Case Study: Wirtschaftskammer


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Case Study: Wirtschaftskammer

  1. 1. case study AUSTRIAN FEDERAL ECONOMIC CHAMBER case study AUSTRIAN FEDERAL ECONOMIC CHAMBER »OUR NEw INFRASTRUCTURE gIvES US THE RESOURCES wE NEED TO PROvIDE OUR MEMBERS wITH SERvICES AND SUPPORT wORLDwIDE. THE ROLLOUT wAS A TOTAL SUCCESS IN ALL COUNTRIES, wHICH MEANS wE CAN NOw REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF AUSTRIAN COMPANIES MORE EFFECTIvELy AND MORE EFFICIENTLy THAN IN THE PAST.« thomas Reithofer, austrian Federal economic chamber, strategy seRVING austRIaN BusINess aNd INdustRy The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber represents the country’s companies worldwide. The organization helps its member companies compete in the international marketplace, is actively involved in shaping economic policy and offers an array of services and consulting in the areas of legal and tax matters, professional training and environmental issues. To provide these services, a reliable high-performance infrastruc- ture that encompasses all locations is an essential prerequisite. And that explains why the organization decided to replace its outmoded infra- structure and deploy a series of major improvements at its 79 locations in 61 countries in the near term. Priority goals included creation of uniform member directories and simplification of user accounts and mailboxes. Of course, replacement of the servers and clients made it necessary to take into account the different conditions and needs of the various locations at the level of logistics and post-installation support. Last but far from least, the decision-makers of Franz Nowotny, Sales Director Fujitsu Austria; Thomas Reithofer, Austrian Federal the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber were committed to the use of Economic Chamber; Johannes windisch-grätz, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber certified green IT products when they launched their “2009 Austrian Project Management (from left to right) Federal Economic Chamber Rollout” project. tHe custOmeR FuJItsu – aN OBVIOus cHOIce The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber has 2,500 employees that represent A worldwide rollout spanning 61 countries requires resources that only an the interests of some 400,000 member companies worldwide. Headquartered international vendor like Fujitsu can provide, and that was one reason why in vienna, the organization maintains locations in 61 countries and is present in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber decided to partner with Fujitsu. each of the nine Austrian states with its own chamber of commerce. Another was that Fujitsu had already demonstrated its competence in the context of previous projects involving operations and the user help desk. That made the decision to partner with Fujitsu an easy one to make. In addition, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber wanted a partner tHe pROJect with a local presence for installation and post-deployment support of the Replacement of all IT systems of the locations of the Austrian Federal Economic new infrastructure, and Fujitsu’s global network represented an obvious Chamber. Rollout of servers and clients at 79 locations worldwide. Migration of advantage in the context of a project like this. Fujitsu assumed responsi- all operating systems to the most recent platforms and consolidation of member bility for coordinating the launch, which cut across several time zones, directories. and handled logistics, export formalities and compliance with regulatory requirements in the various countries. The project called for the use of tHe sOlutION the most advanced and most suitable IT systems for the locations of the working together with local partners, Fujitsu delivered advanced server and client Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and Fujitsu proposed a combination hardware, handled migration of clients to windows vista® and the server of PRIMERGY TX300 Servers, LIFEBOOK Clients and ESPRIMO operating systems to windows® 2008 and Exchange 2007 and simplified Desktops. All of these systems feature high-performance Intel® processor active directories so that administration of user accounts and mailboxes is technology and meet the most stringent requirements in terms of energy now significantly easier. The scope of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber savings and performance. The project plan also included consolidation of rollout project also included the introduction of centralized patch management member directories and creation of uniform user accounts and Exchange to ensure prompt deployment of all updates. mailboxes. In addition, patches are now provided automatically from a central location on an ongoing basis instead of once a year. Page 01 of 02
  2. 2. case study AUSTRIAN FEDERAL ECONOMIC CHAMBER BeNeFIts FOR tHe custOmeR HaRdwaRe, sOFtwaRe, seRVIces Overall project management for global rollout and migration by a single Hardware: service provider Servers: PRIMERgy TX300 S5 with Intel® Xeon® processors Turnkey transfer of all components and systems Clients: LIFEBOOK S7220, LIFEBOOK S6420, ESPRIMO E5730 Advanced hardware and software Software: Simplification of management of member directories, mailboxes and Microsoft® windows Server® 2008, Microsoft® Exchange 2007, user accounts Symantec Backup Exec 12.5, Microsoft® SQL 2008, CRM Microsoft® windows vista®, Microsoft® Office 2007 Services: Rollout in 61 countries Migration of all operating systems, consolidation of domestic/foreign active directories tHe mOst adVaNced HaRdwaRe plus latest-GeNeRatION OpeRatING austRIaN FedeRal ecONOmIc cHamBeR GOes lIVe IN ONly 1 yeaR systems The entire rollout and the migration of all systems in more than 60 When the decision-makers of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber countries took only 6 months. Since December 2009, the employees of decided to roll out an infrastructure based on the most recent hardware the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the companies they support available, they decided go all the way and also had Fujitsu bring the have been able to work with an IT infrastructure that not only features operating systems up to date. As a result, server and mail server systems exceptional efficiency and high performance but cuts also energy costs. were migrated to Windows Server® 2008 and Exchange 2007 and the XP The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and its branch locations are versions of the clients replaced by Windows Vista® and Office 2007, which now in a position to make their services, support and advice available provided a reliable basis for software support for the years to come. to member companies more efficiently and faster than ever before. Com- Active directories were consolidated so that both domestic and foreign panies that are planning global investments and require local support in member directories are now available at the same time and also signifi- new markets can now obtain the assistance they need from the Austrian cantly easier to administer – which is no small matter when an organiza- Federal Economic Chamber quickly and easily. And that explains why tion has 400,000 member companies in many different areas of business Thomas Reithofer, who heads the CIO office, appreciated the commitment and industry. Naming conventions were also revised through the use of Fujitsu: of a uniform format. The experts from Fujitsu helped out here too and provided the project management resources required to permit reliable “I ALREADy KNEw FROM PREvIOUS PROJECTS THAT FUJITSU IS A RELIABLE SERvICE integration of all systems in compliance with the customer’s wishes. PARTNER. BUT wHEN IT CAME TO OUR gLOBAL ROLLOUT, I wAS REALLy IMPRESSED By FUJITSU‘S PERFORMANCE. LOgISTICS, IMPORT FORMALITIES AND COORDINATION AT THE LEvEL OF THE OvERALL PROJECT – EvERyTHINg wENT LIKE CLOCKwORK. AND THEy DELIvERED EvERyTHINg THEy PROMISED. FOR US AS CUSTOMERS, THAT wAS A vERy SATISFyINg EXPERIENCE.” cONtact All rights reserved, including intellectual property rights. Technical data subject Fujitsu Technology Solutions to modifications and delivery subject to availability. Any liability that the data and Customer Interaction Center illustrations are complete, actual or correct is excluded. Designations may be trade- Mon. – Fri.: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. marks and/or copyrights of the respective manufacturer, the use of which by third Email: parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of such owner. Phone: +49 (0) 1805-372 100 For further information see (each call 14 ct/min.; the prices for calls made from mobile devices can vary from this rate) Copyright © 2010 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Page 02 of 02