Mobile sales force automation boosts product uptake and maximizes sales force ROI


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Sales force automation as exemplified by pharmaceutical sales demonstrates the potential of tablet PCs to increase effectiveness, sales force returns on investments (ROI), and the productivity of field representatives.

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Mobile sales force automation boosts product uptake and maximizes sales force ROI

  1. 1. Tablet PC Vertical Card Mobile Field Sales Page 1 of 3 Mobile Field Sales Mobile sales force automation boosts product uptake and maximizes sales force ROI Sales force automation as exemplified by pharmaceutical sales demonstrates the potential of tablet PCs to increase effectiveness, sales force returns on investments (ROI), and the productivity of field representatives. → Challenge The pharmaceuti- cal industry is faced with strong competitive pres- sures in an over- crowded product space. Sales ex- ecutives search for new ways to boost product uptake by physicians, hospit- als, and pharma- cies. → Solution Fujitsu’s Tablet PCs empower sales representatives to be more produc- tive, conduct more efficient customer visits and to gather accurate up-to-date field data. The sales force remains the primary asset in terms of marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products. Long-term relationship selling is key. The overall goal is to optimize the level of sales effort required in each case. This includes helping to identify small accounts that are over-serviced and large accounts that need more attention. Tablet PCs empower sales representatives to handle more customer visits, be more productive in detailing medicines, and to gather field intelligence data with the highest accuracy possible. Scheduling and Planning Negotiation and Order Entry Reporting and Messaging Mobile sales representatives op- timize their client schedules, daily and weekly tour planning and set individual pre- and post-call objec- tives for increased sales productiv- ity and high-impact detailing. The call success rate increases and facilitates long-term relationship selling. Custom electronic forms ensure that order entry is quick, accurate, and effortless. Terms and condi- tions can be negotiated on the spot. Margins can be maximized within client-specific constraints as all necessary customers and prod- uct information is available on site. But what’s most important, client orders can directly be signed elec- tronically to ensure the fastest processing possible. Accurate and complete orders as well as field-updated customer, marketing and competitor infor- mation are securely transmitted to HQ in less time and with higher frequency. Back- end processing and logistics are optimized, result- ing in quicker deliveries and less errors. Benefits ■ better time management ■ enhanced call rates ■ travel cost optimization Benefits ■ on-the-spot digital signing ■ improved logistics ■ higher responsiveness Benefits ■ valuable field intelligence ■ streamlined logistics ■ improved data exchange
  2. 2. Tablet PC Vertical Card Mobile Field Sales Page 2 of 3 The pharmaceutical sales force (SF) is divided into three broad categories. Pharmaceutical sales is a fast-paced, high-turnover business that rewards persistence, and knowledge. Doctor SF (promoting to physicians) Hospital SF (promoting to clinical staff) Pharmacy SF/OTC * SF (selling to pharmacies) The Doctor-SF are general practitioner (GP)representatives visiting physicians at their premises to promote and consult on prescription as well as non-prescription drugs. Their goal is to influence the doctor’s prescription and recommendation patterns, to build long-term relationships with physi- cians, to gain their trust by providing sound medical information and to manage the provision of medicine samples. The Hospital-SF has a promotional and consulting role similar to the Doctor- SF but with a slightly more ambitious level of med- ical expertise and a sales focus directed towards clinics purchasing departments and the main pharmacies located in the hospit- als. Hospital representatives negotiate vo- lume-purchasing conditions, deal with deli- very issues and do manage a complete sales cycle in contrast to GP representatives. Pharmacy-SF mainly sell consumer goods. In what is also called “OTC-Sales”, due to the preoccupation with non-prescription medicine sales, a typical OTC representative’s function is order entry, store merchandising and the provision of samples. Representatives nego- tiate terms and conditions on the spot. *Over-the-counter (non-prescriptive drugs) Scenario Imagine your pharmaceutical company has developed a groundbreaking new prescription drug which you now would like to promote and sell to existing but also new potential clients in hospitals. To launch the drug as quickly as possible, you first need to train your sales force enabling them to un- derstand its effects and to adequately propose it to clients. Hence, you make online trainings and visual support availa- ble on your company server which the sales force in all re- gions can easily access with their lightweight and flexible tablet PCs since a majority doesn’t have fixed workplaces. With the latest connectivity standard embedded, necessary documents such as dosage or package insert information can be retrieved from anywhere. This also supports the synchro- nization of email, calendar and contacts, helping to identify which hospitals and physicians to call in a quick and efficient way. A tablet PC also allows going through checklists with pen support and designing tour routes with the help of GPS. At physician’s premises or hospitals’ purchasing departments, tablet PCs allow your sales force to conveniently share con- tent in order to inform about the latest innovation, plus pen input enables adding questions or comments or other client data. Moreover, your staff has all relevant prices and informa- tion at their fingertips. What’s even more important, in case a customer can be convinced of the new drug’s benefits, he can directly sign deals or orders via pen on the tablet screen. After the customer visits, your sales force can benefit from tablet PCs for a comfortable management of client data and your company CRM tool as well as for a productive preparation of HQ field reports. It also allows a fluent and rapid collabora- tion between departments with faster processing, saving sales representatives valuable time for more customer visits. The Mobility Cycle Fujitsu delivers devices and solutions in mobility perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs and along all four phases of the mobility cycle: from assessment to operations. Professional services from Fujitsu cover all elements of the mobility cycle including deployment, training, helpdesk, operations management and financing. Financial Services: Fujitsu’s Financial Services help companies through a ‘pay-as-you-use’ model with fixed monthly or quarterly payments, enhancing flexibility, transparency and affordability Deployment: Fujitsu and our partners deploy the overall solution including on-site installation of new hardware as well as removal and vendor independent remarketing of old hardware Lifecycle Management: Fujitsu’s offering comprises service and maintenance throughout the SLA including possible remarketing Mobility Solutions from Fujitsu ■ Notebooks ■ Tablet PCs ■ Convertible Notebooks ■ Accessories ■ App Partner Network ■ Maintenance Services ■ Customizing Solutions ■ VDI Solutions ■ Cloud Services (e.g. SecDocs) ■ Financial Services ■ Managed Mobile ■ SBC Solutions ■ Server systems ■ Storage systems ■ Security components ■ Network components Phase 1: (Re-) Assessment Workflow, Security, App, Devices, Accessories Phase 2: Planning Financial Services, made4you Phase 3: Deployment Maintenance Services Phase 4: Operations Lifecycle Management, Managed Workplace
  3. 3. Tablet PC Vertical Card Mobile Field Sales Page 3 of 3 Recommendations To meet the needs and demands of a employee in business areas like pharmaceutical field sales, Fujitsu highly recommends the following de- vices to improve workflows and to guarantee efficient and quick operations. Doctor SF: Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q572 Hospital SF: Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 Pharmacy SF: Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T902 Your Professional BusinessPad Attach or Touch – The Hybrid Business Talent Your Excellent Flexible Companion The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q572 is the perfect tablet PC for doctor sales representatives mainly working on the go at physicians’ premises, requiring a device which allows them anytime access to the pharmaceutical company’s da- tabase. With anytime connectivity and its on-screen keyboard, the tablet helps them to schedule their slots and plan their tours with electronic checklists and their synchronized calendar and contacts at hand. In addition, its anti-glare display enables them to efficiently use the few face-to-face minutes with physi- cians to promote prescription and non-prescription drugs with high impact presentations and visual support. The possi- bility to share screen content as well as the ability to react spontaneously on physicians’ demands helps building long-term relations by enhancing client satisfaction. Furthermore, sensitive medical or industry-related informa- tion is protected with an extensive security feature set. Doctor sales representatives can also profit from pen input using the compa- ny’s CRM tool to manage the provision of samples and to follow up on their appoint- ments without struggling with paperwork. The STYLISTIC Q702 hybrid tablet PC perfectly supports hospital sales representatives with a distinctive share of face-to-face appointments and office work. When negotiating with hos- pitals’ purchasing departments or consulting pharmacies located in hospitals, they can work productively without the keyboard at- tached. With its light weight combined with a 11.6-inch display, the STYLISTIC Q702 is ideal for promoting the current portfolio or identi- fying the hospital’s demands and current issues together with the customer. Sales representatives can use the tablet PC’s pen input as well as 4G/LTE for electronic forms-based applications or on-the-spot data capture which can directly be sent to the backoffice if necessary, also accelerating the closing of deals in case clients electronically sign deals or orders. Back in the office, the keyboard can be attached to enhance produc- tivity and to facilitate the preparation of field reports or delivery confirmations as well as dealing with delivery issues or order processing. In addition, the hybrid tablet PC can be used anywhere gaining knowledge about products such as side effect profiles, dosage info or synergistic interactions. With its versatile form factor, LIFEBOOK T902 ideally supports the daily routine of phar- macy sales representatives both on the move and in the office. Its form factor with bi-directional display is optimized for work- ing at their desk when preparing client lists, scheduling, call planning or e-learning. Its modular bay for inserting a second battery facilitates working out of the office without power sockets, enabling pharmacy sales representatives to carry out order entry management, store merchandising or sam- ple provisioning from anywhere while UMTS or LTE allow anytime access to the database. When promoting non-prescription medicine at pharmacies, the display can be folded down to share screen content while finger or pen input with precise handwriting recogni- tion can be used to quickly add annotations in the CRM tool or other customer data application and directly save them without bothering with time-consuming paperwork or rework. Moreover, this allows for a certain proximity to customers and enables cus- tomers to electronically sign orders, deals or permission, guaranteeing prompt processing. Accessories ■ Fujitsu Cradle STYLISTIC Q572 ■ Fujitsu Second Battery STYLISTIC Q572 ■ Fujitsu Tablet Sleeve 11 ■ Fujitsu USB 3.0 Port Replicator Accessories ■ Fujitsu Attachable Keyboard STYLISTIC Q702 ■ Fujitsu Second Battery STYLISTIC Q702 ■ Fujitsu Tablet Sleeve 11 ■ Fujitsu Car Power Adapter 90 Accessories ■ Fujitsu Car/Truck Power Adapter ■ Fujitsu Second Hard Disk Drive ■ Fujitsu Supreme Case Midi 13 ■ Fujitsu Second Battery Contact FUJITSU Technology Solutions GmbH E-mail: Website: 2013-06 CE EN All rights reserved, including intellectual property rights. Technical data subject to modifications and delivery subject to availability. Any liability that the data and illustrations are complete, actual or correct is excluded. Designations may be trademarks and/or copyrights of the respective manufacturer, the use of which by third Parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of such owner. For further information see http:// Copyright Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH