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Infographic: Innovation in a changing world
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Infographic: Innovation in a changing world


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How can organizations harness technology to drive innovation in a new era of human-centric ICT? …

How can organizations harness technology to drive innovation in a new era of human-centric ICT?

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. in a Changing World Innovation Innovation Forces & Challenges Fujitsu Business-Centric Data Center The Global Growing Demand for Solution shaping tomorrow with you Thanks to the technology brought to you by Fujitsu and Intel We live in a hyper-connected and fundamentally changing world. Against this backdrop, Fujitsu has set out its vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society – a place where people’s lives are enriched by ICT and innovation is everywhere. So how can organizations harness technology to drive innovation in a new era of human centric ICT? Innovation as Advantage Increasing Influence of Business Lines on ICT Sources: ¹ Breakthrough innovation and growth, PwC, 2013 ² IDC Business Technology Study, May 2013 ³ Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014, Gartner, 2013 Discover more about Fujitsu Business-Centric Data Center engagements at: A new approach to ICT engagements that will help you drive the future direction of your organization and innovate in line with your specific business needs. Business-centric Storage Business-Centric Computing Data Center Solutions Cloud IaaS and Data Center Services per second of experimentation at CERN per hour by an operating jet engine of text in the books of the US Library of Congress per hour from a self-driving car from a sequenced human genome 40TB 20TB 10TB 3.6TB 0.1TB 7 billion How Much Data? Population growth and environmental impact Rise in the demand for food Capacity of earth to absorb impact of population Food production must increase Sources: ¹ Economist, Intel IT Center, WIKIPEDIA, SmartData, Forbes ² WWF, OECD Environment Outlook, Worldometers ³ IMF, FAO, IPS Japan 2014 2030 Population of 8.4 billionPopulation of +50% 1.5 earth 2 earth 2008 2030 1 1 2 2 3 16% 61% Rate of growth of leading innovators compared to the least innovative Proportion of technology projects now funded by the business Major Technology Trends Nexus MOBILITY LAIC OS BIGD ATA DU OLC 3 010100 $