Raising Engineering Productivity with High Performance Computing


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The application of High Performance Computing (HPC) in product development is no longer a matter of yes or no, but a question of optimization of productivity. Today, HPC is deployed in a large variety of industries in product development, virtual prototyping or optimization studies.

Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY HPC solutions are designed to make HPC deployments based on x86 cluster technology easy, highly efficient and productive. Dr. Eckardt Kehl, HPC Program Manager, Fujitsu and Dr. Herbert Cornelius, WW HPC Solution Architect, Intel discuss typical customer application scenarios and share an overview on the PRIMERGY HPC solution stack.

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Raising Engineering Productivity with High Performance Computing

  1. 1. Transforming theData Center Room 13a
  2. 2. Transforming the Data Center – Room 13aReshaping IT Raising Engineering Productivity with High Performance Computing Dr. Dr Eckardt Kehl HPC Program Manager Fujitsu Dr. Herbert Cornelius WW HPC Solution Architect Intel 12:00 h 1
  3. 3. 2
  4. 4. Raising Engineering Productivitywith High Performance ComputingFujitsu Forum 2011 Fujitsu #1 in Top500Dr.Dr Eckardt Kehl Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  5. 5. HPC mattersA fascinating scope of applicationE iEngineering Productivity d t i P d ti it determining f t i i factorsHow to Engineer Productivity 4 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  6. 6. A fascinating scope of applicationFrom basic product d i and optimization t complex multi-F b i d t design d ti i ti to l ltiphysics simulations through to the HPC grand challenges 5 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  7. 7. A fascinating scope of application…and even the shape optimization of potato chipsProctor & Gamble used HPC analysis to design the rightgeometric shape for Pringles® crisps to achieve more efficientproduction and packaging. ® The aerodynamics of Pringles® is so important because thePringles is a registered trademark ofThe Procter & Gamble Company chips are being produced so quickly that they are practically flying down the production line. 6 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  8. 8. HPC Market Segmentation Source: IDC, June 2011 S IDC J 2010 worldwide HPC revenue share by segment Economics / Financials Chemical Engineering Other Weather Mechanical Design DDC & University / Distribution 3 2 Academic 4.3 19.3 5.8 Geo-Science, Engineering 6.4 EDA 6.6 % Government Lab 16.0 10.0 Defense 13.6 11.2 Bio-Science CAE 7 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  9. 9. HPC Benefit AnalysisKey Challenges Key HPC Benefits Accelerate time-to-market for Evaluates designs using high innovative, innovative high quality new resolution simulation to discard products flawed designs before moving Shorten the design cycle and on to physical prototypes eliminate much of the time and f Provides unexpected insights expenses associated with building into product design that are not and testing physical prototypes possible without the usage of an HPC infrastructureSolutions Fosters innovation and Deployment of powerful HPC productivity infrastructures running advanced simulation Significantly decreases building and testing costs Explore and validate designs by applying HPC before proceeding Allows the company to compete to the actual design and testing of effectively in its global market a physical prototype p place Source: Analysis of Case Studies published by the Council of Competitiveness 8 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  10. 10. Promoters of X86-based HPC applicationPrice/Performance 2011: State-of-the-art PRIMERGY x86 RX300 S6 Head Node y Entry-Level HPC Cluster 8 server blades Dual CPU / 6 Core ~ 1.3 Tflops RX200 S6 Compute Nodes A factor of ~ 10,000 in performance A factor of ~ 1,000,000 in price/performance1976: The legendary CRAY 1The “first” supercomputer133 Mflops (133 million floating point operations per second)National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1st official CRAY customer$8.86m 9 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  11. 11. HPC workgroup solution: Siemens Mobility Siemens Mobility Single-source supplier and system integrator for sustainable solutions in all areas of rail transportation Rail Automation, Railways Electrification, Commuter and Regional Trains, High-speed and Intercity trains, , y , g , g p y , Components and Systems, Locomotives, Metros, Trams and Light Rail, Test and Validation Center, Service, Complete rail solutions Requirements on CAE infrastructure q Integrated infrastructure for LS-DYNA and FLUENT simulations Fujitsu turn-key solution turn key PRIMERGY x86 Ready-to-Go system Head node 2 × Intel XEON, X5620 Head Node (4 Cores, 2.4 GHz, Consulting and Integration 1333 MHz) MH ) RX300 S6 Compute Nodes ervices 5 – 6 TB RAID I/O domain Network 8 × Compute nodes 2 × Intel XEON, X5650 Se Rack and Power Distribution (6 Cores, 2.66 GHz, 1,333 MHz) Software Stack (OS + MW) 24 GB RAM Services and Support pp InfiniBand QDR, 40 Gb/s QDR 146 GB SAS HD RX200 S6 10 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  12. 12. Promoters of X86-based HPC applicationScalability Compute Power by adding Compute Nodes IO Capacity by adding local or share storage units IO Performance by using scalable parallel file scalable, Top500 June 2011 systems Communication Performance by building blocking free interconnect topologies 11 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  13. 13. Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR)A*STAR PRIMERGY X86 Singapore’s lead government agency BX920 S2 at A*STAR Fostering world class scientific research world-class 450 server blades and talent (3888 cores) Biomedical Sciences 45 Teraflops peak Physical Sciences & Engineering y g g performance f Spurs growth in key economic clusters Efficiency of 91% Dynamic ScalabilityFujitsu and A*STAR (IHPC) based on Linpack R&D partnership to jointly develop Applications Fastest Supercomputer in South East Asia Technologies for the use of next generation supercomputer in Computational Fluid Dynamics In operation since January 2010 Material Sciences 12 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  14. 14. Engineering Productivity• Productivity Determining Factors (P t d I hibit ) (Promoters and Inhibitors)• H How t E i to Engineer P d ti it Productivity 13 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  15. 15. The Engineers Productivity and Productivity Barriers Engineering application p performance and capabilities p • Application limitations by desktop computers • Lack of knowledge to assemble technical or return- on-investment (ROI) arguments to persuade senior management to acquire HPC servers Efficiency and ease of use of HPC infrastructure • Rapid assured deployment • Expertise dedication on engineering core business • Lack of HPC experience and access to resources • Poor integration of cluster components and weak infrastructure integration into the engineering workflow i f t t i t ti i t th i i kfl 14 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  16. 16. Secure Path to Simulation and Productivity GainAn ffA offer of Fujitsu C f F jit Consulting S i lti Services i cooperation with l di ISV in ti ith leading ISVs Step 1: Needs Assessment p Review of engineering / simulation objectives Step 2: Feasibility Study Assessment and clarification of technical feasibility Step 3: “Simulation Driver License” Training on simulation of engineering model Step 4: Proof of Concept Test h T t phase with test licenses, test equipment and ith t t li t t i t d support Step 5: Final Setup of Simulation Environment and Processes 15 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  17. 17. Easy Path to High Performance and Productivity Gain PRIMERGY BX400 A High Performance Computing “data “d t center in a b ” t i box” With no need for a data center infrastructure Bridging the gap betweenProductivity workplace and clusterat first Turn-key solution including alllogin necessary and required HPC components p Intel Cluster Ready certified 16 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  18. 18. BX400 What’s InsideMaximum Application PerformanceCluster Head Node: Dual D al CPU Intel Xeon X5606, 4 Core, 2 13 GHz, 8 MB X5606 Core 2,13 GH 6 GB DDR3 1333 MHz, Performance Mode 2 x 500 GB HD SATA 3G QBR Infiniband Mezzanine Card 40Gb 2 PortRaid 5/6 Storage Blade: 4 x 500 GB SATA 3G, 7.2K Hot Plug Ethernet Infiniband I fi ib d 6 Server (Compute) Nodes: Dual CPU Intel Xeon X5690, 6 Core, 3.46 GHz, 12 MB 24 GB DDR3 1333 MHz Performance Mode MHz, 2 x 160 GB HD SATA 3G QDR Infiniband Mezzanine Card 40Gb 2 Port 17 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  19. 19. Easy Deployment and Cluster Management Application Development and System Management Execution • Deployments • Compiler suites • Software updates • Parallel runtime environment • Job scheduling Kusu Gnu Lava integrated, fully validated, HPC optimized ti i d Software Stack based on OSS components and Nagios Graphical User System M i i S Monitoring PCM C Interface I f • System status • PCM HPC console • Performance reports • Web interface and • Al t and event logging Alerts d tl i portal t l 18 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  20. 20. That’s all well, but… …does it meet my demands? Benchmark services Standard ISV benchmarks, custom benchmarks benchmarks Confidence in Tuning and optimization solution design, Sizing and design services sizing Predefined building blocks Customer specific sizing and design Consulting and Proof of concepts IT investment decision support services Design Services 19 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  21. 21. Modular growth potential towards RX200 ScalabilityWorkgroup / Density capacitydepartmental Energy C t E Costs BX400 Portfolio E t P tf li to address all kinds of customer requirements Flexibility Extension i High Density Server CX400Processor 5600 Latest generation Intel® Xeon® series supporting high frequency CPUs BX900 Performance, Scale-out Highest memory performance plus high reliability Scalability Density features Density D it Availability HPC Coprocessor Support Industry leading Blade Server density Industry leading IO Bandwidth For more information please visit the Forum Low latency/high bandwidth Infiniband infrastructurecapability NDA room 20 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  22. 22. Ready to Go Manufacturing and Quality Control Augsburg manufacturing halls Turn-key solutions, “Ready to Go” A program designed to: Extensive manufacturing quality tests E t i f t i lit t t Standardize l St d di volume clusters l t Complete system assembly and SW pre- Reduce total cost of ownership installation Ease cluster procurement and Comprehensive functional and integration performance tests (Intel Cluster Checker) 21 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  23. 23. Clusters - The Next Big Productivity Leap Multi- Node Multi- Processor Multi- Core Multi- Thread More technology choices to help meet your productivity needs Giving you more power to be more productive! 22
  24. 24. Fujitsu Intel® Cluster Ready Systems Because they work right out of the box! Fujitsu Intel® Better Productivity! Clusters Cluster Ready• Based on standardized models • Drive more business, less computer support• Validated and ready to run • Get products to market faster• Less complicated to deploy and maintain • Optimize System Health with Intel Cluster• Easier to diagnose problems Checker (in Ch k (i your system) t )• Scalable for future needs • Increased stability and performance Focus on your product, not your cluster product 23
  25. 25. Delivered to You, Ready to RunFujitsu Solutions with I t l® Cl t R dF jit S l ti ith Intel Cluster Ready • Delivered assembled, integrated with cluster OS • Runtime components included from all the Intel® Software Development Products: • Intel® C++ Compiler • Intel® Fortran Compiler • I t l® MPI Library Intel Lib • Intel® Math Kernel Library • Intel® Threading Building Blocks • Use existing administrative expertise g p • Get Up and Stay Up Choose a Fujitsu Ask for Intel Cluster Stay “up” with Intel configuration for your Ready and Deploy a Cluster Checker application and work Ready to Run system tools installed load l d quckly 24
  26. 26. Keep Your Cluster Healthy and Happy I t l® Cl t Checker Intel Cluster Ch k # list of nodes to check node1 # type: compute, • Pre-installed Intel SW-Tool head group: bigmem • Once your cluster arrives, verify that node2 # group: bigmem it works the same as it did before group: fastcpu leaving the factory floor node3 # fails intermittently • Run regularly to make sure the cluster is running properly and node4 you’re getting optimal performance • Identify problems quickly and get detailed diagnostic information • Less time—and expertise—needed to manage and maintain clusters 25
  27. 27. Fujitsu Intel® Cluster Ready HPC Solutions It “just works” ! just works Drive Improve more Productivity Business Increase System Health 26
  28. 28. To Engineer Productivity… …apparently has some prerequisites 27 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  29. 29. The Ecosystem for HPC turn-key solutionsPRIMERGY Hardware Cl t O ti Cluster Operation ISV and PCM Research Partnerships Edition PreDiCT Initiative Ope etasca e b a es et o Open Petascale Libraries Network Consulting and Integration Services Sizing, Proof of Integration into design concept customer environment Certified system Complete assembly, Ready to and production pre-installation and operate environment quality assurance q y delivery y Ready to Go 28 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  30. 30. Further Questions or Discussion?High Performance Computing at Fujitsu Forum 2011From workplace to #1 in Top500Exhibition: N1-N6 PRIMERGY Celsius R670 PRIMEHPC FX10 y y Thank you very much for your attention 29 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
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