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Connect with your customers’ world while streamlining your own.

Get the best of both worlds. FreeFlow Web Services, Powered by Press-sense is a Web-to-print solution that gives your customers 24/7 access to your services. But
that’s just the half of it. It also fully automates your workflow by integrating ordering, file creation, customisation, approval, printing, and delivery—so you can become a strategic partner to your customers, while improving the productivity of your entire organization.

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FreeFlow® Web Services, Powered by Press-sense

  1. 1. FreeFlow® Web Services, Powered by Press-sense™ Connect with your customers’ world while streamlining your own. Digital Workflow Collection FreeFlow® Web Services
  2. 2. Connect with customers. Streamline your operation. Get the best of both worlds. FreeFlow Web Services, Powered by Press-sense is a Web-to-print solution that gives your customers 24/7 access to your services. But that’s just the half of it. It also fully automates your workflow by integrating ordering, file creation, customisation, approval, printing, and delivery—so you can become a strategic partner to your customers, while improving the productivity of your entire organization. More than meets the eye. With FreeFlow Web Services, you get more than just a Web-to-print storefront. You get an end-to-end workflow and management plat- form that integrates and automates Web-based ordering, prepress, production, and delivery to boost your efficiency, reduce your operational costs, and open up new business opportunities. Good for your bottom line. To grow your print volumes, you need to be able to reach your customers, provide them with quality products and services, and keep them satisfied. That’s why FreeFlow Web Services includes thumbnail-based job catalogues to make ordering, tracking, and reprinting jobs remarkably simple. In addition, it can help you grow your business through cross-selling different applications to your existing customers, targeting new markets using the mail-to-print functionality, or integrating an HTML catalogue into your website to approach potential customers. Any way you look at it, FreeFlow Web Services is designed to help you grow your business: • Increase job volumes • Repeat business from simple reprints of stored files • Obtain more customers and a larger share of customer print buy • Provide 24/7 access and service • Reach new customers, markets, and organizations • Offer new services easily: e-business, targeted campaigns, and personalization by using variable capabilities Good for your customers. Customized Web-to-print solutions give your customers unprecedented control over their printing by providing them with 24/7 access to your services. They save time and money by submitting, tracking, and paying for their jobs online. Plus, they can get estimates, spending reports, soft-proof PDFs, job tickets, and more whenever they need them, from anywhere in the world. And you can customize the user experience on a customer-by-customer basis, based on the type of job that they’re ordering— from simple document options such as paper type to complex specifications like lamination. With FreeFlow Web Services, you can meet the needs of any customer: • Tailor workflows to specific client needs • Streamline workflow and provide value-added services • Increase customer loyalty Good for managing your production back end. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get more jobs in and out the door than ever before while reducing your operational costs? With FreeFlow Web Services, we’ve made it easy to do just that. By enabling your customers to handle their own job ordering, tracking, and payment, you take the responsibility off your staff—so they can spend their time on securing new business. What’s more, FreeFlow Web Services lets you update job status, delivery, and billing information quicker than ever before. The end result is a more streamlined workflow across your entire operation: • Free up staff for mission-critical tasks • Put customers in control of their jobs and assets • View, edit, and print documents on the fly • Submit jobs to any printer in your shop • Web Services offers full web-to-print submission from print buyer to production, fulfilment and delivery. The open system works seamlessly with other 3rd party systems and complies with most industry standards, including JDF
  3. 3. Good for your flexibility. A wide range of optional, add-on modules for advanced capabilities makes FreeFlow Web Services the most comprehensive solution available today: Order Centre# consolidates Web, phone, fax, and walk-in orders into a single application. Site Customisation lets you provide your customers with customized Web portals that match the look and feel of their brand. Book Assembly offers your customers the ability to produce dynamically bound books using multiple or individual files. Credit Card/Online Payment enables secure online payment with credit cards or online payment using popular e-commerce sites like PayPal™,® , and more. LDAP Adapter enables user authentication when logging into the system by way of a directory service. Data Export reduces errors by enabling operators to easily export data from Web Services directly to peripheral systems—including accounting and estimating—as well as Excel® spreadsheets. This module is required for, and integrates with, the LDAP Adapter. Variable data printing capabili- ties. Integrating personalized printing capabilities is a critical part of your print e-business. Web Services enables you to provide these capabilities in these ways: Base Web Services Personalization supports basic text and image personalization directly within Web Services via a step by step Variable Information “Wizard” with dynamic preview capabilities. No incremental tools are needed to build or set up basic personalization. VIPP® Emitter# optimisesyourvariabledata printing by making it possible for any VIPP-enabled print server to achieve optimal variable printing. Direct Marketing Links enable integration with third-party applications, including variable data generation, bar code printing, and more. DirectSmile Image Generator*# allows users to incorporate personalized images generated with DirectSmile into a Web Services template, creating unique variable documents. XMPie® PersonalEffect™ Adapter*# enables XMPie PersonalEffect users to integrate a robust Web ordering capability with state-of-the-art XMPie PersonalEffect variable campaigns. Take your business to the next level with FreeFlow Web Services. Connect with customers. 24/7 access makes it easier for your customers to do business with you while email order confirmations, job tracking, and up-to-the minute spending reports increase their satisfaction and help build loyalty. Reprint on the fly. With digital job archives, your customers can order reprints whenever they’re needed—freeing up your skilled opera- tors to perform more mission-critical tasks like seeking out new business. Offer additional services. Variable data document templates make it easy for you to offer your customers personalized applications that provide a high return on investment—and the ability to easily create online repositories for any customer helps strengthen your bottom line. Accelerate your workflow. A powerful toolkit enables a highly customized specification process, while automation streamlines your operation by allowing you to manage documents, print queues, job status, and more without intervention. FreeFlow Web Services, Powered by Press-sense combines with other products from the FreeFlow Workflow Collection to deliver workflow solutions that help you connect with your customers, enable more applications, and reduce costs. Web Services opens up a new revenue stream by making it easy to create customised Web portals on a customer-by-customer basis. * Requires Web Services Direct Marketing Links optional module. # Will be available in post launch.
  4. 4. Hardware Components Minimum requirements: • Processor: –– Dual Processors Intel® Xeon® 2.8 GHz equivalent or better, or equivalent AMD processor or –– Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® 2.0 GHz equivalent or better, or equivalent AMD processor • System Memory: 2 GB • Hard Drive Capacity: Minimum of 160 GB SCSI/SAS hard drive with appropriate allowance for future disk space requirements • Video Capability: Video controller with at least 1024 x 768 resolution and 32-bit color • Ethernet Capability: 10/100/1000 MB/sec • Display: Analog CRT or LCD monitor • Input Devices: Keyboard and mouse • Peripheral Devices: DVD-ROM drive • Backup storage device recommended Software Components Supported Operating Systems: • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition (32-bit) with SP2 or • Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Standard Edition (32-bit) with SP2 Third-Party Application Software: • Microsoft® Office 2007 Standard Edition (Word, Excel® , PowerPoint® ) • Microsoft® “Save as PDF” Add-in for Microsoft® Office 2007 When jobs can go quickly and automatically from submission to printing to finishing to shipping, your productivity and profitability can soar. It comes down to more jobs in, more jobs out, for a greater return on your investment. The FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection can help you automate to save time and reduce costs for every job, from point of entry to final delivery. Orders come in through your current system or the 24/7 Web portal enabled through FreeFlow Web Services, Powered by Press-sense™. Immediately, they’re processed through FreeFlow Process Manager™, which automatically handles preflight, imposition, scripting, and more. FreeFlow Print Manager takes care of job ticketing and tracking—it can even integrate with your offset prepress systems. Jobs can also be prepared with our document preparation software, which allows you to view and prepare jobs for printing—FreeFlow Express to Print uses templates for ease and simplicity while FreeFlow Makeready® puts advanced capabilities at your fingertips. Now, FreeFlow Output Manager™ takes over, acting as a centralized collection point to route and schedule jobs across multiple printers. Finally, the FreeFlow Print Server RIPs the jobs, providing timesaving efficiency, excellent image quality, and benchmark security. Looking to gain a competitive edge? Use the FreeFlow Variable Information Suite to add personalization and cost-effective security features to your documents. The bottom line? Whether you use one of these products or integrate several to meet your specific workflow needs, you can connect with your customers, reduce costs, and enable new applications. Fewer touches. Greater productivity. FreeFlow® Web Services 7.0 Specifications © 2009 Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Xerox®, the sphere of connectivity design, FreeFlow®, FreeFlow Makeready®, FreeFlow Output Manager™, FreeFlow Process Manager™, PersonalEffect™, VIPP®, and XMPie® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Intel® and Xeon® are trademarks of Intel Corporation. Microsoft®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Windows® are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Powered by Press-sense™ is a trademark of Press-sense Ltd. PayPal™ is a trademark of PayPal, Inc. Authorize.Net® is a trademark of Lightbridge, Inc. 1/09 For more information or detailed product specifications, call or visit us at Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd 80 Anson Road, #01-01 Fuji Xerox Tower Singapore 079907 Tel. 65 6766 8888