customizedoffers, improving efficiency and customersatisfaction. When back in the office, thekeyboard can be attached again for ultimateproductivity when finalizing documentation.The LIFEBOOK T902 convertible notebookoffers highest reliability, convenience andflexibility for insurance underwriters. Itsversatile form factor with bi-directionaldisplay is optimized for employees workingat their desk but also highly collaboratingwith colleagues in other departments. Whenperforming insurance calculations and iden-tifying as well as appraising risks, under-writers rely on market and customer data aswell as legal regulations, hence being forcedto actively collaborate and share content.With pen or finger input directly on thescreen, underwriters can use the convertiblenotebook to quickly add annotations anddirectly save them without bothering withtime-consuming paperwork or rework. Sinceunderwriters handle critical and confidentialdata, the LIFEBOOK T902’s SmartCard reader,TPM and fingerprint sensor ensure that therisk assessment data as well as policies staysafe.Accessories■ Fujitsu Cradle STYLISTIC M702■ Fujitsu AC Adapter STYLISTIC M702■ Fujitsu Car/Truck Power Adapter 90■ Fujitsu Semi-ruggedized FolioAccessories■ Fujitsu Attachable Keyboard STYLISTIC Q702■ Fujitsu Second Battery STYLISTIC Q702■ Fujitsu Tablet Sleeve 11■ Fujitsu Car Power Adapter 90Accessories■ Fujitsu Car/Truck Power Adapter■ Fujitsu Second Hard Disk Drive■ Fujitsu Supreme Case Midi 13■ Fujitsu Second BatteryContactFUJITSU Technology Solutions GmbHE-mail: CE ENAll rights reserved, including intellectual property rights. Technical data subject to modifications anddelivery subject to availability. Any liability that the data and illustrations are complete, actual or correctis excluded. Designations may be trademarks and/or copyrights of the respective manufacturer, the useof which by third Parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of such owner.For further information see http:// Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH