The Evolving Workplace Microsoft & Fujitsu look at the future


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  • GazersCharacteristicsStatic WorkplaceDedicated desk/officeData and Apps stored in the cloudLittle or no homeworkingImplicationsFixed physical layout with fixed supportPlanning/Comm’s by data/person location?Moderate policy on mobile and broadbandIT Hardware does not move muchNomadsCharacteristicsHighly mobile Workplace – device independentNo need to come into the officeData and Apps stored in the cloudVirtual teams and workgroupsWiki-world behaviours? Shorter dev./life cycles?ImplicationsHighly dynamic MS facilities / supportPlanning/Communications by role?Mobile and broadband become ubiquitousIT Hardware choices become personalised?SettlersCharacteristicsStatic WorkplaceDedicated desk/officeData and Apps stored locallyLittle or no homeworkingImplicationsFixed physical layout with fixed supportPlanning/Communications by locationTight policy on mobile and broadbandIT Hardware does not move muchMobileCharacteristicsMobile WorkplaceData and Apps in the cloudHomeworking is the norm’No neighbour – impact on social structure?ImplicationsHot-desking with corresponding supportPlanning/Communications by role?Relaxed policy on mobile and broadbandIT Hardware is very mobile but people carry a lot
  • TIMING: 2 minutes PURPOSE: Explain how technology can help executives create a digital workplace to save money, gain efficiencies, and grow.  KEY POINTS:The workplace of the future is a dynamic environment where walls don’t have meaningIt is a paperless, 100% digital environment, giving new meaning to the word collaboration as it does not allow for any siloed information SUPPORTING POINTS:As you think about how you will embrace the new era of productivity, we’d like to ask you to think about how technology can help you go paperless. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft recently said that “people need to be able to capture the information they need, visualize it, understand it and act on it in a completely seamless way.” At Microsoft, we think a lot about how today’s digital work style can help you lower costs and improve efficiencies, drive innovation, and grow your business—and how we can help you meet today’s changing user expectations. Here is a view of how we think the workplace of the future may look:From morning to night, your experience with technology should be consistent and intuitive, whether you’re using a phone, PC, tablet—or even a gaming system. As you move between home and work, it should be easy to store and access data digitally via the cloud and from any device.Your technology experience should be fun and natural, enabling you to directly manipulate text, slides and other objects through gestures, touch and pen. For instance, it should be easy to explore data quickly to help uncover new insights. New large-format touch screens and Windows 8 offer an incredibly immersive experience today—one that is bound to become ever more immersive as “screens” evolve into interacting with virtually any surface.Meetings should be just as productive virtually as in person. Our latest Lync and Skype solutions enable high-quality audio/video conferencing that allow you to go paperless with application and presentation sharing.In meetings, you should be able to draw, type, click, or swipe to save and search your notes—from any device. The devices you want to use are the same ones that meet your enterprise security requirements, helping you protect sensitive information and communications. And those same devices also run the new Office, making it easy to quickly share your data without printing. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  • The Evolving Workplace Microsoft & Fujitsu look at the future

    1. 1. Pieter Joris - FujitsuBart Willem - Microsoft
    2. 2. Physical + Virtual Workplace = Total WorkExperienceOrganicNomad & EcoHiveUnifiedCollaborationsSocialInteraction &CommunityUbiquityAccessFreeWorkplaceReal EstateWorkplaceAdvantageNomadWorldNewWorld ofWork
    3. 3. What will the workplace of the future look like?“As we look ahead into the next century,leaders will be those who empower others.” –Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founderCentral data storagein on-premises, hybrid, or pure cloud-basedstorage services so it can easily be shared andsynchronized across devices.Tablets and smartphonesshift the consumption ofinformation from paper toconvenient, portable, connecteddigital devices.Common operating systemthat offers security, directory services,and the touch-and-gesture features thatunderlie the digital workstyle.Audio-visual conferencing systemsin executive conference rooms to enable remotemeetings and team collaboration around data withoutprint.Anywhere accessvia tablets, and smartphones sopeople can access theirinformation anywhere, anytime.Digital imagingCapture handwritten notes anddrawings and to quickly accessinformation represented by digitaltags.High-resolution touch screensfor personal or team use, in order to enablerich environments for the display andmanipulationof data and information.Natural input for applicationsuses touch, stylus, and gesture-based inputtotake notes and mark up documents digitally,replacing notebooks and whiteboards.
    4. 4. Embrace The Consumerization Of IT with Fujitsu andthe Microsoft PlatformDevices and Office Platform being the two low-hanging fruits
    5. 5. Windows 8 for EnterpriseNo CompromiseBusiness Tablet*New Possibilities inMobile ProductivityEnhanced End-to-EndSecurityManagementand VirtualizationTouch First, Keyboard & MouseApps from the Windows StoreProductivity & LOB Desktop appsWindows To GoDirectAccessMobile BroadbandSecure Boot, Trusted BootBitlocker, Virtual smartcardsDynamic Access ControlHigh Fidelity User ExperienceClient Hyper –V, PowerShellGroup Policy, Push-button Reset
    6. 6. Windows 8 for Enterprise: the evidence
    7. 7. Fujitsu Managed Infrastructure ServicesBringing the NewWorld of Work to Life
    8. 8. Copyright 2013 FUJITSUManaged Infrastructure Services (MIS)
    9. 9. Copyright 2013 FUJITSUEnd User Services (EUS)User AccessService DeliveryManagementSingle point ofResponsibilityEnd User Support Services End User Infrastructure ServicesNetwork ConnectivityVirtual Client ServicesFujitsu Productivity SuiteCloud based Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and OfficeHosted Services for Exchange, SharePoint, LyncClient Application Delivery (including apps virtualization)Security/AV – Directory Service – Patching – File StorePrivate / SharedService DeskEnd User DevicesClassicAsset based servicesContinuousServiceImprovementKPI ReportingChangeManagementProvide, Configure,Install, Maintain,Decommission &RecycleDevice LifecycleServicesOn-Site andDesk-Side ServicesRemote AssistanceSelf HelpSelf ServicePortal
    10. 10. Copyright 2013 FUJITSUWorkPlace Systems (WPS)LIFEBOOKNotebooks and Tablet PCDisplays, Keyboards, Accessories, SoftwareFUTROThin ClientsESPRIMOPCsMobile devices Stationary devicesSTYLISTICTablet PCZero ClientsCELSIUSWorkstations
    11. 11. Copyright 2013 FUJITSUFujitsu WPS innovationsErase Disk FunctionalitySupported by Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q/E/P910, E/P/C710and CELSIUS workstations. Delete HDDs without oany chance of data misuseFujitsu STYLISTIC Q702Lightweight hybrid tablet PC enables easy contentcreation and consumption with attachable keyboardFujitsu’s STYLISTIC M702Best equipped Android 4.0 tablet PC designed fortoughest businessErase Disk FunctionalitySupported by Fujitsu ESPRIMO Q/E/P910,E/P/C710 and CELSIUS workstations. DeleteHDDs without o any chance of data misuse0-Watt AC AdapterIntelligent charging, adapter cuts off power supplywhen notebook is in off-modeFujitsu 3D-Display23-inch display with 3D technology0-Watt GraphicsTechnologySupported by ESPRIMO and CELSIUS withdedicated graphics card - reduced energyconsumption due to automatic deactivation ofgraphics cardFujitsu ESPRIMO Q510/Q910Fully featured mini PC with integrated power supplyand VESA mount kitLIFEBOOK E-LineTrue family concept, in an affordable packageoffering high level of mobility without compromizingperformance or functionalities.Unique product concept – X LineCommon family design of PC, Thin Client orDisplay for homogenous office environment.Supports “must have” office computingrequirements of tomorrow inc. touch screen optionFujitsu Ultrabooks™Industry‟s first Ultrabook™ designed from theground up for business professionals, worldsslimmest 14-inch notebook, 15.6mm
    12. 12. Copyright 2013 FUJITSULIFEBOOK/STYLISTIC Tablet PC„s portfolioAdvancedAll-roundMedia Tablet for Businessand Private UseFlexible Mobile OfficeSuperiorMobility without Compromises Convertible/Tablet PC Optional 4G/LTE or3G/UMTS GPS support Ultimatesecurity(incl. ATP*) Dualdigitizer* Ambient Light Sensor Antibacterial backlitkeyboardLIFEBOOKT90233.8 cm(13.3-inch)From 2.0 kg* Depending on modelSTYLISTICQ57225.7 cm(10.1-inch)From 820 g Professional Tablet PC Multiple touch and peninput Optional3G/UMTS or 4G/LTE GPS support Ultimate security (incl.ATP*) Windows 8 OS for easyintegration into existingIT infrastructureSTYLISTICM53225.7 cm(10.1-inch)From 560 g Stylish Media Tablet Multiple touch 3G/UMTS and GPS VDI-ready Secure Corporate Email and CalendarExchange Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS forbusiness and private use Rich multimedia features, Google apps Hybrid Tablet PC Optional 4G/LTE or3G/UMTS GPS support Ultimatesecurity(incl. ATP*) Dualdigitizer Ambient Light Sensor29.6 cm(11.6-inch)From 850 gSTYLISTICQ702STYLISTICM70225.7 cm(10.1-inch)From 590 g Semi-Ruggedized Tabletwith superior haptics Multiple Touch 4G/LTE, GPS and NFC Ultimate security (incl.fingerprint sensor) VDI-ready Secure Corporate Emailand Calendar Exchange Android 4.0 Ice CreamSandwich OS for businessand private use Water- and dustproof
    13. 13. Copyright 2013 FUJITSUJourney to the Future Workplace with Fujitsu One-stop shopping with Fujitsu Best-in-class virtualization Technologies All required Infrastructure products Consulting, Design & Implementation services Lifecycle services Fujitsu Accelerates Transition Proven Methodology and processes Project Experience Attractive Financial solutions Various Sourcing Options On or off premise Solutions, Managed, As a Service Flexible Go To MarketConsult Design Build Operate Maintain
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    15. 15. Thank you for your attentionEnjoy the rest of It Future 2013!