Fujitsu Akisai Agriculture and Food Cloud at CEATEC Japan 2012


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Brochure for Fujitsu's agriculture and food cloud, Akisai, exhibited at CEATEC Japan 2012. Software as a Service for the agricultural and food industries

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Fujitsu Akisai Agriculture and Food Cloud at CEATEC Japan 2012

  1. 1. “Akisai” Food and Agriculture CloudUtilizing ICT to ensure plentiful food supplies in the future New ProductOverviewWith the aim of utilizing ICT to ensure plentiful food supplies in the future, Fujitsus “Akisai” cloud serviceconnects distributors, local communities, and consumers through an enhanced value chain that begins with theon-site utilization of ICT. * The name "Akisai" is a coined word that was created through a conjunction of the Japanese words for "autumn," which is the harvest season, and "coloration," for the different colors found on fruits andUser Benefits vegetables during that season. Farmers: Enabling enterprise-style agricultural management By bringing clarity to management, production, and quality control, along with PDCA-cycle management, Fujitsus Akisai service will contribute to improved profitability for farmers in the following ways: ・Improved productivity (increased yields per unit area) ・ Higher quality / stronger branding (increased sales volumes and unit prices) ・ Creating high-revenue portfolios (increased profitability) ・ Training of a new generation of farmers (expanded scale) Food processors, wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants: Creating new value together with producers Through enhanced centralized management of quality control and supply and demand adjustments with contracted producers, Fujitsu’s Akisai service will enable companies to construct a fixed- quantity, fixed-time, fixed-quality, and fixed-price supply model. In addition, the service will also help to strengthen branding and improve profitability in the following ways: ・Providing consumers with safety and security through quality assurance ・Reducing opportunity- and disposal-related losses through scheduled production and procurement ・Ensuring stable profits through procurement at optimal costs Local governments and organizations: Revitalizing local regions with a focus on six-step industrialization By leveraging ICT in the agricultural industry, and through producer-centric management, Fujitsu’s Akisai service will contribute to revitalizing local regions that depend heavily on farming and production.
  2. 2. Product Structure of the Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud A service enabling enterprise-style agricultural management, from the field to the office Comprehensive support for field cultivation, greenhouse horticulture, and livestock An innovation support service promoting systematic management practicesService Overview SaaS-based Agricultural Greenhouse Horticulture Available SaaS-based Solution for Available Available Production Management SaaS and Greenhouse Oct. 2012 Aggregation Management Oct. 2012 Oct. 2012 Solution Environment Control box A service that stores, manages, and A service that aggregates, visualizes, and A service that connects greenhouses to the aggregates data gathered during the manages production process information from cloud, thereby enabling remote monitoring agricultural production process, from multiple producers, such as condition monitoring and remote control functionality via PCs and production planning to harvesting and shipping. data for each crop, supply and demand mobile devices. adjustments, and quality control information. By In addition, the service also promotes managing raw materials from each supplier at the enterprise-style management practices. In addition, by utilizing greenhouse data planning stage, this service supports the creation of a fixed-time, fixed-quantity, fixed-quality, and stored in the cloud, this service also helps to fixed-price model. improve cultivation technology. Business Administration Now Cattle Husbandry SaaS Now Innovation Support Available SaaS Available Available Service Oct. 2012 This service offers an all-in-one package of A service that utilizes bovine behavioral A consultation service designed to assist features that are essential for business characteristics and observes changes in the producers in overcoming challenges. Fujitsu administration, from accounting to payroll and tax number of steps collected by a pedometer to staff members work closely with producers to reporting. No specialized knowledge is needed, detect times when cattle are ready to breed. The address challenges by creating proposals and and users can perform accounting and tax service will send a notification message to the user once this state is detected, which reduces providing practical support, such as management functions that comply with determining optimal ICT deployment strategies agricultural standards by simply inputting daily missed opportunities to fertilize female cattle, while also enabling breeding with higher and work style innovations. transactions. The service can also generate the various forms necessary when reporting taxes. conception rates. As a result, users are able to enjoy lower overhead costs. This pamphlet is translated based on the Japanese local pamphlet. Some contents inside are reference information for Japan local only. (Cost/Patent, etc) If you need further information, please contact our sales representative in your region. This Brochure was produced by waterless printing and utilizes Vegetable oil ink on environment-friendly Paper. No hazardous substances were discharged during the process. Copyright 2012 FUJITSU LIMITED 2012.10