The Private Cloud Initiative from Fujitsu and VMware


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IT infrastructures have become too complex and brittle to keep pace with the dynamism of business today. 70% of current IT investment remains focused on maintenance, leaving little resources for innovation. With users clamoring for faster response times and management demanding lower costs, IT needs a better strategy.

Cloud computing offers a new model that cuts through IT complexity by leveraging the efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service. Chris De Vere, Senior Cloud Business Development Manager EMEA, VMware outlines how Fujitsu and VMware are partnering to help customers and partners to manage the transition to the cloud computing area.

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The Private Cloud Initiative from Fujitsu and VMware

  1. 1. Harvesting CloudBenefits Room 13b
  2. 2. Harvesting Cloud Benefits – Room 13bReshaping IT The Private Cloud Initiative from Fujitsu and VMware Chris de Vere Senior Cloud Business Development Manager EMEA VMware VM 12:00 h 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. The Private Cloud Initiative from Fujitsu & VMware …examining the value in Private Cloud Chris D Vere, S i B i Ch i De V Senior Business D l Development M t Manager, vCloud Cl d November 10, 2011 © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  5. 5. Some Thoughts….5
  6. 6. Kevin Kelly, Editor of Wired Magazine, Gilder s Gilder’s Law6
  7. 7. Public and Private Clouds $6bn $175bn $175b 30:17
  8. 8. A Case Study8
  9. 9. The problemSequential and manual Workflow governance and deployment 3-6 3 6 months Request Log On Governance Fulfill … took months Financial Approval; SOX; FSA; Legal; ITIL Change Management g Often intended to slow things down! Requires massive data input up-front Uni-directional9
  10. 10. Automation 3-6 3 6 months Request Log On Governance Fulfill 3-4 weeks elapsed time 8 hours actual time Reduced t 1 h R d d to hour with ith automation10
  11. 11. Simplify, Standardize, Automate - Industrialize20%80% Governance FulfillmentSimple Formx86 OS: Windows, Linux, SolarisCPU and M d Memory: S ll M di Small, Medium, L Large Pre-ApprovalNetwork: Cisco, Other Financial sign offStorage: Small, Medium, Large Policy based on Application and ClassService and Support: High, Medium, Low Change ControlClass: Production, UAT, DevelopmentApplication: xyz11
  12. 12. Automation, and new business process 3-6 months20%80% Governance Fulfillment One Day One Hour12
  13. 13. Cost savings from virtualization and business process automation Sample Cost of 300 x86 Workloads € 2.200 € 2.000 € 1.800 € 1 600 1.600 Thousand Euros € 1.400 € 1.200 Manpower d € 1.000 Hardware € 800 Power T € 600 € 400 € 200 €0 Dedicated Virtualised Automated 13
  14. 14. Other Benefits Standardization • Mean Time Between Failure Increased • Mean Time To Fix Decreased Development • Huge pool of idle servers – 400 servers Business Agility • Th Holy Grail The H l G il14
  15. 15. Business Agility is the Top Driver for Cloud Computing Q9: Whi h f th f ll i Q9 Which of the following are top drivers of cloud computing initiatives t d i f l d ti i iti ti at your organization? (Please check all that apply) Drivers of Cloud Computing Initiatives at Organization p g g Business agility (faster time to market, increased user 75% satisfaction) Reducing infrastructure investment R d i IT i f t t i t t 56% Reducing IT management and maintenance resources 53% Increasing capacity/availability (data center, storage 50% etc.) Increasing productivity of IT 46% Disaster recovery/business continuity 40% Improving IT control 32% Industry regulatory changes 17% Base: 636 Total respondents; 234 US respondents; 202EMEA respondents; 200 APAC respondents Source: CIO Global Cloud Computing Adoption Survey January 201115
  16. 16. What is in the stack? Service Desk Interface Policy Engine VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite Automation (vCloud Director) Management Virtualization vSphere16
  17. 17. Which brings me to the Fujitsu – VMware initiative An integrated Private Cloud On-Premise; Off-Premise Skills to realize the value we have discussed17
  18. 18. What are Fujitsu and VMwareWorking on Together?Volker WiedmerDirector Cloud ArchitecturesFujitsu Technology Solutions Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  19. 19. Fujitsu Cloud Services For enterprise, government and independent software vendor cloud computing needs: Cloud Consulting Cloud Platforms Cloud assessments Public cloud platforms Cloud strategy and Private and community roadmap development cloud options Migrations, custom Cloud engineering and development, development integration services implementation services Business Solution Store* Co-innovation with ISV’s to deliver pre-designed, pre-integrated, enterprise-ready cloud services Cloud aggregation and brokering ISV onboarding, management and support * Fujitsu is co-developing its Business Solution Store with pioneer ISV partners 19 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  20. 20. Move or Copy resources between locations F jit Data Center Fujitsu D t C t Country A ujitsu Cloud Satellites App Customer Move Group A Country B OS workloads S Customer Fu between Group B Country C locations Private Clouds Community Clouds (single tenant) 20 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  21. 21. Private Cloud ServicesPrivate Cloud Extension Private Cloud ExtensionEntry y Standard Minimal Size: 50 VM Minimal Size: 100 VM (equivalent of 2vCPU 1GHz, (equivalent of 2vCPU 1GHz, 4GB vRAM and 250GB) 4GB vRAM and 250GB) Scale t to 300 S l out t ~300 VM Scale t to 1000 S l out t ~1000 VM Single rack approach Multiple racks possible (no DR) (allows DR resilience) VMWare vCloud Stack VMWare vCloud Stack Operated by Fujitsu Operated by Fujitsu 21 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  22. 22. Private Cloud Services provide Flexibility Enables customers to develop and operate Hybrid (on- and off-premise) off premise) scenarios Customers meet regional or corporate regulatory requirements Organizations Protect their IP and property business value Allows cost flexibility based on business environments b i i t Simplifies multiplatform applications management Streamline operations and financial controls 22 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. 24