Fujitsu keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2012


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Corporate Senior Vice President, Noriyuki Toyoki, shares Fujitsu’s vision of the increasingly prevalent role technology takes in our daily lives. Everything you ever wanted to know about big data, smart grids, supercomputing and how they can support society through disaster recovery, healthcare ICT and food production - to create a human centric intelligent society.

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Fujitsu keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

  1. 1. Fujitsu technology :RedefiningIT’s Potential Noriyuki Toyoki Corporate Senior Vice President Fujitsu Limited
  2. 2. March 11, 2011The Devastating East Japan Earthquake
  3. 3. Large-Scale Power Plant Office Building Recyclable EnergySmart-City Initiative Regional ICT Center Factory Traffic・EV Smart Grid Hospital Community Facility Home
  4. 4. Services System Platforms photoUbiquitous Products Devices
  5. 5. Human Centric Intelligent Society
  6. 6. Creating Knowledge, Supporting Human Activities Human Centric Transforming Business Process Network CentricScope of ICT Usage Improving Productivity Computer Centric Networking 1990 2000 2010 2020
  7. 7. Cloud Mobile Technology Big DataSensor Technology Semiconductor
  8. 8. Human Centric Intelligent Society Transport Food Big DataHealthcare Broadcasting Smart Grids Logistics/Retail
  9. 9. Fujitsu’s Agricultural Cloud Service
  10. 10. Kobe Beef
  11. 11. Accumulation & Analysis Weeding Requirements Weather Specific Best Practices EstablishedTiming of Farming Tasks Stabilized Sales & Increase of Profit Soil Conditions
  12. 12. Fujitsu’s Healthcare Cloud Service
  13. 13. Electronic Medical Record Systems Support for Optimized Operations
  14. 14. Medical History DataMedical Exam Data Daily Activity Data
  15. 15. Understanding an Individual’s Overall HealthMedical History Data Medical Exam Data Daily Activity Data Probability of Becoming Diabetic
  16. 16. Fujitsu’s Healthcare Trial Doctor Yanagida consults Mr. Noda…
  17. 17. Personal data of thosesusceptible to diabetes Inquiry Personal DataPersonal data of thosenot susceptible to diabetes
  18. 18. How can you utilize Big Data for business growth?
  19. 19. Discover Valuable Correlations SNS Big Data Business DataMobile Device Sensor
  20. 20. Industry Knowledge Management Strategies Big Data Business DataBusiness Experience Intuition
  21. 21. We need to develop a completely new server concept.
  22. 22. A mutual objective to construct a fullyintegrated machine Hardware Strengths Software Strengths
  23. 23. Hardware Development Enterprise Database Capabilities Technology System Integration Business Intelligence Know-how Know-how
  24. 24. Ultra-high PerformanceRich FunctionalityCompact Size
  25. 25. 1st Point: The "K computer" Many capabilities adopted from the Supercomputer, including SIMD (Single Instruction Stream Multiple Data Stream)
  26. 26. The K computer, jointly developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu, is part of the High-Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) initiative led by Japans Ministry ofEducation, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
  27. 27. 2nd Point: Hardware Scalability Maximum of 16 Building Blocks
  28. 28. BB#05 2nd Point: Hardware Scalability Maximum of 16 Building BlocksFiber Cable
  29. 29. 32TB 3rd Point: Memory Capacity 512GB per Socket Up to 32TB of Memory per SystemHomogenized and Seamless
  30. 30. Air FlowCurrent Model CPU CPU 4th Point: Liquid Loop Cooling (LLC) MEMORY MEMORY CPU-Memory Distance Limits Performance Minimizing the distance between CPU and MemorySPARC64 X MEMORY Memory access time is significantly reduced CPU CPU MEMORY Shorter Distance Increases Performance
  31. 31. DecimalConversion 5th Point: Software on Chip Direct Binary Decimal Execution Execution Application execution time will be dramatically reducedConversion Decimal
  32. 32. Andy MendelsohnSenior Vice PresidentOracle Database Server Technologies
  33. 33. Fujitsu DNA Well-rounded Higher Performance Across the Entire System Embedded Hardware RAS Mechanisms
  34. 34. Control Domain Domain DomainDomain Local Web Mail DBDomainsManager Server Server Server Oracle Oracle Oracle Oracle Close Collaboration with Oracle Results in Solaris Solaris Solaris Solaris Oracle VM Built-in Oracle VMBB#1 BB#2 BB#xx Flexible Use of Powerful Cores
  35. 35. How we can analyze and make the best use of Big Data?
  36. 36. Collecting massiveamounts of data
  37. 37. Tools to makethe right decisionswithout extrapolations
  38. 38. SNS Data
  39. 39. GoodBad Criticism building in Brazil, South Africa and Poland
  40. 40. “Analytic Prediction” Approach:Based on a multi-axis analysis ofyour Big DataAcross multiple categories, with variousevaluation criteria
  41. 41. climatepopulation structureautomobile usage patternsdependency on imported gasolinehome ownership ratiomobile phone usageaverage incomeaverage age to first get married
  42. 42. Turkey Taiwan Sales Forecast increased changed downward
  43. 43. Recovery Plan and Simulation Product Supply Resources Optimized Impacts to the Bottom Line Regional Sales Promotion Activities
  44. 44. SNS Data Business Data
  45. 45. In the recent pastSNS Data Business Data With Limited Server Infrastructure Limited Analysis Area Limited Analysis Circulation Analysis results can be applied, but not immediately
  46. 46. The Next Generation Server Technology Quick use of Massive Data Before the CompetitionTRUE BUSINESS VALUE
  47. 47. SPECint®_rate200625,00020,000 Athena server provides twice15,000 22,445 the performance of IBM Power 710,000 (estimated) server, based on measured 11,300 5,000 estimates. 0 IBM POWER 7 Athena (64 sockets) The IBM POWER7 result reflects a result published as of November, 2010. The Athena result is a measured estimate run on pre-production hardware. Fujitsu will decide the official name of this machine at a later date. SPEC and SPECint are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. For the latest SPEC benchmark results, visit
  48. 48. Software on Chip performance - Highlight NUMBER x430 Crypto x163 Copy x12 Compare x15 HASH (*) x7(*) : HASH is one of functions being used frequently in DBMS transactions.
  49. 49. NUMBER PerformanceSUM(8B+8B) w/Vector w/o Vector Chip Throughput Format conversion required between 45,044 decimal on Database and binary on Processors 1000 x430 Exclusive arithmetic unit inside of 500 Athena offloads the conversion to 793 x7.7 hardware. 103 Mop/s 0 SPARC64 VII+ Athena (3GHz) (3GHz) Fujitsu will decide the official name of this machine at a later date.
  50. 50. Crypto Performance Chip Throughput Decrypt Encrypt Crypto-compliance mandatory 50,000 50,000 for current & future ICT 40,000 40,000 transactions 30,000 X162.6 30,000 X158.9 46,495 46,880 Athena micro-architecture 20,000 20,000 boosts encryption & decryption 10,000 10,000 processes 286 295MB/s 0 MB/s 0 SPARC64 VII+ Athena SPARC64 VII+ Athena (3GHz) (3GHz) (3GHz) (3GHz) Fujitsu will decide the official name of this machine at a later date.
  51. 51. Fujitsu Executive Solution Session Monday, October 1 An Update on the SPARC Platform Collaboration Between Oracle and Fujitsu 10:45am, Lam Research TheaterVisit Fujitsu at Moscone South Booth 1311Join the Innovation Tour for a chance to win Fujitsus New Hybrid Tablet
  52. 52. Fujitsu technology :Redefining IT’s Potential