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Global Cloud Services - Real Implementations & Options


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  • 1. VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 0
  • 2. Cloud Computing – Room 13b Shaping Global Cloud Services tomorrow with you. Real Implementations & Options p p J. Scott Rupprecht Lead Architect Infrastructures as a Service, Fujitsu Technology Solutions 14:00 hVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe
  • 3. Global Cloud Services Real Implementations & Options Scott Rupprecht Fujitsu Technology Solutions Ways to start “The Journey"VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 3
  • 4. Stay competitive in a global environment Always be thinking in global terms Meet local customer requirements and adapt to cultural differences “Future Proof” your business Work collaboratively Stay current & informed on your business y y Focus on your key competencies Make sure your support processes are "best in breed" Adapt to changing conditions and leverage outside expertise when it makes business sense Think l b l Thi k global, act local! tl l!VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 4
  • 5. How you can cope with todays challengesMaintain existing IT, new services, all while staying "within budget" Try Cloud Services before you buy New offerings for your business Integrate partners and services using standard platforms; Link to your existing IT operation with new services Start with small steps to “learn your way.” Focus on safe learn way safe, scalable & effective migration into the disruptive world of cloud business support Eliminate capital cost/investments. Pay for value, not technology Shift your IT from being a cost center to Driving innovation Creating customer value Generating greater revenueVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 5
  • 6. Approach for starting the "cloud journey" Analyze your value chain (& your competitors) Ask customers where you are good & where to improve Modular approach to develop/deploy "as a Service" processes Innovation workshops with cross-functional teams (use cases) Rapid proto-type/proof of concept with partners (value assess) proto type/proof Intrinsically secure approach (built in, not bolt on) Keep processes "loosely coupled" (asynchronous) Continuously evaluate " a S i " (it ti ) t align with b i C ti l l t "as Service" (iterative) to li ith business needs d Experience Counts! E i C t !VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 6
  • 7. Objectives of PoC Remove the "hype" from the "cloud" Create a workflow based approach Demonstrate a value centric process Target gaps in existing workflow Test if we can use the "cloud" to provide meaningful services and additional p g customer benefit leveraging commodity, deployment, scalability and flexibility advantages What the PoC is not To prove a Trial or pilot A product The use of "cloud commercial model technology" just for the sake of itVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 7
  • 8. Typical Media "As-Is" review & approval workflow Copy editto content ViewContentdelivered Courier for to VHS/DVD Edit contenttape Get Selecttape Searchcontent Approve Dub editVHS/DVDVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 8
  • 9. "Remote Review and Approve" workflow demonstration Gather content and edit within a library y Transcode Manage the movement g Work in Progress Bundle and Package Media Mover Cinegy Ingest Cinegy Metadata Asset Mgmt. Rhozet Carbon Server Signiant Media Mover Mgr. 4xS Tiered Storage Cinegy Media Desktop Rhozet Carbon Coder Signiant Media Mover Agent Cinegy Web Enhance Metadata Approve (Y/N) Description Final Edit for review Comments Enhanced technologymade to end sequence Reviewer Requested changes Fred Smith to The Internet speed up the Production process Submitter Joe Bloggs Priority By 6th April View Cloud Hosted Services Cl d H t d S i Media Mover M di M Signiant Media Mover Agent Notify Publish to the WebVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 9
  • 10. Corporate Env’t. Active Directory Editor PC Local Storage Portal BI/Reporting Service Security Transcode Service Service Executive PC Producer Workflow Service Notifications Service Secure Work in Secure Media Mover Secure Archive Remote Worker Progress Storage Storage Co- Producer 3rd Party Online ID MacVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 10
  • 11. Building knowledge communities Example: Agriculture community Cloud Shares community Integrates sophisticated Helps address a declining knowledge sensor technology labor force "In farming, you cant rely just on your instincts." Hideaki Shinpuku President of Shinpuku Seika Ltd Shinpuku, Ltd. Continuous improvement and expanded markets New business opportunitiesVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 11
  • 12. Agri-business example Create the agri-business of tomorrow Visualize the status of the field and the activities of sensors Save and analyze the collected data and pass on the knowledge Activities Fertilization Supervision GPS-mobile ut tomatic Inpu Previo records s Calculate Database now-how, Analyze Sensor- Sensors for farmers ous A S C Kn D Aut Growth Prediction Weather-Data Land-Data Record- Sensors for yards and fields ManagementVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 12
  • 13. Applying technology to work Production Improvement of work style & quality b sharing fi ld lit by h i field information & technology Customer Management Production that reflects Accurate & timely grasp of consumer needs. Changing management information from "selling farm products that Use to manage strategy, have been made" to "making decisions and appropriate salable farm products" communication To Reduce: Inefficiency • Risk • Irregularity T R d I ffi i Ri k I l itVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 13
  • 14. Iterative & agile workflow approach Plan Farming program (annual, seasonal, d il ) l daily) crops, materials, shipments Correct Execute GPS Adjust plan (people Sensor Daily work (item, result) ( (work items, time, p g prognosis) ) & tools) Collect information (soil, ( pest, weather…) Review & Validate Actual results/yields With Farm land "as is" sensor, camera Fujitsu Cloud Service Sensory & Biometrics • Data-mining & B. I. • Knowledge ManagementVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 14
  • 15. Farm field sensory networkExample of Outdoor farm Farm field HQ office Filed Server Field Server Wireless Router Monitoring + Extended terminal ternet antenna Int B Flets (Optical or ADSL) Monitoring server Container of Wireless LAN Relay Internet Connection Field Server Example of Field Monitoring: Full picture and crops status Sensor for amount are taken with real-time monitoring. Camera g Field Server of solar radiation has functionality of switching, tilt and zooming Config. (Equivalent to live-camera) Camera Hygrometer & Sensor Meteorological data: Temperature, moisture, for internal thermometer amount of solar radiation, wind velocity radiation velocity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall Meteorograph Soil data: Soil temperature, soil moisture, fertilization condition (EC) Soil Sensor Other data: Case-by-caseNote: Installation and electric supply works are additionally required. Relay network environ. is also necessary.VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 15
  • 16. Mobility: Support for the real worldCollecting daily findings & insight Information Input Memo Template Memo (Free style) Taking Pictures Voice Recording Good condition/Growing well Weed-strewn Weedy 戻 戻る 送信 Mobile Application Easy steps to upload these pictures Insights/findings Data mining integrated Weed b/w crops to be taken out Little weed grows Heavily weedy with sensing dataVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 16
  • 17. Creating a more efficient & beneficial workflow Automatic collection, storage and analysis of information Provides better advice and recommendations at the proper time Systematic approach for agricultural management Information Communication Results for worker & manager Work item Reduce mistakes to work results (sowing, weeding) Confirm proper cost of product Voice nformation Confirm progress of work ollection GPS data Storage and Improve work p p plan nagement in Automatic co Photography analysis Proper advice and recommendations Weather Fast appropriate response to trouble Man Work Check- Past order point case Soil retreival Confirm remote field status Field data Analyze success and failure casesVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 17
  • 18. Service Image Chart Trial start Meteorological Data Output schedule Selection Land Planning Market Data Process Selection Crop Planning Plant Record Compute Costs FAQ/Education Planting Production process Formal knowledge Fertilize Process Log Data Mining 圃場 圃 Knowledge about p g plant n Sensing Agrichemical Environment Log Visualization Harvesting Harvesting Log g g F Anomaly Shipment Shipment Log Detection and Prediction Commercial distribution Traceability ConsumerVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 18
  • 19. Field Map (mashups)Awareness (photograph and comment) and the warning fields are confirmed on the followingscreen. Field retrieval Confirmation of warning Confirmation of exact statusVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 19
  • 20. Use of knowledge managementIt looks for the rule by combining and analyzing the data of the field server(weather and soil, etc.), content of work, and the results, iteratively Content of work Accumulation and analysis Weather Development of rules Forecast Sign detection Awareness Work results (GPS) Recommend・Advise SoilVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 20
  • 21. PoC example: Traffic Information Collect traffic information so that the Efficient processing of large quantities vehicles become sensors themselves of variable data leveraging hybrid clouds Resource-consumption Expansion of provided information (additional VICS*) Efficiency in driving and at delivery/decision logistics y g Optimization of roadwork and signal strategy Actual use Use sensor data out of vehicles (planned) Assigned Windscreen wiper data notify rain status resources ABS-data notify street-conditions Alarm signal notification of breakdowns Time Contributes to a greener environment through development of more efficient vehicles and transport systems. Also time savings & better work/life balance.* VICS: Vehicle Information & Communication SystemVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 21
  • 22. Practical Wisdom to Support People Context Analysis Sense & Appropriat Services Analyze Practical Wisdom te W Data from sensors • devices • web • corp. data Real World Food Healthcare Energy Transport Logistics EnvironmentVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 22
  • 23. VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 23
  • 24. VISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 24
  • 25. Virtual System Templates Virtual System templates (1) Select (3) Deploy Template Library Virtual System (VSYS) Firewall Optional Resources WEB DB Server Server Windows CentOS ecure DMZ Server Server D Se WEB CentOS Server Server (2) CustomizeVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 25
  • 26. Fujitsus Global IaaS Cloud Adminis- trative User Deploy ep oy Portal P t l Resource Pool (GUI & API) Users Virtual System (VSYS) Data CenterVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 26
  • 27. VSYS in Fujitsu IaaS Cloud Connect VSYS to Internet Firewall VSYS (Not) Connect VSYS to IntranetVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 27
  • 28. VSYS in Fujitsu IaaS Cloud Drag & Drop to add a server Modify a VSYS based on the selected template if necessary Option ListVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 28
  • 29. VSYS in Fujitsu IaaS Cloud Drag&Drop t add D &D to dd an optional disk Specify the disk size … then, deployVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 29
  • 30. Cloud System Management Traditional System Management Infrastructure managers construct and operate infrastructures of systems based on instructions of service managers y g Cloud System Management Service managers construct and operate infrastructures of systems on a self-service basis through Dashboard Data-center Managers construct and operate physical devices through Cockpit Data-center Management Service Management Data-center Data center Managers Service Managers Cockpit Cloud Data Center DashboardVISIT 2010 – Fujitsu Forum Europe 30