Instant Insight and better Decisions with SAP HANA

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Instant Insight and better Decisions with SAP HANA

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If companies can instantly extract business information from their enterprise data, they will revolutionize the decision making processes and even create new business models. In-memory technology......

If companies can instantly extract business information from their enterprise data, they will revolutionize the decision making processes and even create new business models. In-memory technology based on SAP HANA makes real-time data access a reality.

Thomas Bechtel, Portfolio Manager HANA Infrastructure, Fujitsu and Armin Daubmann, Head of SAP Consulting, TDS IT Consulting GmbH, discuss which business scenarios will profit from SAP HANA and what a smart implementation and secure operation can look like.

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  • 1. Transforming theData Center Room 13a
  • 2. Transforming the Data Center – Room 13aReshaping IT Instant Insight and better Decisions with SAP HANA Thomas Bechtel Portfolio Manager HANA Infrastructure, Fujitsu Armin Daubmann Head of SAP Consulting Consulting, TDS IT Consulting GmbH 17:30 h 1
  • 3. 2
  • 4. Instant Insight and betterDecisions with SAP HANA Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • 5. Today’s BI Challenges Analysts state that the global digital information is more than doubling every two years Management needs i M t d immediate access t relevant i f di t to l t information ti to ensure fast and smart business decisions Many data queries are time consuming or even impossible today, simply because they would take too long, and thus: decisions often take too long g important business decisions are based on best guesses instead of facts daily work is obstructed and processes are inefficient A new strategy for data access and data analysis is essential to improve business decisions and processes in many companies 4 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • 6. BI Strategy -Typical QuestionsHow can I provide Where can I getinformation How can I make practical insideworkers with sure that my BI into latest dataimmediate accessi di t strategy goes usageto existing data? into the right scenarios? direction? Who can deliver reliable IT How can I take infrastructures advantage of How can I focus on which support rapid SAP’s innovative core business and analysis of massive in-memory let experts support amounts of data – technology my SAP BI today and in the environment - future? secure, efficient and SLA based 5
  • 7. SAP HANA - The Solution SAP HANA appliance software SAP’s new approach to data combined with validated Fujitsu infrastructure and access and analysis based on comprehensive application and innovative in-memory y infrastructure services helps to technology answer CIOs questions, to define a sound BI strategy and gy put it into practice. 6
  • 8. SAP HANA Appliance Software SAP Business Other SAP HANATM Objects tools query tools In-Memory software + hardware SQL BICS SQL MDX Data Modeling and Data M D M d li dD Management Real-time Data Replication SAP HANA SAP Business Objects Data Services SAP In-Memory Computing Studio for f ETL capabilities f biliti from SAP B i Business S it Suite, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW), and 3rd Party Systems SAP In-Memory Database y Capabilities Enabled Calculation and Row & Column Analyze information in real-time Planning Engine g g Storage g at unprecedented speeds on large volumes of non-aggregated data Create flexible analytic models based Real-Time Data SAP Business on real-time and historic business data Replication Objects Data Services Foundation for new category of applications (e.g., planning, simulation ) to significantly SAP NetWeaver outperform current applications in category SAP Other data Business Business Suite sources Minimize data duplication Warehouse 7
  • 9. Who Can Benefit from SAP HANA?Enterprises, which look for flexible ways to analyze data in real-time need daily analytics based on vast amounts of detailed data want to combine analysis of structured and tt bi l i f t t d d unstructured data from different sources plan to accelerate business performance by speeding up information flow in areas like forecast, pricing, planning etc. 8
  • 10. Fujitsu SAP HANA Project ApproachEnd-to-end service offering covering application and infrastructure Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6 Application Application Scoping and Application Implemen- ApplicationBusiness Needs Mainte- Architecture Consulting tation and Training nance Integration Infrastructure InfrastructureInfrastructure Infrastructure Handover Solution Production ImplementationNeeds SOW Workshop Contract Details and Integration Central staging (incl. Fujitsu Smart Start for rapid deployment) 9 ©2010 FUJITSU TECHNOLOGY2011 FUJITSU Copyright SOLUTIONS
  • 11. Fujitsu Infrastructure and Services Optimized and SAP validated infrastructure: Single node offering Multi-node (scale out) offering Staging: pre-installed pre-tested pre installed, pre tested, customized and quality assured delivery End-to-end services for non-disruptive p implementation Infrastructure Solution Support (Fujitsu S ( SolutionContract) C ) Additional value option: Fujitsu Smart Start for rapid deployment of instantly useable business scenarios 10
  • 12. Ready for the Data CenterMission critical infrastructure for ServerSAP HANA projects N x 10gpbs HANA Based on PRIMERGY RX600 Block Servers and NetApp FAS3240 Filer NFS NFS RAID Smart Scale-Out Local Phase 1 2 16 nodes Ph 1: 2-16 d Drives Efficient high availability no API required q No Replication of Log- and Data- Volumes required NetApp_1 NetApp_2 NetApp_n Continuity Requirements 10 gbps Network Backup/Restore ready HANA HANA HANA Block 1 Block 2 Block n 4* RX 600 S6 nodes per FAS 3240 Filer 11
  • 13. SAP HANA Infrastructure LandscapePhase #1: SAP HANA Single Node T-Shirt PRIMERGY Memory CPU Size Model Size in Intel GB Xeon E7 4870 E7-4870 HANA 10C/20T PoV M RX600 S6 512 4 PY RX600 S6 128GB RAM IMS-Server S RX600 S6 256 2 PRIMERGY RX100 S7 XS RX600 S6 128 2 Phase #2: incl. productive SAP HANA system based on multi node environment incl multi-node Productive System Environment NetApp_1 (FAS 3240) NetApp_2 NetApp_n 10 gbps Network (redundant 10GBit Switches) HANA HANA HANA HANA HANA Block 1 Block 2 Block n QA DEV PY RX600 S6 PY RX600 S6 PY RX600 S6 PY RX600 S6 512 GB RAM 512 GB RAM 512 GB RAM 128 GB RAM IMS-Server PRIMERGY RX100 S7 1 TB RAM …Further Scalability 12
  • 14. Fujitsu Smart Start for Rapid Deployment Immediate benefit for business departments like controlling Rapid deployment scenarios for ERP available today: for operational reporting with SAP HANA™ for profitability analysis with SAP HANA™ Attractive Fujitsu bundle includes: SAP HANA Infrastructure landscape preinstalled including business content Rapid deployment solution based consulting services End-to-end integration into customer landscape Handover workshop H d k h Full documentation and training Access to relevant business value in a few days instead of several weeks implementation time 13
  • 15. SAP HANA Usage Scenarios 14
  • 16. TDS Consulting Services1 Evaluation Workshops (see next 2 slides) Remote access to the SAP HANA Demo R t t th D PLAN2 center (including consulting svc)3 Scoping and application architecture consulting4 SAP HANA inhouse education, training and coaching BUILD5 SAP HANA hardware sizing and infrastructure consulting6 SAP HANA as a hosted solution (future offering)7 SAP HANA i l implementation projects t ti j t RUN8 SAP HANA application maintenance pp 15
  • 17. Evaluation Workshop – Step 1 Days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7O Custo e S teOn Customer SiteWorkshop Presentation of SAP HANA System architecture 3h1 Day SAP HANA Live – Demo 1h Questions & Answers ½h Identification of customer benefits with SAP HANA and scenario 2h Summary S ½h Definition Evaluation Project 1h 16
  • 18. Proof of Value Workshop – Step 2 Days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7O Custo e S teOn Customer SiteEvaluation Establish connectivityProject Define datamodell4 Days Integration of customer data Design of customer specific reports Presentation of SAP HANA reporting Measuring results 17
  • 19. SAP HANA Project WorkflowTargets Steps Milestones Definition project targets Project initialization 1 Acceptance project definition Definition project organization Project release Organization, scope Analysis 2 Acceptance functional specification Analysis technical requirements Acceptance project plan Processes, Processes source systems, systems ETL, replicator Development project plan Reporting p g ETL, replicator p Design g 3 Acceptance technical detailed concept p p Data modeling Authority Acceptance platform Implementation of technical Implementation 4 Acceptance test application detail concept Acceptance database and ETL process Make the different tests Test 5 Technical acceptance productive release Preparation p p production system y Rollout 6 Start production p User are trained Stabilize production Stabilization 7 Definition follow-up projects Extensions 18
  • 20. Fujitsu SAP HANA Global Demo Center @ TDS AGSystem Landscape (Extract) SAP Portal 7.30 BI Clients 3rd Party Business Objects 4.0 SQL MDX BICS SLT SAP HANA SAP ERP Ides Replicate modeling SAP CRM Discovery Server V5.0 SAP HANA SAP BW ETL Data Services 4.0 3rd Party 19 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
  • 21. SAP HANA Live DemoLive Demo Sales AnalyticsScenario 20
  • 22. Customer Voice “To promote the growth of Mitsui’s businesses, it is essential to have an IT platform that flexibly adapts to change and supportsrapid decision making. The objectives of SAP HANA align with these needs. We greatly value Fujitsu’s early leadership in Fujitsu s support of SAP HANA, as well as Fujitsu’s capabilities in p providing g g global support for our IT p pp platforms, and we intend to , continue to work with Fujitsu in this area in the future. With theglobal cooperation from the team at Fujitsu, we have already begun implementing this technology, and look forward tocontinuing to work with Fujitsu to achieve our mutual objectives.” Mr. Toru Nakajima Associate Officer and General Manager of Information Technology Promotion Division Mitsui & Co., Ltd. 21
  • 23. Information and contactFurther information: //ts f jits com/hana DaubmannDirector SAP Consulting, TDS BechtelPortfolio Manager SAP HANA 22 22 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU
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