Ready-to-Go Solutionsfor High Performance ComputingScalable performance from Technical to Supercomputing
The developments that have taken place in high performance computing (HPC)over the decades can be described quite simply: ...
Fujitsu and High Performance ComputingA success story for more than 30 yearsToday Fujitsu is the most experienced and larg...
HPC solutions from Fujitsuhave everything you need to be successfulThe importance of high performance computing is rapidly...
World’s No. 1again on TOP500 ListReady for the FutureFujitsu develops the next-generation supercomputerIn collaboration wi...
Ready-to-GoThe Fujitsu offering at a glanceRELIABLE SOLUTIONS THAT PERFECTLY MATCH YOUR REQUIREMENTS                    Yo...
Fujitsu x86 HPC ECO system                                                HPC as a Service                                ... byFujitsu Technology SolutionsMies-van-der-Rohe-Strasse 8, 80807 Munich, GermanyCopyright: ©Fu...
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Ready-to-Go Solutions for High Performance Computing


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Scalable performance from Technical to Supercomputing

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Transcript of "Ready-to-Go Solutions for High Performance Computing"

  1. 1. Ready-to-Go Solutionsfor High Performance ComputingScalable performance from Technical to Supercomputing
  2. 2. The developments that have taken place in high performance computing (HPC)over the decades can be described quite simply: Without Fujitsu research, thedevelopment of the supercomputer would have been quite different.In the 1970s Fujitsu started collaborating with its customers to fulfill manyof mankind’s dreams – in aerospace technology, meteorology and astronomy,environment and energy, or in various other fields of enterprise research.A milestone in this long history was undoubtedly the FACOM 230-75APU, thefirst supercomputer built in Japan by Fujitsu in 1977. Since then Fujitsu’scommitment to high performance computing has become a success story thatstill continues with remarkable achievements in scalar and vector computingas well as cluster architectures. Outstanding examples of Fujitsu’s developmentinclude the Numerical Wind Tunnel (NWT), the world’s fastest vector computerlaunched in 1993, and the implementation of a Linux cluster in 2004 whichwas the most powerful of its kind in Japan at that time. In 2011 Fujitsu’s Kcomputer, jointly developed with the Japanese Riken research organization, hastaken the No. 1 position on the TOP500 Supercomputer List.2
  3. 3. Fujitsu and High Performance ComputingA success story for more than 30 yearsToday Fujitsu is the most experienced and largest provider of HPC A complete HPC stack from CELSIUS workstation-based technicalsolutions in the Asian market, and has been a leading HPC vendor in computing to x86 PRIMERGY server-based high performance com-Europe almost from the beginning, offering customers the know-how puting solutions enable engineers and scientists to conduct theirit has gained from installing more than 1,200 HPC systems. research and development projects very efficiently, without having to acquire the specialized expertise needed to set up and operateFujitsu responds to the rapidly growing demand for high performance complex HPC platforms. The stack is comprised of workstation, servercomputing with intelligent solutions that deliver top performance and storage platforms, HPC middleware, consulting and integrationtailored to meet today’s HPC requirements. Furthermore, these solutions services. To address the growing needs of small and medium-sizedalready offer the scalability that will be needed to meet the increasing enterprises, Fujitsu provides integrated and certified ready-to-go HPCperformance demands of the future. cluster solutions that are optimized for specific business requirements. HPC Development Paths ■ Vector ■ Scalar ■ x86 Cluster ■ PRIMEHPC FX10 ■ K computer** e ■ FX1 ■ SPARC Enterprise ■ PRIMERGY CX400 ■ PRIMEQUEST ■ PRIMEPOWER ■ VPP5000 HPC2500 ■ VPP300/700 ■ PRIMERGY CX1000 ■ NWT * ■ VPP500 ■ PRIMERGY BX900 ■ AP3000 ■ HX600 ■ VP Series ■ PRIMERGY RX200 ■ AP1000 ■ F230-75APU ~1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2012 Future * NWT (Numerical Wind Tunnel) was developed in collaboration with NAL (National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan, now JAXA) ** The K computer has been developed in collaboration with RIKEN, with the aim of beginning shared use by November 2012. 3
  4. 4. HPC solutions from Fujitsuhave everything you need to be successfulThe importance of high performance computing is rapidly growing and aerospace technologies, environmental and earth sciences,because more and more scientific and technical problems are being banking/insurance, public administration, meteorology, education/studied on the basis of computer simulations. HPC offers analysts, universities/academies, defense, energy, astronomy, manufacturing,engineers and scientists the computing resources they need to make trade or logistics.vital decisions, to promote product innovations, to speed up researchand development, and to reduce time to market. Fujitsu HPC solu- As your partner for technical and high performance computing, wetions support the R&D community by providing validated integrated believe that expertise means knowing the full potential of your soft-solutions with predefined and optimized cluster configurations for ware. And knowing how you can exploit this potential effectively andspecific applications. efficiently. The list below shows typical simulation and computational software that is frequently used with our systems:USE YOUR APPLICATIONS EFFICIENTLYFrom concept to solution – this is the challenge faced by researchers ■ luid dynamics simulation: Altair AcuSolve, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fand developers – and it demands increasingly higher levels of per- Fluent, CD-adapco STAR-CCM+, OpenFOAMformance every day. This applies to you in your role as researcher orengineer. And to the tools you work with. Regardless of the task, you ■ tructural mechanics simulation: Altair OptiStruct, ANSYS Salways want to use the best software package available. You have Mechanical, DS SIMULIA Abaqus, MSC Nastranthis freedom of choice with Fujitsu as your partner. What’s more, youcan fully concentrate on your core activities – we provide the speed ■ rash simulation: Altair RADIOSS, DS SIMULIA Abaqus/Explicit, Cand efficiency that will help you reach your objectives as quickly as ESI PAM-CRASH, LS-DYNApossible. We are at your side, no matter what your discipline may be:biological science, medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, automotive ■ asting, electromagnetics simulation: MAGMASOFT, RWP WinCast, C ANSYS Maxwell, EMSS FEKO ■ hemistry, Geophysics, Mathematics, Statistics, Finance: C TURBOMOLE, SCIGRESS, Parallel Geoscience SPW, Schlumberger ECLIPSE, MathWorks, MATLAB, Wolfram Mathematica, Murex MX.34
  5. 5. World’s No. 1again on TOP500 ListReady for the FutureFujitsu develops the next-generation supercomputerIn collaboration with RIKEN, the natural sciences research institute in Japan, Fujitsu is developing and implementing the “K computer”supercomputer. Hardware installation was completed in August 2011 and has taken already the No. 1 position on the TOP500 list for aconsecutive two terms in a row. With this so-called K computer (from the Japanese word Kei, meaning 1016), which bundles a total of 88,128CPUs with 705,024 cores in 864 racks, the system achieved the world’s best benchmark performance of 10.51 petaflops (quadrillion floating-point operations per second) with an extraordinarily high computing efficiency ratio of 93.2%. This achievement is made possible by theK computer’s integration of advanced technologies, including its massive number of CPUs, the interconnectivity that links them together, andthe software that is able to bring out the highest performance from the hardware.Japan is strengthening its global position of leadership in scientific and industrial research. A petascale supercomputer like the K computerenables rapid processing of extremely complex computations that would otherwise be quite arduous or even impossible. Supercomputers areimportant instruments in meeting society’s greatest challenges through new developments, for example in the areas of medical science,natural resources and energy. Supercomputers will help bring forth new strategies to identify and possibly prevent major catastrophes, and itwill improve manufacturing processes and technologies in addition to supporting important fundamental research. Petascale supercomputersoffers massively parallel scalability by linking together thousands of processors and their cores. Yet to exploit the full performance potentialof this kind of supercomputers, applications will be needed that can handle this process effectively and efficiently. That is the greatestchallenge of all.To develop such applications, Fujitsu has launched the Open Petascale Libraries (OPL) Project. Universities and research institutes in Europe,the United States and Asia/Oceania are participating in the OPL project to support the development of numerical computations that will bemade available to society at large. The OPL project will thus contribute to making many of mankind’s dreams come true in the future. 5
  6. 6. Ready-to-GoThe Fujitsu offering at a glanceRELIABLE SOLUTIONS THAT PERFECTLY MATCH YOUR REQUIREMENTS Your benefits: fast, automated startup, low lifecycle costs, adminis-Fujitsu sets the standards for high performance computing through tration and management via web interface. In every phase of your HPCcompetence and cooperative partnerships. And through optimized project you can count on more than 30 years of experience fromHPC solutions that support you in developing innovations much faster Fujitsu: In the planning phase you can take advantage of competentto keep you well ahead of the competition. analyses of your application requirements and recommendations for increasing the performance of your applications. Benefit from Fujitsu’sFujitsu has established competence centers around the world to expertise in application validation and benchmarking. Start quicklyprovide you with the specific expertise you need for high performance with ready-to-go cluster solutions. And enjoy peace of mind withcomputing. These competence centers work closely with leading HPC proven Fujitsu support for system management and troubleshootingsoftware vendors who validate their applications on HPC platforms that is based on close cooperation with the vendors of the individualfrom Fujitsu. They also benchmark your specific HPC configuration to components in your solution.ensure that you have an optimal solution right from the start – fullyinstalled and ready to use with your application when delivered.What’s more, expert software development teams play a key role by The trusted sign for comprehensive service:enhancing the middleware in HPC solutions from Fujitsu with software HPC solutions from Fujitsu have Intel Clusterfor functions such as cluster installer, job scheduler and parallel Ready certification.runtime environments to give you a seamlessly integrated and userfriendly environment.In addition Fujitsu Exabyte File System (FEFS) contributes to improve-ments in overall system performance by enabling high-speed paralleldistributed processing of very large amounts of read/write transactionsoffering system scalability, high reliability for zero operational down-time, and actual operational convenience. (1) PRIMEHPC FX10 (2) PRIMERGY CX400 (3) PRIMERGY BX400 and BX9006
  7. 7. Fujitsu x86 HPC ECO system HPC as a Service Intel Cluster Ready certification Cloud and Managed Services (planned) Integration Services HPC managed Services Ready-to-Go and Consulting and Application Layer from HPC ISV’s Flow Simulation Financial Simulation Crash Simulation Other Apps Areas Fujitsu Middleware Stack and WinHPC Scheduler System op. tools File System Other Modules CELSIUS and PRIMERGY Hardware Workstation Rack and Blade Server High Density Server ComponentsRELY ON THE BEST PLATFORMResearch and development tasks are not alike – nor are the requirements of users. Yet as different as they all may be, Fujitsu offers scalableperformance architecture that is flexible enough to respond to the most diverse requirements: From the x86 CELSIUS high-end workstationto the x86 PRIMERGY industry-standard server (all the way up) to the PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer. Fujitsu’s offering features a high-qualityand extremely reliable architecture that has proven itself for many years in the areas of scientific research, engineering development, andenterprise computing. PRIMEHPC FX10 (1) PRIMERGY CX400 (2)Fujitsu’s PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer offers massive amounts of compute power The PRIMERGY CX400 enables massive scale out with up to 4 independent serverfor solving many of today’s most puzzling and complex problems. This is due to the nodes packaged into a single multi-node enclosure, providing shared power andPRIMEHPC FX10’s maximum peak performance of 23.2 Petaflops and memory that cooling for lower energy budgets. With their optional GPGPU coprocessor support,scales up to 6 PB with a 98,304 node configuration. even highest performance demands are easily achievable, enabling the PRIMERGY CX400 as an ideal base for large HPC environments. PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 (3) PRIMERGY RX200 (4)The PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 are complete Dynamic Infrastructures in a cube. The PRIMERGY RX200 is a rack server that provides high performance of the newWhile the BX400 delivers top performance for workgroup requirements, the BX900 Intel Xeon E5 product family, expandability up to 768GB of memory and up to 94%with its 10 height unit offers outstanding performance with up to 288 cores in energy efficiency – all in 1U space saving housing. Thus, the PRIMERGY RX200 is idealcombination with leading blade server density. Now allowing for 40% more band- for high flexible high productivity configurations.width in the Infiniband section. The PRIMERGY BX900 is the right choice for highdensity, scalability and performance together with high availability. ETERNUS (5) CELSIUS R920 (6)ETERNUS disk storage systems are among the most reliable and secure solutions Fujitsu´s most performing workstation, the CELSIUS R920, is designed to surpass allfor all types of scenarios, from entry-level to high-end applications. They can be your expectations. This reliable, high-end multi processor workstation is individuallyconnected to HPC platforms via Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS, and all use the same configurable for the most power hungry, 24/7 technical computing software and have the same hardware functions. Thanks to this Best-in-class noise emissions of just 21 dB, and optional GPGPU coprocessor support,standardization ETERNUS systems keep operating costs low while protecting invest- enhance your productivity.ments in resources and competencies. (4) PRIMERGY RX200 (5) ETERNUS (6) CELSIUS R920 7
  8. 8. byFujitsu Technology SolutionsMies-van-der-Rohe-Strasse 8, 80807 Munich, GermanyCopyright: ©Fujitsu 2012Printed in GermanyOrder-No.: 10815-8-0411-ENContact: +49 1805 372 900** (each call 14 ct/min.; the prices for calls made from mobile devices are limited to 42 ct/min.)All rights reserved, including intellectual property rights. Technical datasubject to modifications and delivery subject to availability. Any liabilitythat the data and illustrations are complete, actual or correct is excluded.Designations may be trademarks and/or copyrights of the respectivemanufacturer, the use of which by third parties for their own purposesmay infringe the rights of such owner.