Green Data Center Services


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Green Data Center Services

  1. 1. VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 0
  2. 2. Virtualization & Automation – Room 13a Shaping Green Data Center Services tomorrow with you. Martin Provoost Director, Data Centers and Networks, Fujitsu UK & Ireland 14:00 hVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe
  3. 3. 2
  4. 4. GREEN DATA CENTRE SERVICESMartin ProvoostDirector,Director Data Centres and Networks, UK & Ireland NetworksNovember 2010COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE © Copyright 2010 Fujitsu Services
  5. 5. What today is aboutMaking it real:Practical ways to reduce datacentre energy costs 4 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  6. 6. Agenda1. Pressures to make data centres energy efficient gy2.2 The costs of running a data centre3. What we should be doing in our data centres4. Summary y5.5 Questions and Discussion 5 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  7. 7. Pressures to make data centres efficientEnergy costs have become significant October 2008 energy prices were increased by 220% on the previous year’s price year s Over 3 years the total energy costs exceed the IT capital costsIncrease in IT load Growth in data storage requirements Move towards thin-client solutions: Driving compute back into the data centreLegislation and policies expected for data centre CO2 Kyoto Protocol (Global) EU Code of Conduct for data centres (EU) Integrated Energy and Climate Programme (GER) Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (UK)Climate change: a board room issue Championed by the media & pressure groups Impacts a pub c facing co po at o s pacts all public ac g corporations League Tables 6 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  8. 8. Legislation: Doing Nothing Is Not An Option KEY MESSAGE: Expect impactful change and it’s going to costIntegrated Energy Carbon Reductionand Climate Programme Commitment Energy(GER): Efficiency Scheme (UK): Reduce greenhouse €13.6 €13 6 per tonne of CO2 CO2,gases by 40% % equates to €1.7m for Fujitsu (minimum)EU Energy Performanceof Buildings Directive Covers all organisations(EPBD):(EPBD) using more th 6 000MWh i than 6,000MWh Recent changes now per year of electricityrequire setting energy Reporting started Apr 2010,performance standards for Payment starts Apr 2012data centres Energy Act 2005 (FR): A quartering of CO2 emissions by 2050 Average reduction of final energy intensity of at least 2% per year from 2015 and of 2.5% from 2015 to 2030 P d ti of 10% of energy needs f Production f f d from renewable bl energy sources by 2010 7 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  9. 9. A holistic approach to energy efficiency 8 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  10. 10. Green buildingsManaging our buildings ina sustainable way: y Aim to minimise theenvironmental impact of ourbuildings as much as p g possible Needs to take place in allbuildings whether office estatesor our data centresIn the data centre space: Improve current data centre’senergy efficiency Consolidate into efficientdata centres Designing new greendata centres 9 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  11. 11. Data centres: Energy consumption and wasteHOW ENERGY IS CONSUMED SOURCES OF ENERGY WASTE Poor airflow management: Cable openings Room leakage, etc… Unnecessary over-cooling Unnecessary humidification control Blending air (hot & cold) Excess fan energy Unused Servers 10 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  12. 12. What we should be doing in our data centres TACTICAL STRATEGIC Measure energy efficiency (PUE) Implement asset and capacity toolsets Calculate cooling capacity and utilisation Install cold aisle containment Install blanking plates & floor grommets Retrofit variable speed fans to CRACs Fit baffles & curtains for hot/cold aisles Undertake CFD study Optimise air grilles Relax temperature & humidity bands Turn-off Turn off excess AC capacity Enable power management features Increase CRAC temperature set-points Review M&E replacement lifecycle Widen humidity controls Undertake consolidation & virtualisation Server decommission incentives (kW4€) ( ) Build modular: low PUE data centres 11 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  13. 13. Tactical initiatives and examples Airflow management Temp & humidity changes Decommission incentives (kW4€) €150 Per metre € 65 €2,000€300 per 200 €10,000+ Potential Capacity freed: 5%Potential Energy Savings: 5%P i lE S i Potential Energy Savings: 5% P i lE S i Potential Energy Savings: 10%Payback: 3-6 months Payback: 1-2 months Payback: 6-12 months 12 * All costs based on a typical data centre size (3MW)
  14. 14. Energy Efficiency Tips Airflow Management Temp & Humidity Changes Decommission incentives (kW4€) €150 Per metre € 65 €2,000€300 per 200 €10,000+ Potential Capacity freed: 5%Potential Energy Savings: 5%P i lE S i Potential Energy Savings: 5% P i lE S i Potential Energy Savings: 10%Payback: 3-6 months Payback: 1-2 months Payback: 6-12 months 13 * All costs based on a typical data centre size (3MW)
  15. 15. Kilowatts for Cash (kW4€)The aim of the scheme: MAKING IT REAL To reward employees for identifying obsolete internal use IT equipment in data centres which is then A leading information g subsequently successfully d b tl f ll decommissioned. i i d intelligence and mediaHow it works: organisation predicts Rewards are issued as a percentage of the savings that the scheme will made from decommissioning dead systems yield almostWhy we should be doing it: More than 5% of a data centre s servers may be centres €1m Global unused and identifying and turning off even a fraction of them can have significant benefits Energy Saving For each unused server that we power down the down, alone in the first year company benefits from reduced: from implementing the Licensing costs Energy consumption scheme Heat output Updating/patching requirements Maintenance Space 14 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  16. 16. Plant ReplacementData centre M&E technology is changing rapidly – providing opportunities forcost and energy savings through investmentApproach Replace two 8 year old 1.4MW chillers Not due for replacement for another 7 years Replacement Cost €500k Work undertaken in autumn to reduce riskBenefits Annual saving of €175k in energy Annual maintenance reduced by €100k Improved reliability and resilience 1500 tonnes of carbon saved per annum Payback < 2 years 15
  17. 17. Build Modular: Low PUE Data CentresFujitsu’s next generation data centre will conform to a true modular build.On-demand, scalable infrastructure to support on-demand, scalablebusiness servicesEfficiency & Effectiveness PUE of 1.2: Reduced carbon footprint Reduction in OPEX and CAPEX Scalable and high-density (up to 30kW/rack) g 99.9% fresh air cooling TUI Tier III certifiedWider Business Benefits Cost-Effective data centre solution Higher flexibility for our customers Multi-tiered system Scalable to meet dynamic business demands Faster time to market Modular builds provide an affordable low PUE data centre for the market (from 250kW up) 16
  18. 18. The DC Future: Strategic Fujitsu Technology Multipoint Temperature Measurement SMART Networks Technology It’s a technology of interior real-time temperature It’s a technology based on Fujitsus Ad-Hoc measurement of data centre, using optical fibre routing technology which can form a large- scale network autonomously to gather real-time The technology enables precise visibility of information about objects and locations j temperature distribution inside of data centres at over 10,000 points on a single strand of This technology enables an enormous cross- optical fibre section of conditions, situations and circumstances to be monitored by collecting In use at Fujitsu Tatebayashi data centre and analysing information from each sensor These are technologies that will drive us towards the autonomous data centre 17 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  19. 19. The Data Centre Energy Efficiency Service APPROACH ACTIVITIES DATA CENTRE OPTIMISATION Best practice surveys Site temperature surveys and TACS toolset to be adopted by site Communication programmes Air grille optimisation Baffle construction / deployment Blanking plates / floor grommet Hot & cold rows CRAC reduction exercise Temperature set point rises / humidity set point review 18 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  20. 20. Making It Real Efficiency Service implemented across Fujitsu’s data centres: Chillers replaced early in lifecycle – improve reliability and efficiency Lighting control system installed CRAC set-points raised by 3°C but maximum inlet temps. lower from 30°C to 24°C 30+ CRACs turned off without affecting N+1 resilience Up to 15% improvement in PUE p p €250,000 and 2000+ tonnes of carbon per annum €430,000 and 3900 tonnes of carbon saved to date , Efficiency Service being implemented at UK government organisation: Aiming for 10% improvement in PUE across a 4 data centre estate Investment < €20,000 Targeting savings of €100 000 and 1000+ tonnes of carbon per annum €100,000 19 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  21. 21. IT Matters: Energy Efficient IT It’s all very well having a great energy efficient data centre but the IT needs to be as well DC Optimisation Service Transition Standardisation Automation Virtualisation Private Public Cloud P i t & P bli Cl d computing ti Thin client Hardware H d Zero-watt technology Low-energy servers L 20 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  22. 22. In summary There are pressures to make data centres energy efficient: Expect impactful change and it’s going to cost Doing nothing is not an option Provided real examples of what we should be doing in our data centres Tactical Strategic It’s wider than the data centre: it includes i l d IT as well ll 21 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  23. 23. Closing You’re not alone Fujitsu’s got the vision and experience i We can help 22 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE