Transforming processes and changing business through effectively managing the paper to digital metamorphosis


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Imaging and Document Management Services (IDMS)

Fuji Xerox provides comprehensive capabilities utilising end-to-end process control technologies that seamlessly integrate into your document management applications and databases.

Document scanning and processing with Fuji Xerox Imaging and Document Management Services provide a number of significant benefits for your business:

• Enhanced productivity with streamlined work processes to capture critical business information, automate routing and improve search and retrieval of these information efficiently when you need it.

• Reduced hard-copy document storage costs with document scanning.

• Improved time to market and better response to customers within department functions with instant access to scanned document information from any desktop.

• Accurate reporting of digitized documents that boost throughput for information-intense processes and improve the quality of documentation that draws content from multiple sources.

• Commitment and accountability leveraging leading-edge technologies to drive value to support your business requirements.

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Transforming processes and changing business through effectively managing the paper to digital metamorphosis

  1. 1. Transforming processes and changing business through effectively managing the paper to digital metamorphosis Imaging & Document Management Services Service Overview Document Solutions Group
  2. 2. Timely Access to Business Critical Documents Against this background of ongoing change, most organisations have similar objectives that they are striving to achieve, including: > Regulatory compliance > Increased business productivity > Reducing costs > Improved customer relationship management > Cashflow improvement > Back office efficiency These drivers, along with the activities of many core business functions, depend on the sharing of legacy and current knowledge. This information is usually available in documents. The success of achieving these objectives and realising corporate goals is determined by how well these documents are controlled, managed and used. Technology alone does not simplify business. Achieving the benefits of technology-enabled change requires addressing the way people, technology, and working practices interact to deliver an effective and efficient business process. Key Drivers The Business Imperative To remain competitive today, companies are continually looking to simplify how they do business. Business simplification is key to reducing costs, increasing responsiveness, and improving decision-making. The fast moving business and technological environment is driving the need to create, use and manage documents in more productive and resource efficient ways. The development of new compliance standards and the push towards the global sharing and management of knowledge is also driving the need for effective document management control and use. Imaging & Document Management Services Service Overview Document Solutions Group
  3. 3. Our innovative whole-document lifecycle approach allows you and your enterprise to take advantage of the most complete range of document related services. This not only adds value to your operation, but frees you and your organisation to focus on your core business. Core benefits delivered by Imaging & Document Management Services include: Enhanced productivity by improving search and retrieval or linking documents together Enabling remote accessibility to business critical documents Improving the longevity and security of documents Meeting legislation codes requirements and codes of conduct Effectively managing timely version control Reducing costs of storage Streamlining document intensive business processes by enabling electronic document solutions About Fuji Xerox Document Solutions Group Delivering Value Based in Singapore, the Document Solutions Group (DSG) is Fuji Xerox Singapore’s IT and Business Solutions and Services expert, specialising in the design and delivery of document and knowledge management solutions and services. We work with the industry’s technology leaders to provide best of breed solutions and services to our customers to meet all your business information management needs. Supported by a strong team of consultants and solution architects, we help businesses transform complex information, giving you the ready resource to tap into enterprise knowledge and experience to enhance your competitiveness, accelerate your growth and increase your revenue. COMPANY / APPLICATION Bank • Client Contracts Insurance • Policy & Claim Documents Government • Purchase/Rental Agreements; Property Records Pharmaceutical • Mfg Design Blueprints Telecommunication • Customer Correspondence Cross-Industry • Human Resource CAPTURE Preparation Preparation Preparation Preparation Preparation Preparation CONVERT Indexing Indexing Indexing Conversion Indexing Indexing MANAGE Repository CD-ROM CD-ROM CD-ROM CRM System Repository VALUE Easy accessibility globally via network Business Continuity; Improve customer relationship Reduced search times for existing information Improved the redesign process Reduced query time, improved customer retention Standardise and streamline global processes. Improve employee relationship Enhancement Workflow Scanning Scanning Scanning Scanning Scanning Scanning Examples of customers, applications and values delivered include: For more information, call or visit us at: Fuji Xerox Singapore 80 Anson Road #01-01 Fuji Xerox Towers Singapore 079907 Tel: (65) 6766 8888 Fax: (65) 6761 6700 Contact: Cassandra Ong Email: Enquiry: (65) 6761 6824 XEROX, and the sphere of connectivity design are trademarks or registered trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the U.S. and /or other countries.
  4. 4. At a basic level, Imaging & Document Management Services can improve the way in which you store, manage and access business information; at their most advanced, they can transform business processes and the way your enterprise works. These services can be deployed and managed at one of Fuji Xerox’s production centres or at the client’s location. Imaging & Document Management Services enable customers to capture documents electronically, convert them and manage them within a business Preparation > Count Pages > De-Staple > Paginate > Barcode Scanning > Up to A0 > Wide Format > Black & White > Colour > Greyscale > Image Manipulation Index > Manual > Automated > Smart Image Conversion > TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, BMP OCR/ICR > Language Independent > Up to 99.998% accuracy > Text Only Conversion > Proofing, Framing, Tables > Embedded images > Multi-columns Encoding/Structuring/ Composition > SGML, HTML, XML, ASCII Hosted Repository > Internet, Intranet Services > Off-site, On-site Other Electronic Media > CD-ROM Image only > CD-ROM including viewing/retrieval software > COLD > Upload into existing proprietary EDM Sytems e.g. Documentum critical process. It facilitates the transfer of data in hard copy documents to electronic format and contributes significantly to workflow process improvements, which form part of a customer’s back office rationalisation cost and productivity objectives. The suite of Imaging & Document and Management Services spans a number of document related applications, for example: Forms Management and Data Capture; Records Management and Active Volume Retrieval; Back-file and Electronic Archiving; Legal – Index Intensive; Digital Document Re- Creation and Electronic Mailroom. At the heart of this service is a capture, convert and manage methodology which can be delivered through a variety of people, technology and software routes. This methodology encompasses all aspects and options of the paper to digital conversion process, from receipt to electronic processing. The right approach depends on the documents, the business process and critically, the business need. Imaging & Document Management Services Imaging & Document Management Services CAPTURE CONVERT MANAGE