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Fujitsu World Tour Belgium How will the future be different
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Fujitsu World Tour Belgium How will the future be different


How will the future be different? …

How will the future be different?
The Hyperconnected World

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Bruno Sirletti Head of Marketing Fujitsu WEMEIA FUJITSU WORLD TOUR 2014 Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
  • 2. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITEDINTERNAL USE ONLY Chapter 1 : How will the future be different?
  • 3. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED The Hyperconnected World  The emerging new world where people, information, things and infrastructure are connected via network, transforming work and life everywhere
  • 4. Internet of Things & Big Data  IoT & big data bring huge growth potential to the global economy INTERNAL USE ONLY Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED 2013 10 billion 2020 50+ billion 1GB/s 20TB/h 100GB - A self-driving car - A jet engine in the air - An individual genome Things connected to the internet
  • 5. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED  Innovation cost has gone down significantly Source) Key Note Speech, VCJ Venture Alpha Conference, Mark Suster (Partner, GRP) “The State of the Venture Capital Markets” OCTOBER 20, 2011 2009 $50K 2005 $500K 2011 $5K 2000 $5m Open source Developers Start Companies Cloud Anybody can start a digital business
  • 6. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED  Example: TechShop Anybody can be a manufacturer
  • 7. A new industrial revolution  Led by people empowered by ICT
  • 8. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Solve difficult social challenges Environment Population Growth Urbanization Food Aging Natural Disasters  Aligning business with positive social outcomes is important
  • 9. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED  How people use technologies A key driver for the future…
  • 10. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED The human-centric paradigm Productivity-centric Paradigm Human-centric Paradigm Character- istics  Efficiency  Creativity  Processes , static  Autonomy, dynamic  Information  Knowledge  Past  Present(real time) & future  Own  Share  Lead by organizations  Lead by individuals  High innovation cost  Low innovation cost  Closed innovation  Open innovation Role of ICT  Improvement of productivity  Cost reduction  Empowerment of people  Improvement of value  Innovation of business model
  • 11. Human Centric Intelligent Society  Through ICT, people will be empowered to create business and social innovation. This is our vision for a sustainable future. 10
  • 12. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITEDCopyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Chapter 2 : A new approach to innovation
  • 13. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED 0 10 20 30 40 50 Financial Product Geographic growth Operations Sales&Marketing Customer Workforce Cost Profitability Growth Top Priority 2nd 3rd  The top priority for CEOs is Growth. Technology is the key driver. Changing Business Priorities Source:Mark Raskino, Jorge Lopez(Gartner)MARCH 25, 2013 「CEO and Senior Executive Survey 2013: As Uncertainty Recedes, the Digital Future Emerges」 Science & Technology is… Accelerating Slowing 62% 38%
  • 14. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Creative Intelligence  Enabling people, information and infrastructure leads to innovation Three dimensions for innovation Human Empowerment Connected Infrastructure People Information Infrastructure
  • 15. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Human Empowerment  Empower employees, connect with individual customers, drive open innovation
  • 16. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Creative Intelligence  Create knowledge, support decisions, span industries & break silos
  • 17. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED  Connect everything with ICT, optimize the entire infrastructure Connected Infrastructure
  • 18. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Customer Cases Engineers can maintain aircraft easily and accurately by using Fujitsu AIT(RFID). Boeing & Airbus AIT* Connected Infrastructure AIT & cloud infrastructure Creative Intelligence Industry-wide maintenance knowledge Human Empowerment RFID-enabled business service *Automatic Identification Technology
  • 19. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Customer Cases Fujitsu’s cloud and augmented reality (AR) technology help Metawater to manage water and sewerage. Metawater Connected Infrastructure Sensors, IoT and cloud infrastructure Creative Intelligence Data analysis Human Empowerment Remote monitoring AR field service Knowledge sharing
  • 20. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Customer Cases AEON Connected Infrastructure Sensors/IoT and cloud infrastructure Creative Intelligence Data analysis Human Empowerment Smartphones Knowledge sharing “Akisai”, Fujitsu’s agriculture cloud enables farmers to get better results by harnessing information.
  • 21. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Chapter 3 : What we can do for you
  • 22. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Human Centric Innovation  Enabling your people, information and infrastructure Connected Infrastructure Human Empowerment Creative Intelligence
  • 23. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED  Bringing together the 3 dimensions will create innovative business models Human Centric Innovation Human Empowerment Creative Intelligence Connected Infrastructure - Engagement - Collaboration - Sensing - Action Support - Decision Support - Process Optimization Information Massive amounts of Information (Big Data) People Enormous number of Individuals Infrastructure Mobile, sensors, IoT infrastructure
  • 24. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Blending ICT into Business Models People, things and processes are connected across boundaries Real-time information from ICT systems, sensors & web Act through digitalized things and infrastructure Optimize processes (as a service) Integrate information and create knowledge by analysis Human Empowerment Connected Infrastructure Creative Intelligence
  • 25. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Cloud enables a Eco System platform  Cloud connects everything, enabling a new, distributed form of business Intelligent Business Platform (Cloud) Connected Infrastructure for Internet of Things Value Web Cross-industrial Digital Ecosystem
  • 26. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Values we provide  We provide an integrated portfolio of technologies and services to enable customers to innovate and deliver growth Software Defined Infrastructure Big DataIntegration Mobility Computing Security Cloud Services
  • 27. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED We are your innovation partner  Blend your business know-how with our technology know-how
  • 28. Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED Will you join our journey to a human centric intelligent society? shaping tomorrow with you