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  1. 1. NARRATIVE BREAKDOWN OF VIDEOA simple statement that most young people will grasp. The song exemplifiesThe fact that “everyone has music in them” which means everyone has someSense of musical spirit or rhythm. The video will attempt to express this byHaving groups of people experiencing this “musical spirit” in different locationsAnd also enter the different dancing techniques used by young people to exemplifyvariation
  2. 2. Verse 1 (Hi-Rez)One time, for those who hold me downIf you didnt know me then, bet you know me nowTold my parents that I rap they like holy cow Lyrics- Music In MeThey aint support at first, but now they oh so proudAh, yeah, they oh so proud Verse 2 (Hi-Rez)Accomplishing my goals, still no cap and gown Care to take a shot, homie it wont kill meI always got a smile, never see me with a frown Chances are that you people really feel meAnd I never sell out thats a promise and a vow You might know Rez but youll never know the real me Keep on judging me homie, real talk, just feel freeHey, and I did it on my own time But just know I get more money than youNever had a helping hand, nobody co sign Your girl loves, but she say that Im more funny than youNotice every rapper talk about how they so fly I got a buzz like a bee, get more honeys than youBut thats what sells and I dont even know why And if you heard that I keep it 100 its trueGod tell me when all the passion died Yeah, cause Im as real as it gets, Im just living my lifeGod tell me is it worth the sacrifice But yall just dealing with stress Got my eyes on success and I aint never plan on blinkinGod tell me is there an after life Titanic dreams are big but I aint sinkingAnd tell me why these hoes blowin up who aint I bringing music to life, I earned all that I ownhalf as nice Aint even sharing a sliceThat sounded egotistic, but everybody is a little With the people who doubted me, lil homie take a hikenarcissistic But just know it aint a food brand, best believe the hype?All Im saying is baby check the statistics Hey, one time for the Rez fans, you might disagree but homieNumbers dont lie and life is a privilege. theyre the best fans Yeah, you heard right, boy I said the best fans Hop aboard, go with the flow and just best plansChorus (Kyle B) Chorus (Kyle B)The music died and Im here to revive The music died and Im here to reviveOr at least give it a try Or at least give it a tryI close both my eyelids and dream that Im flying, toI close both my eyelids and dream that Im flying, to the fullest living my lifethe fullest living my life The music died and Im here to reviveThe music died and Im here to revive Or at least give it a tryOr at least give it a try I close both my eyelids and dream that Im flying, to the fullest living my lifeI close both my eyelids and dream that Im flying, tothe fullest living my life
  3. 3. Production Schedule31st March: 1st April: 2nd April:Organise all footage Sync music to all Edit first third ofOnto a scratch disk, named Clips for smoother editing Music videoAnd sectioned (lip sync parts only)5th April: 4th April: 3rd April:Add any relevant effects/ Edit last third Edit second third of musicClean-up and render video Of music video video
  4. 4. Location Ideas
  5. 5. EQUIPMENT LIST Adobe After Effects Cs5: Samsung H200: For editing and adding Used to record footage Effects to video (includes Chroma keying/Green Screening) Tripod: To hold the camcorder steady Adobe Premier Pro cs5: Ordering a sequencing clips (synching to audio) Green Screen: Scene Adobe Photoshop cs5.1 Creating visual elements For the final product.
  6. 6. Shooting Schedule25th March: 26th March: 27th March:Film beginning of video First third of main video Middle third of(inside bedroom scene) recording Video recording30th March: 29th March: 28th March:Film any extra parts Film last third of Film Green screen shotsIf needed video
  7. 7. Story Board
  8. 8. Ancillary Text Plans-main
  9. 9. Planned
  10. 10. planned