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Setting the context and analysing Fujitsu's third annual global ICT sustainability benchmark report, looking at organisations in 8 countries. …

Setting the context and analysing Fujitsu's third annual global ICT sustainability benchmark report, looking at organisations in 8 countries. https://www-s.fujitsu.com/global/solutions/sustainability/Fujitsu-Sustainability.html

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  • 1. The role of ICT in a low carbonsocietyAlison RoweGlobal Executive Director SustainabilityInternational BusinessFujitsu Limited@Fujitsu_Green Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 2. One of the world’s biggest  The Japanese global ICT company – the worlds third-largest IT services provider and No.1 in Japan*  Committed to deliver local service globally  A rich history – over 75 years of shaping tomorrow with you*2011 IT Services Vendor Revenue. Source: Gartner, "Market Share: IT Services, 2011" 9
  • 3. Everything is speeding up, fast
  • 4. A desire for real-time insight
  • 5. Mobility is the norm
  • 6. A new natural resource, Big Data
  • 7. Key considerations
  • 8. The role of ICT is twofold Efficiency of ICT – reducing the 3% of global GHG emissions by improving ICT efficiency Enabling effect of ICT – using ICT to help reduce 97% of global GHG emissions, outside the ICT industry
  • 9. Latest research 8 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 10. Introduction Fujitsu’s third global report assessing the ICT Sustainability maturity within organizations 1,200 responses ~ Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America Surveys include 80 questions about ICT Sustainability attitudes, policy, behaviour and technology 9 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 11. Methodology 10 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 12. Key Findings 11 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 13. 1: ICT Sustainability has stalled Slight decrease from 54.3 in 2011 Operational risk Still in experimentation rather than optimization Management Declines were smaller in organizations with 1,000+ employees 12 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 14. 2: Gains wider organizational importance Composition of business portfolio  Operational – Lifecycle, End User & Enterprise declined  Management - Enablement & Metrics Improved  Initiatives more instigated outside the ICT department Operational  10% decline in risk Management End User power management since 2011 13 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 15. 3: Improved ICT power bill & consumption mgt.  Overall increase from 14.2 to 23.1%  Japan the clear leader with 38.5%  6 countries improved, NZ remained on 4% and USA declined slightly with 24%  40% improvement in the ITSx for those who are responsible for the $ & consumption 14 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 16. 4: The USA leads the way  USA is the new leader taking over from Canada  USA and Canada only two countries above the ITSx  Developing countries largest improvements  China best country improvement up 3.6  UK had the largest decline down 5.2 15 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 17. 5: Utilities, Construction & Mining lead the way  Only 3 sectors improved in 2012  UCM up from 3rd place  FS up from 4th place  Manufacturing up from 8th  ICT industry fell from 1st to 5th with a decline of 4.7  HEW declined by 4.3 16 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 18. China  Best improvement by any country up 3.4 & below the global ITSx  End User performs best up 8.2  Enablement only index to decline, slightly  Outstanding improvement in mgt. of ICT Energy now 26% up from 6%, above global avg. 23.1% 17 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 19. China Utilities/Construction/Mining leads the way on 62.2 significant increase of 25.3 and rise from 8th to 1st position Wholesale/Retail/Logistics, Health/Education/Welfare and Financial Services improved Operational Highest index in a sector was End User, Utilities/Construction/Mining with risk Management 73.3 Lowest index in a sector was Metrics, Professional Services with 28.3 18 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 20. Closing comments Those ICT departments who are responsible for the power bill and consumption, perform 40% better in ICT Sustainability across the company ICT Sustainability is not maturing and quick wins are not institutionalized Energy needs to be managed in real time with KPIs By having better access to real-time data about ICT energy costs and consumption, organizations can properly evaluate, select, and prioritize critical decisions around ICT Sustainability Organizations can further enhance their business cases by including traditional financial Metrics – such as the Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Payback – it will be easier to engage executive teams to act on ICT Sustainability
  • 21. 20 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU LIMITED