The Dice decide... Chapter 1.1


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The Dice decide... Chapter 1.1

  1. 1. The Dice Decide... Chapter 1.1
  2. 2. Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere... well, in Wyrmville, but it is actually kind of nowhere at the moment... A man and his cat arrive at an empty lot- this can only mean one thing. It's a legacy!
  3. 3. Joe: Come on, Andromeda. It isn't that bad. There are buildings and there will be other Sims and pets. Just wait until Frostwyrm boolpropped them. We will have a fantastic time. Meet Joe Dice, the founder. He is what CAS came up with first... he later rolled Knowledge Aspiration and got Family as his secondary Aspiration. His cat Andromeda was also chosen by rolling several dice.
  4. 4. Like almost every legacy, they have all they need in the beginning- but nothing more. As Joe is sleeping in a tent, he has about 1,000 Simoleons left for everything I forgot to give him- like a bookshelf or a phone.
  5. 5. Joe starts digging for treasures. Lawn-living is boring, uncomfortable and he wouldn't want to sleep in the tent when winter starts...
  6. 6. Joe: Why Education career? You know, I want to top the Adventure career. Me: Well, you want to get off the lawn, won't you? Keep looking for a job in the Adventure career, if one comes up, you may take it. Until then, stay with Education.
  7. 7. Betsy Powell from the local garden-club checks in... I had Joe check her out, they only share one bolt (Joe's turn ons are make-up and good logic skills, his turn-off are hats). So she is not really interesting.
  8. 8. As Betsy is no spouse material, Joe goes to work.
  9. 9. While Joe is working we can enjoy the cute Andromeda doing nothing.
  10. 10. After returning with a promotion to Teacher's Aide, Joe meets Harold Hogan, who seems to have Alien genes. I am using a mod that randomizes every facetemplate, including the Alien one. Joe and Harold became friends only a few hours after they met.
  11. 11. My game seems to like the Alien template... Well, I don't mind. It's kind of cute... too bad I didn't decide on an Uglacy... and too bad it's a Patriarchy.
  12. 12. Joe found a Treasure Chest on his first night of digging. Yay for 5,000 Simoleons out of nowhere.
  13. 13. Joe: I wonder if there is a painting in it... Me: Yes, Joe, of course. People always stuff paintings into chests and bury them somewhere... Let us just sell the chest and be happy with the money.
  14. 14. After selling the Treasure Chest, Joe calls it a day. It seems like he won't have to sleep in the tent for a long time.
  15. 15. Argh. Stupid strays are eating Andromeda's food. We need a fence... or at least a house.
  16. 16. Joe: If you were a dog, you could help me with digging for treasures... But I love you as a cat, too.
  17. 17. Joe's days are hard. Getting to work in the morning and digging for treasures in the evening until he cannot stand anymore.
  18. 18. Skilling in the rain outside a hut. Poor Joe.
  19. 19. And skilling in the rain, again. The weather is horrible... something needs to be done.
  20. 20. Andromeda's lazy days are over. She has a job in the security business now.
  21. 21. Here she is leaving for her first day at work.
  22. 22. While Andromeda is at her pet job, she and Joe got a better place to live in. It is still small, but it has a roof...
  23. 23. ...And it also has several rooms. No more skilling in the rain.
  24. 24. Jus a shot of Andromeda being cute and enjoying her new home.
  25. 25. It's Friday already... and we have two legacy founders being lazy and lonely. Joe isn't even interested in other Sims... he has no social wishes, except for cuddeling and playing with Andromeda. The words „Alien Abduction“ are sneaking into my mind.
  26. 26. There is still no job in the Adventure career.
  27. 27. They have a reason to celebrate- Joe found another Treasure Chest. It seems he has settled on a rich plot of land.
  28. 28. Finally, a job in the adventure career is oben. Joe takes his chance, of course.
  29. 29. His fitness has to be improved.
  30. 30. While leaving for work, Joe thinks about getting engaged. All right, we'll look if we find a significant other for him...
  31. 31. First day of work, first promotion. I'm so proud ;)
  32. 32. Let's find out if there is any sim Joe likes... and is interested in. He still rolls social wishes for Andromeda, his cat, but not for other sims.
  33. 33. Planetary pets. Joe isn't the only legacy founder who needs a partner- Andromeda needs one, too. And it would be better for Joe's potential wife if she liked pets, wouldn't it?
  34. 34. Memo to me: Add a ceiling. Joe had to screen the room. He declares Sonja Myers as the best looking woman in the shop.
  35. 35. Bad sense of fashion and only one bolt. You're out, Sonja! The blonde woman is Roxanne Smith. Zero attraction between them. *sigh*
  36. 36. Connie Burgess- two bolt attraction! Have we found a potential spouse?
  37. 37. Joe is chatting with every female sim in the shop- he also needs friends.
  38. 38. Today's biggest success: Meet Berry. He is meant to be Andromeda's partner.
  39. 39. Joe and Berry on their way home. I hope Berry and Andromeda will get along.
  40. 40. Isn't he cute? I bet Andromeda won't be able to resist him.
  41. 41. Joe called Connie. After several calls, their relationship is still around 10/10. Attraction isn't everything...
  42. 42. Andromeda and Berry get to know each other... slowly but surely. I'm not sure if they are playing, though.
  43. 43. Joe is still sleeping alone...
  44. 44. The first winter in Wyrmville. I had tears in my eyes. Winter and I'm still motivated. I haven't experienced this for 2 years!
  45. 45. Joe is still trying to make friends with Connie, but he fails. However, he is best friends with the alien-faced townie Harold Hogan. I really have a thing for Harold and think about making him playable so that he can have his own family- or he will be married in as soon as possible.
  46. 46. You get the plan, don't you?
  47. 47. Joe as a knowledge sim is able to summon aliens. Who needs a spouse? He is still not interested in any kind of social life except his cats and answering the phone if Harold calls.
  48. 48. Alien abduction and cat woohoo...
  49. 49. It's too cute how the cats come running out of the house to watch Joe getting kicked out of the UFO.
  50. 50. Me: How are you, Joe? Joe: Don't ask! My butt hurts and I feel strange... I've been abducted by aliens! I thought it was a joke that you could summon them with a flashlight and a telescope!
  51. 51. Just a random picture of Joe cooking. I somehow like it... Well, I somehow like Joe, even if he doesn't behave like a sim with knowledge aspiration. He behaves like a sim without any aspiration and I sometimes think of him as a bit slow... but I really like him. He is so boring that he is fascinating ;)
  52. 52. Just Berry being cute...
  53. 53. The dirty toilet is a perfect indicator for a pregnancy, isn't it? I didn't want to take a photo of Joe throwing up ;)
  54. 54. I somehow think this outfit suits him...
  55. 55. The first bump. I know, those pictures are boring but I am pretty exited! So I took the pic through the window. Joe: I didn't expect this! Me: Well... I did.
  56. 56. As Joe is on maternity leave he spends most of his time skilling.
  57. 57. He should, however, teach Andromeda how to behave.
  58. 58. Stargazing again, Joe?
  59. 59. A pet-fight. At first I was shocked...
  60. 60. ...then I realized that there were just two random dogs fighting...
  61. 61. Something more important caught my attention. Joe is giving birth to generation 2.
  62. 62. Welcome to earth, little Christine.
  63. 63. When Joe put Christine on the floor I suddenly realized that I have triplets&quads installed. Oh dear!
  64. 64. Meet Leonard. As he is the first born son, he is most likely the heir.
  65. 65. Two babys on the floor... this can only mean...
  66. 66. ...there is at least a third one. Welcome, Nyota. Did someone figure out my naming-scheme? They're all characters from the original Star Trek Series. Leonard McCoy, Nyota Uhura and Christine Chapel.
  67. 67. Luckily, a nursery could be builded pretty quickly. Three beds in space-design.
  68. 68. The cats got their own room, too. They're expecting kittens.
  69. 69. This is where I leave you for now. The triplets were born on friday, week 2, the first day of spring. *gets teary eyes again* I decided to download some default-replacements, so my sims will look slightly different next time. I hope it wasn't too crappy to read...