Customized Product Solutions Boosting Enterprise Growth


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How can organizations implement the latest IT innovations while saving money for the roll-outs?

Paul Flemming, Fujitsu explains how DeskView Load industrialized services enable fast rollout of personalized client devices to different locations. Based on individual requirements, Fujitsu can conjointly build up specific loads, even with roadmap changes or systems.

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Customized Product Solutions Boosting Enterprise Growth

  1. 1. Press Conference Room 5
  2. 2. Boosting Productivity with Workplace Solutions – Room 5Reshaping IT Customizing Product Services Paul Flemming Fujitsu 14:00 h 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. Customizing Product ServicesBoosting W k lB ti Workplace P d ti it ProductivityPaul FlemmingNovember 9th, 2011; Munich, Fujitsu FORUM Munich 4 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  5. 5. € (EXPENSES) = 5 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  6. 6. Enter the world of Berluti and discover our creations: ready-to-wear and bespokemens shoes, leather goods and luxury accessories since 1895 6 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  7. 7. End2End View creates Reality HW, SW, , , Facilities 24% IT Operation: 13 % e.g. Desktop Management Administration: 5% e.g. Management End User Costs: 58% e.g. Downtime, e g Downtime Fixing Desktop TCO 2011 - Source: Gartner (November 2010) 7 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  8. 8. Our Objectives More value for money spend • CONSULTING • GET THE WHOLE FUJITSU KNOW HOW from development to delivery More value for your business • REDUCE COMPLEXITY • Create YOUR OPTIMIZED solution • QUALITY „Made in Germany“ Faster time to operation • LOW ADMINISTRATION • READY TO RUN 8 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  9. 9. Our Customizing Product Portfolio –Hardware Service Software ServiceAdd-on Service Extended Component Lifetime 9 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  10. 10. Our Customizing Portfolio – made4you Services Hardware related Software related Qualifying and integration y g g All solutions are fully of customer components automated in the standard production processes Energy Individual Logo Printing/ g g Customized tests Lasering/Labeling Personalized Clients Bulk-Packaging Bulk Packaging DeskView Load es e oad made4you d 4 Masterkey SolutionCustomer Asset Tag Ready to run systems Hardware freeze Customer SW Load and settings Incl. Bios Specific BIOS Settings Customer specific integration of Vendor sheet client management tools Close to Augsburg factory (DeskView Admin) 10 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  11. 11. CIO Challenges EMEA Top 10 Business Priorities 2011 Please indicate the top three business priorities for LEs SMBs your enterprise/business unit in 2011 Increasing enterprise growth 1 1 Reducing enterprise costs 2 2 Attracting and retaining new customers 3 3 Improving enterprise efficiency 4 8 Creating new products, services and innovation 5 4 Improving business processes 6 6 Improving operations 7 9 Implementing and updating business applications 8 5 Expanding into new markets and geographies 9 / Consolidating business operations 10 / Improving technical infrastructure / 7 Introducing, improving business channels / 10 Desktop TCO 2011 - Source: Gartner (November 2010) 11 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  12. 12. Customer benefit - Deskview LoadViessmann Group one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of world s heating systems. 45 Group companies 40 C Customer sites worldwide 8.000 IT-Users successive client hardware refresh of app 6 000 clients app. 6.000 (LIFEBOOK, CELSIUS, ESPRIMO) within 36 monthsCustomer requirements reducing the variety of hardware in use standardizing the ordering process simplifing software installation optimization of delivery logistics 12 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  13. 13. Customer benefit - Deskview LoadCustomer solution and bC t l ti d benefits fit indiviudalized installation of operating system, drivers and applications driver evaluation not necessary homogeneous client landscape assigning the equipment number to each client system and add to the customer‘s inventory system automatically always complete overview of system inventory without investing time direct shipment of new client systems to the final destinations f from the Fujitsu Factory eliminating the need of a rollout center Benefits results i … B fit lt in smooth rollout with fast software installation improved process efficiency less logistic complexity efficiency, enormous savings in terms of time and money 13 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  14. 14. Customer benefits – Customized SolutionGerman Railways Global IT Volume Fujitsu is now one of the global supplier of Business clients and mobiles for the next three years Volume f the annual delivery lots at least for 20,000 ESPRIMO PCs and CELSIUS 4,500 FUTRO 700 & 900 Thin Clients 3,500 TFT displays Rollout and service in 63 countriesCustomer requirements Improving order process and inventory management Reduce rollout centers Improve operation with homogenous IT equipment I ti ith h i t 14 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  15. 15. Customer benefits – Customized SolutionCustomer solution and benefits Vendor sheet with HW Info before delivery Print UUID and MAC-Address on system and box Simplify our customer the inventory, the maintenance as well as the installation and the integration of the PCs in large IT networks Preinstall of Customer Software Special BIOS settings Helping the customer to reduce installation time and to save costs at customer location. He gets ready-to-run systems directly from the factory g y y y y Box in Box packaging of system and accessories Secure shipment to the end user The reduction of the administrative effort is guaranteed (Rollout via Fujitsu) 15 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  16. 16. Helping our customers’ customers customersImproving our customers’ businesses, not just their IT 16 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  17. 17. Please Contact For more made4you Information please use: Extranet: Internet: 17 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  18. 18. Summary Real costs contain not just HW Your challenge is improving business Our task is to support your challenge Fujitsu has broad customer experience Use made4you to improve yourself! 18 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions
  19. 19. 19 Copyright 2011 Fujitsu Technology Solutions