Business-centric Storage
Unified Data Protection Appliance
Hot spots
in data protection

Data protection challenges
Enterprise data is one of the most valuable assets in any company...
Unified Data Protection
The concept that differs from others

Business-centric Storage
“Business-centric” means allocating...
One solution for backup and archiving
Huge consolidation potential

ETERNUS CS8000 is the solution for consol...
“ he ETERNUS CS data protection appliance from
Fujitsu gives us investment protection in terms
of data backup scalabilit...
Flexible service levels
Aligning capacity, speed and costs

Modular scale-out architecture
The basis of the ETERNUS CS8000...
“  hat impressed me was that ETERNUS CS makes
it possible to achieve uniform improvement in
data backup and recovery on ...
Comprehensive data availability
Robustness and disaster recovery

Data availability
■  ighly available appliance:
To ens...
“  ujitsu’s ETERNUS CS solution perfectly meets our
high-availability requirements. And it alone supports all backups of...
Reliable services
Maximum efficiency

100 percent service. No downtime.
Fujitsu provides complete support for data protect...
Business-centric Storage.

The ETERNUS CS8000 Series is the most powerful, flexible and versatile ...

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Business-centric Storage ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Data Protection Appliance


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Business-centric Storage
Unified Data Protection Appliance

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Business-centric Storage ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Data Protection Appliance

  1. 1. Business-centric Storage ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Data Protection Appliance
  2. 2. Hot spots in data protection Data protection challenges Enterprise data is one of the most valuable assets in any company. Some examples of data requiring backup are databases, customer information or logistics data. Today’s IT managers are confronted with enormous data growth. About 75 percent of the data in any company is backup data. This underlines the importance of the backup environment when searching for ways to optimize IT costs. As data volumes continue to grow at a breathtaking pace, backup windows quickly reach their limits and can become serious storage bottlenecks. That’s why a very important aspect of any backup infrastructure is optimal utilization of the underlying resources. The growing importance of data in business processes requires higher protection levels that include things like disaster recovery solutions. And secure long-term storage is demanded for some types of data, especially when it comes to compliance regulations. The problem for storage administrators is to maintain service levels, for example, for data availability, disaster recovery, compliance and long-term storage while keeping costs down. Business cost pressure means that IT managers are constantly coping with shrinking IT budgets. They are required to do more than ever before, but with fewer resources. IT infrastructure and administration budgets are always under scrutiny. Sooner or later the IT department will face technological challenges which must be addressed in order to fulfill requirements in providing sufficient data protection, especially when budgets are limited. 2 Technology challenges Generally speaking, IT departments are usually cost centers rather than profit centers in most business enterprises. Data backup and archiving are defined by a company’s business needs, regardless of balance sheet totals. Different kinds of backup and archiving target systems, like tape libraries, virtual tape libraries (VTL) and deduplication appliances, can be deployed in data protection environments. Each of them comes with individual strengths and weaknesses – but they are still effective tools for safeguarding data. Quite often various target systems are used simultaneously, but this has a number of disadvantages: ■ imited capacity and performance scalability in many appliances L is a critical issue. ■ ultiple storage systems are deployed, resulting in diverse isolated M solutions. ■ anagement of the entire environment becomes extremely inM flexible and requires manual intervention, not to mention the skyrocketing costs of maintenance. And the larger the IT department, the more complex the data protection environment. This complexity poses three significant challenges to effective data protection – namely rapid data growth, cost pressure and SLA management. Enterprises need to cope with backup windows, and running backups is necessary in order to be in a position to recover data. No more, no less. The key is how to make this more efficient – in a businesscentric way.
  3. 3. Unified Data Protection The concept that differs from others Business-centric Storage “Business-centric” means allocating storage resources for data protection according to business priorities: To fulfill the right levels in terms of speed, capacity and data availability, and at the same time to minimize investments and the total cost of ownership. Successful and proven platform The Fujitsu appliance is used around the world by the largest data centers in data-intensive segments such as financial services, insurance, telecommunications, public administration, industry and IT service provisioning. The elements for the most efficient data protection solution are: ■ Your preferred backup and archive software ■ Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS8000 Series ETERNUS CS8000 is a platform designed on the basis of real-world best practices. Its ongoing development has continued for many years in collaboration with a well-established user group. That translates into optimal support and keen awareness of the demands arising from daily system use. Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS CS8000 Series The ETERNUS CS8000 unified data protection appliance provides a most economical way to overcome the challenges in complex backup and archiving environments. Unlike other data protection appliances, ETERNUS CS8000 does much more than just provide storage capacity. It consolidates the backup and archiving infrastructures of open systems and mainframes. Thanks to the uniform management of disks, deduplicated disks and tapes, flexible service levels governing capacity, speed and cost are possible. And support of a cloud gateway functionality makes ETERNUS CS8000 an ideal and future-proof solution for a unified and optimized data protection infrastructure. ETERNUS CS8000 virtualizes target systems and creates one logical data protection platform. In so doing it provides more flexibility and higher service levels at lower cost. “ he ETERNUS CS concept completely convinced T us. In particular, the high level of scalability and openness for all systems at both the frontend and backend represent major advantages.” Oliver Heuser, Platform Manager for Database and Storage, Postbank Systems AG “ don’t know of any other solution that could proI vide total backup and restore functionality for both our mainframe and open system worlds.” Bernd Bohne, Department Head Central Systems Technology, Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG Open systems Mainframes Backup/Archive Backup/Archive ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Data Protection Platform Target System Virtualization Dedup (VTL Disk) (NAS Disk) (Dedup) (Tape) (Cloud) 3
  4. 4. One solution for backup and archiving Huge consolidation potential Connectivity ETERNUS CS8000 is the solution for consolidating complex and heterogeneous data protection environments on a large scale. To provide full consolidation, ETERNUS CS8000 can connect to all well-known platforms, including open systems and mainframes. All physical and virtual server environments can use the same backup and archiving infrastructure. Second-tier file storage By moving old or non-critical data from production storage to secondtier file storage, administrators can increase the usable storage capacity on the systems which run their mission-critical data. The reduction of data volume stored in productive environments results in faster backup and recovery. The data stored in second-tier file storage can then be managed with more ease at a different data protection service level. Backup From the backup software perspective, the ETERNUS CS8000 appliance appears as a virtual tape library. The unified data protection platform provides intelligent management of the media mix – known as automated Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). It combines the strengths of disk and tape with rule-based management, providing seamless and automated backup-to-disk-to-tape (B2D2T) processes. To benefit from this “data offloading” to second-tier storage targets, care must be taken not to underestimate the infrastructure complexity that can result from bringing additional “storage islands” into the IT infrastructure. Thus, in addition to serving as a backup target, ETERNUS CS8000 provides optional standardized NAS interfaces with NFS and CIFS protocols. The result is a scale-out NAS system which can act as a second-tier storage target supporting billions of files. ETERNUS CS8000 is also the only solution on the market which supports complete parallel operation of B2D2T, as well as backup to deduplicated disks, with the same appliance. Data can be easily stored on the appropriate media to fulfill the required service level. Archiving and long-term storage Thanks to the optional NAS interfaces, ETERNUS CS8000 can be also be used as an archive and long-term storage system. The support of billions of files results in an enormous storage pool. Advantages: ■ onsolidation with ETERNUS CS8000 delivers tremendous cost C savings in complex environments. ■ ighter workloads for IT administrators. L ■ etter infrastructure utilization means lower costs. B Furthermore, direct integration with tape enhances the unified data protection appliance for Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) to automatically save data to disk and tape, according to defined migration policies and retention periods. Advantages: ■ rchiving and second-tier file storage frees up resources in the A production environment and in the backup infrastructure. ■ ackup and recovery are much easier. B ■ SM leverages the advantages of tape, which is the most reliable H and cost-effective media for long-term storage. 4
  5. 5. “ he ETERNUS CS data protection appliance from T Fujitsu gives us investment protection in terms of data backup scalability, plus freedom of choice when it comes to deploying server platforms such as mainframe and Linux systems. By consolidating our infrastructure, we can vary workloads and capacities as needed.” Urs Haeringer, Director of Technology Management, Helsana Insurance AG Enable legally compliant archiving ETERNUS CS8000 is a platform which allows for legally compliant archiving. It ensures that the files are stored in a secure way, making them revision-proof for a defined retention period to fulfill specific requirements like compliance regulations. This is possible with the integrated WORM functionality. Furthermore, Fujitsu has developed a solution for trusted long-term storage which ensures evidential value preservation and the physical preservation of the data itself: ■ ETERNUS CS8000 takes care of the physical preservation of the data. It is a storage solution which fulfills all the requirements of storing archive data, including files with compliance demands. ■ Fujitsu SecDocs archiving middleware takes care of evidential value preservation. It is an enterprise solution for long-term preservation and legally secure archiving of electronic documents. The middleware combines a reliable archiving process for large numbers of documents with the creation and preservation of evidential value – flexible, cost-efficient and applicable across all industries. SecDocs does not replace the archive software, but rather enriches it with functions for evidential value preservation. IT archives are easier to handle with the combination of SecDocs and ETERNUS CS8000. Existing archive applications as well as storage systems can be leveraged and enriched with functions for evidential value preservation. Investment protection for the entire data protection environment ETERNUS CS8000 is a unified data protection platform for all applications and the complete physical and virtual server environment. It integrates backup, archiving, compliant archiving and second-tier file storage, while supporting the complete consolidation of heterogeneous environments. Infrastructures can be consolidated, the resources are leveraged and the costs are dramatically reduced. Changes in the infrastructure can be managed quite easily. The connectivity with all major open system and mainframe platforms allows for easy adaptation to changes in the production environment, not to mention the support of major backup and archive software. The management process for tape libraries is integrated with the ILM and HMS functionality. The tape libraries are decoupled from the backup and archive software, so that it is very easy to make changes in the physical tape infrastructure – for example, when introducing a new generation of tape libraries or tape drives. ETERNUS CS8000 takes care of data migration, from the old tape library to the new one. Advantages: ■ TERNUS CS8000 adds flexibility to data protection landscapes E while reducing complexity at the same time. ■ asy adaptation to future requirements without the need to invest E in incompatible system architectures. Advantages: ■ Assurance that legal directives are fulfilled, including prevention of data loss that could eventually result in serious penalties. ■ KPMG AG has confirmed that ETERNUS CS enables storage and retrieval of electronic documents based on Generally Accepted German Accounting Principles. 5
  6. 6. Flexible service levels Aligning capacity, speed and costs Modular scale-out architecture The basis of the ETERNUS CS8000 solution is a modular grid architecture. Independent building blocks provide a genuine scale-out platform. The main elements are: ■ ront-end processor nodes (which manage the data stream between F servers and ETERNUS CS8000), ■ nternal RAID systems (providing the disk storage) I ■ ack-end processor nodes (which manage the data stream between B ETERNUS CS8000 and additional target systems) Put simply, the basic backup-to-disk-to-tape workflow is as follows: Data from the backup software is sent to ETERNUS CS8000 and received by the front-end processor node. It is stored in the internal RAID storage. The data can then be copied to a tape library via the back-end processing node. Legend x86 Servers Front-end processor nodes ■ TL interface V Internal RAID systems Backup Front-end processor nodes ■ ackup data repository (compressed or dedupliB cated) ■ AS/file interface N Tape UNIX Servers ■ rchive/file repository A ■ quipped with SAS / Nearline SAS / SAS SED (Self E Encrypting Disk) / Nearline SAS SED Dedup Archive WORM Tape Mainframes Back-end processor nodes ■ ptional for integration of tape libraries at the O back-end ■ nd support for the cloud gateway functionality A Back-end processor nodes ETERNUS CS8000 Cloud Capacity ETERNUS CS8000 comes with great flexibility to grow, starting from 7 TB up to 15,000 TB (=15 petabytes!) of physical disk capacity. All data received via the VTL interface is automatically compressed before being saved to disk. This reduces the amount of required storage space without any loss in performance. The disk storage can act as the final target or as a cache for data which should be copied to tape. Physical tape libraries can be connected and data can be automatically moved to tape. The support of several tape libraries in parallel increases the amount of data ETERNUS CS8000 is able to handle – up to the exabyte range – and offers the best price/capacity ratio for long-term storage. As an alternative to the backup-to-disk-to-tape process, ETERNUS CS8000 can also act as a final backup-to-disk storage target with de6 duplication. ETERNUS CS8000 can be enhanced by including the deduplication functionality for this purpose. Physical disk capacity – from 1 terabyte up to a maximum of 4.8 petabytes (before deduplication) – can be used as deduplication storage. Another option which may play a more important role in the future is storing backup data in the cloud. The ETERNUS CS8000 concept is perfect for caching the data dedicated for the cloud. As a future enhancement, ETERNUS CS8000 will be capable of using the cloud as an additional target via a cloud gateway. Advantages: ■ he great scalability of capacity makes coping with exponential T growth rates much easier. ■ ntegrated data reduction technologies and tape integration reduce I the cost of storage capacity.
  7. 7. “ hat impressed me was that ETERNUS CS makes W it possible to achieve uniform improvement in data backup and recovery on physical tape across our entire server environment.” Curt Borschel, Manager Enterprise Storage Management, Lufthansa Systems Speed The great advantage of the ETERNUS CS8000 scale-out architecture compared to scale-up architectures is the scalable system performance, which can be increased whenever necessary by adding frontend processor nodes. This decouples investments in performance from the storage capacity. Enterprises only need to invest in what is required: capacity or performance. Optimized media mix for flexible SLAs To provide flexible SLAs, ETERNUS CS8000 combines the strengths of disks, deduplicated disks and tapes with rule-based automated management. Disk capacity can be flexibly utilized as high performance disk storage, as a performance booster for tape storage and as a final disk storage repository with deduplication. Performance will stay in balance with the media cost. ETERNUS CS8000 provides the highest levels of performance, in larger configurations up to 150 TB/h for backup-to-disk. Due to the support of more than a thousand virtual tape drives, many backup processes can be carried out in parallel. Tape: ■ ow power consumption L ■ est price/capacity ratio B ■ ifetime: 30 years L ■ igh streaming performance H ■ ompression C ■ ovable (vaulting) M The deduplication functionality also benefits from the scale-out infrastructure. The deduplication workload can be parallelized between several front-end processor nodes, which will speed up the entire process. Investment protection of the appliance In addition to safeguarding the investment made in the data protection environment, ETERNUS CS8000 provides investment protection for the data protection appliance itself. A project may start with a small configuration which can grow step-by-step. The modular scaleout architecture, with its flexibility in performance and capacity, combined with comprehensive connectivity, enables customers to adapt to changing requirements. Flexibility and consolidation mean that the backup infrastructure for maximum utilization is directly aligned with business needs. Investment protection is ensured, even when business requirements change, and up-front investments can be avoided. Disk: ■ ast random access and single file handling F ■ upport for deduplication and replication S Deduplicated Disk: ■ educed capacity requirements R ■ irtual server image files often contain large amounts of redunV dant data that may be reduced by a factor of 50 Advantages: ■ n intelligent media mix combines the strengths of disks, deA duplicated disks and tapes. ■ his enables flexible SLAs for balancing speed, capacity and costs. T ■ ackup and archive targets can be achieved in the most economiB cal way. Advantages: ■ No more bottlenecks in backup and recovery. ■ ETERNUS CS8000 grows with enterprises business. ■ A made-to-measure solution with great flexibility and scalability. ■ No need for up-front investments or for unplanned migration costs due to capacity or performance limitations. 7
  8. 8. Comprehensive data availability Robustness and disaster recovery Data availability ■ ighly available appliance: H To ensure the availability of the consolidated storage pool of ETERNUS CS8000, all components are redundant. The architectures of traditional deduplication appliances have single points of failure. The ETERNUS CS8000 architecture is different – there is no such limitation, and even the deduplication storage repository is completely redundant. ■ isaster resiliency: D Not only are components redundant: With backup-to-disk-to-tape, ETERNUS CS8000 can keep multiple copies of the data by writing data to local and remote tape libraries, and by asynchronous replication within a range of thousands of kilometers. This provides an easy way to introduce disaster resiliency with a remote copy. ■ utomated continuation: A The core element of the most disaster resilient architecture is one logical ETERNUS CS8000 system which is deployed over two geographically separated sites, the so called “split-site” configuration with “cache mirror.” The internal ETERNUS CS8000 infrastructure is thereby extended to a second site. The backup software still sees one logical setup, without even being aware of the geographical location. Data can be written to or read from both sites. The result is a system with no single point of failure, which continues to run even after a complete site failure. The ETERNUS CS8000 is the only system worldwide that can do this! Advantages: ■ o single point of failure. N ■ asy disaster resiliency with remote copy. E ■ he ETERNUS CS8000 architecture represents the best in disaster T protection for all mission-critical data, and can even cope with worst-case scenarios. 8 Enterprise-class deduplication Site A Site B Application Application 1 ETERNUS CS8000 Dedup Dedup store 2 Cache Mirror Dedup 3 Dedup store 1 arallelized deduplication workload across multiplie processor P nodes to deliver high throughput 2 ail-safe dedup: The clustered file system and all components F are redundant. There is no single point of failure 3 ith the “split-site” configuration and “cache mirror” the deW duplication store can be extended to a second site for disaster resiliency ■ lexible copy management: F ETERNUS CS8000 manages different levels of data availability. Data can be mirrored between two sites, replicated over very long distances and saved as multiple copies. This function is user-defined and policy-based. Human administrator errors are prevented, and there is almost zero management needed after setup, and yet different service levels for different applications will be supported – at the lowest possible cost per service. Advantages: ■ utomated copy management prevents human administrator errors. A ■ perational risk is minimized. O ■ he backup network is not burdened with the workload. T ■ he availability level of data can be aligned with its impact on T business.
  9. 9. “ ujitsu’s ETERNUS CS solution perfectly meets our F high-availability requirements. And it alone supports all backups of the entire sever landscape.” Alfonso Yeregui, Head of System Operations, Laboral Kutxa Automated processes ■ Management of the tape infrastructure: The management of tape media can be complex and time-consuming. Therefore, ETERNUS CS8000 takes over the management of all the target systems and provides a highly available virtualized tape robot. The redundant architecture enables reception of the backup data, even if a component should fail. If the back-endwrite process to the physical tape fails, then the data will automatically be directed to another target system to ensure that the data is safe. ■ Tape reorganization: One purpose of the reorganization function of ETERNUS CS8000 is to effectively utilize the tape capacity available. Furthermore, regular reorganization of tape media (that have not been accessed for a long time) refreshes the magnetization of the tapes and prevents age-related loss of the magnetization. This can be initiated by the administrator, or be defined as a regularly occurring automatic process. It can automatically make quality checks of duplicate copies. If an error occurs on the tape media, the self-healing functionality recovers the inaccessible information from the other copy. This ensures the availability of data even over the very long-term. ■ Self-healing: If a data copy is corrupt or not available for some reason, then the recall request of the backup software is automatically redirected to the second copy. Of course, this presupposes that the data was at least written in a dual-copy service level. The copy will be provided and the job for the backup software is done. An automated selfhealing mechanism is initiated by ETERNUS CS8000 that will recover the failed copy. Thus the level of redundancy is restored. Step 1: Redirect Step 2: Self-healing Application ETERNUS CS8000 ETERNUS CS8000 Advantages: ■ Automation of tape processes reduces operational workload. ■ ETERNUS CS8000 in combination with tape provides the most reliable solution for short-term, mid-term and long-term storage. Advantages: ■ he defined service level is guaranteed through an always available T self-healing backup copy. 9
  10. 10. Reliable services Maximum efficiency 100 percent service. No downtime. Fujitsu provides complete support for data protection optimization. The planning, design and integration services open up an economical, effective and tailored approach to your backup and archive solution with ETERNUS CS8000 for faster and easier adaptation to changes in your business processes. The trouble-free, swift implementation of an ETERNUS CS8000-based data protection concept is realized via seamless integration in your data center landscape. Fujitsu’s professional and integration services deliver a simple startup of the ETERNUS CS8000 within your IT infrastructure, including maximum availability of data center processes. Covering everything from consulting to integration services, this support is designed to ensure uninterrupted operations with ETERNUS CS8000 so that IT departments can satisfy their company’s SLAs. Reliable service for solution availability The ETERNUS CS8000 SolutionContract provides proactive and reactive maintenance and support services for at least three years. The remote or onsite response time and the recovery times can be selected according to customer needs. The proactive service elements are optional. They are highly recommended to enable the early identification of critical system conditions and the initiation of preventive measures. Proactive service elements include system health checks at regular intervals to ensure sustained performance and high availability of the solution infrastructure. With proactive services, Fujitsu offers a named contact - the Technical Account Manager (TAM) - to support the customer, to provide information about the solution and to coordinate maintenance tasks and change management processes. If updates are required, for example, this can be taken care of without interrupting system operations. 10 Managed Services Managed Services go a step further: Fujitsu assumes responsibility for system operations according to defined prices and SLAs. Storage capacities are delivered in line with actual customer needs – quickly, easily, flexibly – and with transparent costs. The offering includes implementation and operation, and can also cover all tasks related to online storage and data backup depending on requirements. Specialists from Fujitsu service centers worldwide keep systems up and running with 24x7 remote support services. Turning fixed costs into variable expenditures In addition to the unbeatable cost benefits possible with ETERNUS CS8000, Fujitsu also offers solutions that enable enterprises to convert their fixed costs for data backup into variable costs. This can be achieved with options like: ■ ay as you grow, which supports implementation of business P growth plans without added investments. ■ ackup as a Service – data backup services from the global Fujitsu B Dynamic Cloud charged according to transparent monthly fees. Advantages: ■ ervice expertise on demand: The scope of cooperation can be S tailored according to available competencies and resources as needed. ■ torage on demand: Additional storage requirements are fulfilled S on a pay-per-use basis. ■ igh quality and transparent system operations with processes H that comply with ITIL and ISO. ■ avings thanks to efficient processes and the use of scaling effects. S
  11. 11. Fujitsu ETERNUS Business-centric Storage. Summary The ETERNUS CS8000 Series is the most powerful, flexible and versatile scale-out backup and archive appliance on the market. By deploying this unified data protection appliance enterprises can allocate storage resources for data protection according to business priorities: ■ ackup / archive / second-tier file storage B ■ ight media mix of disks, deduplicated disks, tapes and cloud R ■ ppropriate data availability levels A ■ lexible SLAs F ■ utomated processes A ETERNUS CS8000 supports SLA fulfillment in terms of speed, capacity and reliability, and at the same time minimizes the investment and total cost of ownership. Fujitsu ETERNUS – Business-centric Storage. Data protection without compromises Where are the hot spots in your data backup and archiving environment? We will be glad to show you how to eliminate these hot spots quickly and improve the economics of your storage operations. Contact us! E-mail: 11
  12. 12. Published by Fujitsu Limited Copyright: © 2013 Fujitsu Limited Printed in Japan All rights reserved, including intellectual property rights. Technical data subject to modifications and delivery subject to availability. Any liability that the data and illustrations are complete, actual or correct is excluded. Designations may be trademarks and/or copyrights of the respective manufacturer, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of such owner.