Touching the Cloud


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  • A remark: for those of you who have good memory about history and art lessens. Michelangelo wanted to express that God created Adam with his finger. Probably a touch was never intended. But inspiration and association are free from the initial intentions or original creations.
  • A remark: for those of you who have good memory about history and art lessens. Michelangelo wanted to express that God created Adam with his finger. Probably a touch was never intended. But inspiration and association is free from the initial intentions from a original creations.
  • Fujitsu Vision - Combining Cloud MobileBig data SocialTo deliver innovation in BusinessThe way society lives
  • Touching the Cloud

    1. 1. Touching the CloudReshaping ICT, Reshaping BusinessCopyright 2013 FUJITSUIan HunterVice President Services and Solutions Marketing, International Business
    2. 2. 1The genius of the Old MastersSource: Michelangelo, 1512Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
    3. 3. 2How the Old Masters inspire IT… the CloudRetail  "Heavenly" way to deliverIT to user Applications and data Compute and storageresourcesCloud Simplest way of interactionwith IT Easy access to cloudTouch Break-through in deliveringand using IT You literally can touch the busi-ness – always and everywhereTouchingthe cloudTouching …Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
    4. 4. 3Agenda The benefits of Cloud The Fujitsu approach Fujitsu Cloud in action IT management in the CloudCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    5. 5. 4What are the real benefits of cloud? Saving time (efficiency) andremoving complexity Reducing cost and matching thatcost to business demand Allowing IT to provide the agilityand responsiveness business isdemanding Creates an environmentenabling innovationCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    6. 6. 5What is the market saying?Copyright 2013 FUJITSU80%of decision makers said that they would trust Fujitsu astheir Cloud providerFujitsu research, September 2012 of 310 Cloud decision makers sampled in a global survey78%of decision makers want a provider to takeend-to-end responsibility for theirCloud implementation59%of decision makers think that decisions about Cloudadoption are more complex and difficult in their company74%of decision makers expressed a preference for a Cloudprovider with experience in hardware and software andstrong integration and consulting skills
    7. 7. 6Fujitsu Cloud approach To provide CHOICE from an end to end portfolio of Cloud Services To support customers wherever they may be on their Cloud journey Provide cloud management services for all or part of the customer’s cloudenvironmentTriggers WorkloadDelivery Cloud choiceOne size does not fit allStrongest cloud portfolioCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    8. 8. 7Fujitsu Cloud:Underpinning business & social innovationSocialMobileBig dataCloud IntegrationPartner’s cloud Partner’s cloudWeb Meeting eCommerceCRM Back-endSystemInformationsystemFood &AgricultureAutomotive &Transportation HealthcareFujitsu cloudSaaS PaaS IaaSCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    9. 9. 8Pet CloudCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    10. 10. 9Fujitsu Cloud:Reshaping how our clients‘ do businessCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    11. 11. 10Fujitsu Cloud in actionTransfer RiskFlexibilityMatch demand inbusy periods55%Saving on Infrastructurex3Capacity to ExpandAPJ VMwareService ProviderProgram Partnerof the YearExcellence inVirtualization and CloudDeliveryInfrastructureTransformationCash for growthOutlets canfocus on customserviceScalable,agile ITLower TCOBest use oftechnology inHospitality &LeisureUK Retail SystemsAwards 2012Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
    12. 12. 11Fujitsu Cloud in actionRetail as a ServiceEnd to EndRetail OperationsSubscriptionservice makingprocesseseasier, fasterand lessexpensiveEnterprise widecloud servicesIT aligned toBusinessDesktop, messaging, productivity, unifiedcomms anddatabaseservicesAddressed tech refreshand EoL issuesFlexible, agile ICTScale and adapt toevolving needs> 2500Retailers and OutletsCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    13. 13. 12Fujitsu Cloud in actionAddressed concernsover data residencyDecentralized andcollaborative projectmanagement Enabled"Software as aService“business modelSignificantly reducedproduct launch timesRapid & simple portingIT outsourceunderpinned by cloudGlobal, standardizedservicesFlexible ITto meet cyclicdemandContinuousimprovementBlended service deliverymodelCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    14. 14. 13Touching the CloudCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    15. 15. 14Always touching the cloud with FujitsuCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    16. 16. 15How do you optimize supportfor today’s complex IT world?Advanced IntegrationCloudDeviceBig dataIndustry Community MedicalMedia Enterprise EngineeringCloudTraditional ITThe CIO Dilemma
    17. 17. 16Delivered from Fujitsu Global Cloud Platforms – centrally supported by Global Delivery CenterGlobal DeliveryCenterN AmericaUKAustraliaSingaporePhilippinesITMaaS Platforms(on Global Cloud Platform)Fujitsu ITMaaS Delivery FootprintCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    18. 18. 17Advanced IntegrationCloudDeviceBig dataIndustry Community MedicalMedia Enterprise EngineeringCloudTraditional ITIT Management in the CloudBack-upSystem monitoringServicemanagementResourceOrchestrationALARMSecurity
    19. 19. 18Fujitsus Services for "Touching the Cloud"From assessment through deployment to secure and efficient operations.Public CloudPrivate Cloud Private HostedCloud service enablerRun My ProcessBig data utilisation platformAssessmentConsultingMigrationHybrid Cloud servicesSaaS integrationLegacy modernisationIT Management Workplace Industry EnterpriseEnterprise cloud managementService level agreements24x7 service deskCopyright 2013 FUJITSU
    20. 20. 19The Right Partner For Your Journey Cloud choices Solutions for all or part of your cloud landscape End-to-end solutions Linking your traditional infrastructure to thecloud Security Global presence Navigating complexity Track record in serving enterprisesN=310Copyright 2013 FUJITSU
    21. 21. 20