STYLISTIC Q550 combines highest levels of enterprise security with benefits of multiple touch computing


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Building on Fujitsu’s long heritage of creating tablet PCs for professional and business users, the Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 Slate PC is a keyboard-less tablet PC that builds in security from the ground up, so that it meets the most stringent IT security requirements of governments and businesses. The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 is developed to meet enterprise mobile computing demands and integrate seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures.

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STYLISTIC Q550 combines highest levels of enterprise security with benefits of multiple touch computing

  1. 1. Fujitsu recommends Windows® 7.Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q550 Your Professional Companion
  2. 2. Working for ProfessionalsFujitsu STYLISTIC Q550As a busy mobile professional, you want a Slate PC which is as good at working as yourafter-hours device is at playing. The STYLISTIC Q550 is the first slate to really work for youwhether you’re in a large corporation, government or small businesses. It delivers an excellentusability experience, with flexible options for creating business content and collaboratingwith others. Being Windows® 7 Professional based, it integrates with institutional platformsand provides security for enterprises with users who work on the move.
  3. 3. Fujitsu recommends Windows® 7.
  4. 4. Content Creationand CollaborationAfter-hours devices are great for consuming content, but at work you’re composing documentsand presentations as well as collaborating with others. Ideal for the mobile office, the STYLISTICQ550 can connect with the world – and, thanks to a display which is viewable from almost anyangle, it is also outstanding for multi-user collaboration. You can mark up documents just likepaper, but exchange them instantly worldwide. With pen-based handwriting input, or onscreenkeyboard with predictive text recognition, the slate keeps the creative process working.Providing one-touch access to applications, the Fujitsu Launcher is a finger- you connect to the internet through any Wi-Fi network, from the oldest tofriendly way to access the things you use most. You can also use Windows® 7 the latest and best. Since there won’t always be a WLAN connection availa-Gadgets to bring the most important information forward to the home ble, the STYLISTIC Q550 has embedded mobile broadband 3G/UMTS, givingscreen. You can view your calendar, RSS feeds, current stock prices and the you Internet access from anywhere. Front and rear-facing cameras and duallike without first opening a program. microphones enable you to speak face to face with people around the world using VoIP.Presenting is a major part of business. The STYLISTIC Q550 features high de-finition digital video and audio out via HDMI, so you can make presentations Also, there is Bluetooth for short-range wireless device connection. You canwith confidence on a projector or external display. attach a wireless mouse, headset, or headphones for two-way audio on the go. You can even connect a Bluetooth keyboard for a traditional typingThe STYLISTIC is a slate device that keeps you in touch. Embedded WLAN lets experience.
  5. 5. Fujitsu recommends Windows® 7.Smooth, efficient content creation■ Create your content with pen or finger■ Handwriting recognition included■ Touch-optimized■ Onscreen keyboard with predictive textDesigned for collaboration■ 25.7 cm (10.1-inch) 400 nits display for indoor/outdoor use■ Wide-angle screen for multi-user sessions■ Dual cameras and BluetoothBrush-up and show■ Mark up documents just like paper, but exchange electronically and instantly worldwide■ Present with a projector or external display using HDMI
  6. 6. Security andManageabilityThe Windows® 7 Professional based STYLISTIC Q550, integrates seamlessly with enterpriseIT infrastructure lowering the cost of rollout. It also cures the security and manageabilityheadaches of mobile business computing. If the device is stolen or lost, Advanced TheftProtection (ATP) gives you the assurance that your data is totally locked down - no matterwhat happens to your STYLISTIC Q550.The STYLISTIC Q550 features professional manageability tools which help With hardware-based Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and an optional Trustedspeed and streamline management of clients across the enterprise IT land- Platform Module (TPM), data is unreadable to users without genuine enc-scape. This STYLISTIC Q550 is managed remotely, in the same way, and with ryption keys. Compromised slates are identified, and software-based attacksthe same security as other Windows® 7 devices. neutralized.Mobile devices are of course particularly vulnerable to theft. The STYLISTIC Even if the STYLISTIC Q550 is stolen you stay in control: if the worst happensQ550 is designed to maintain enterprise-grade IT security in mobile environ- and your slate goes missing, Advanced Theft Protection is the answer. It willments. With the SmartCard reader you simply insert a card. There is also an allow you to find, track and recover your stolen Slate PC, and if necessary auto-integrated fingerprint sensor which makes your login instant. Together they matically erase sensitive data.prevent unauthorized use of your device.
  7. 7. Fujitsu recommends Windows® 7.Smart compliance and governance■ Comprehensive hardware based on encryption of data (Full Disk Encryption)■ Secure access to local and remote data■ Powerful Windows® 7 applications like BitLocker (To Go)Intuitive security■ Fast user authentication and identification with fingerprint sensor■ Protected seamless connectivity with integrated WLAN and BluetoothMature manageability■ Blends right into your IT environment■ Manage and update with professional tools
  8. 8. The Usability FactorElegantly combining the speed of a phone with the power of a notebook, the STYLISTIC Q550delivers a superior user experience with a host of features to make your work more productiveand simply more enjoyable. Work indoors or outdoors with the brilliant wide-angle display.Use finger touch, pen input or the onscreen keyboard. Log in with a single swipe of yourfinger. Work all day without recharging the battery. The STYLISTIC Q550 keeps going as longas you do.The brilliant anti-glare 25.7 cm (10.1-inch) display is autorotating, with just as elegant as when you began. The swappable four- cell battery deliversmultiple touch input capabilities, and delivers a perfect viewing experience in up to eight hours of battery running time, enabling you to work the entire dayboth daylight and indoor use. The display is viewable at an angle of up to 170 away from the power socket.degrees, so team members can all see what’s on the screen no matter wherethey’re sitting. The STYLISTIC Q550 automatically detects finger touch or pen input, so you can switch seamlessly between the two. If you prefer to type in text, theA busy day means plenty of pointing. The antifingerprint coating reduces onscreen keyboard with predictive text allows you to write faster without thesmudges, ensuring that at the end of your working day your slate will look bulk of a traditional keyboard.
  9. 9. Fujitsu recommends Windows® 7. Natural and intuitive ■ Light weight (800 grams) for all day working comfort ■ Special coating for a sure hold ■ Balanced weight distribution Seamless experience ■ Embedded mobile broadband 3G/UMTS, GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth ■ Autorotation and auto reflow of content ■ Elegantly combines the speed of a phone with the performance of a notebook Quick access ■ Log in with the swipe of a finger ■ Applications to capture your thoughts, access your data
  10. 10. Professional CompanionSTYLISTIC Q550Brilliant 25.7 cm (10.1-inch) 400 nits displayBrilliant display with capacitive touchscreenWide-angle screenExcellent visibility, for multi-user session,viewable at up to 170 degreesCreate content with pen or fingerData entry via pen-based handwritingrecognition or onscreen keyboard withpredictive text recognitionTouch-optimized interfaceThe Fujitsu Launcher gives Windows® 7an unequaled touchable interface
  11. 11. Fujitsu recommends Windows® 7. Accessories Customize your slate with a range of add-ons to complement productivity:Seamless connectivityEmbedded mobile broadband and versatile CradleWi-Fi to connect with the world Charge your slate and connect your peripherals Order No.: S26391-F917-E100Remote data deletion & device recoveryAdvanced Theft Protection to find, track,recover and erase data provides mobileusers with enterprise-level securityFast login & enterprise-grade securitySmartCard reader, Solid State Disk with FullDisk Encryption (FDE) support, fingerprintsensor for fast login and even an optionalTPM module Folio Case Travel worry-free with your slateWindows® 7 Professional Order No.: S26391-F917-E200Powerful Windows® 7 applications thatblend right in to your IT infrastructure Bluetooth keyboard / mouse Enjoy the familiar convenience of anSwappable full-day battery external keyboard and mouseWork all day away from the socket Find out more:(up to 8 h)
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