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Froststop Attic Info

  1. 1. Froststop Attic is a CE certified & patented system designed to stop pipe work freezing and can beused in domestic & industrial applications. Froststop systems monitor pipe temperatures preventingpipe work from dropping below four degrees centigrade by heating pipes within the pipe insulation tosix degrees before switching off until needed again. On special applications removable heated jacketscan be integrated into the system to protect water filters, water softeners and pumps etc. All cables usedare earthed and pipe work labelled to insure safety.The product is marketed to homes, schools and SMEs in order to provide a solution to pipes freezingand bursting causing flood damage to buildings. All that is needed to power the system are two socketsfed from a socket circuit fitted in the attic to protect up to 175 metres of pipe. As every building isdifferent Froststop will design systems to suit each application. When each system is installedFroststop insulates all protected pipe work & tanks. Warranties will be waved until first hard frostscome (i.e. when 3 or more consecutive nights of hard frost) to save clients loosing out if installed earlyin a calendar year..Froststop attic systems are designed for attics, tank rooms, or any application where frost protectionmay be necessary to prevent pipe work bursting causing flooding. The building below the ceilingwould be up in temperature due to central heating being on when occupied. However in an unoccupiedbuilding the system will only protect the attic or other protected pipe work, systems can be set up totext the designated person and email Froststop when the heating needs to be turned on, thusinforming that the rest of the building is at risk due to a drop in room temperature. This allows centralheating to be left off until cold weather hits thus saving on heating bills.Features include: Ø Alarm panel: Tells the state of the system at any given time i.e. stand-by, working or alarm. Ø System back-up: If a fault develops with the system, it will automatically bypass the controls switching on to heat the pipe work in case it s needed at the time of the fault, thus backing up the system. Ø Message notification: The system will notify the building owner by sending a text to their mobile and an email to Froststop informing that a service call is needed. When we receive an alarm email it will inform us of the name, and contact information of the building in question. If we are not contacted we will make contact with the designated person to arrange a service call. Ø Automatic fault diagnosis: If the system alarms an error code is displayed on the control box, this error code tells Froststop the nature of the fault which allows repairs to be carried out in one service call. Ø Flood Sensors: Flood sensors are included to monitor for natural leaks from plumbing joints i.e. leaks not caused by freezing temperatures. When a leak is detected a warning text is sent.Optional extras: Ø Low building temperature warning: When temperature within the building drops to a preset temperature e.g. 10 degrees Celsius, a text can be sent advising that heating needs to be turned on. Ø Automatic heating control or remote heating control can be added to save manual switching of central heating. This feature can save on heating bills allowing heating to be turned off when buildings are unoccupied until heating is necessary to prevent pipe work in living or working areas from freezing.
  2. 2. Benefits of having Froststop products installed are as follows: Ø Frost protection: Pipe work in attics or tank rooms would be protected if arctic weather hits thus preventing freezing & flooding. Ø Low Building temperature warning: The system can be used as a warning device to notify when the central heating in the rest of the building needs to be turned on. Ø Savings on heating: Savings on heating bills as the heating will not need to be turned on when unoccupied. For example when a building is unoccupied Froststop systems will warn that heating is needed. e.g.: A school boiler burning 2000 of heating oil/gas per month could save 1000- 2000 per year. Froststop found a number of schools who ran heating as normal last Christmas in fear of cold weather striking. Ø Running costs: Running cost when in use during arctic weather conditions is only 0.25 per week for every 40 metres of pipe protected, giving an economical solution to prevent pipes freezing & bursting thus preventing huge repair costs & closed days while repair work is carried out. Ø Froststop systems use pipe temperature and not ambient temperatures like our competitor products, i.e. attic heaters, infra red bulbs.With Froststop systems being automatic and having messaging system installed it allows theprotection of buildings without the need for occupancy or the need for central heating running untilnecessary.Froststop systems would be a good investment to insure against damage caused by arctic weatherconditions thus saving in huge heating & repair bills. Average damage costs in private sector housingcost on average 7,000 with some clients of Froststop incurring repair bills of 84K. Main cause of pipes freezing or bursting:This is a new phenomenon due to the modern insulation methods and materials now used to insulatebuildings in order to decrease heat loss and lower the cost of heating. During the last two arctic wintersin Jan & Dec 2010 plumbers had numerous callouts to burst pipes causing serious damage to properties.Over 80% of pipe work that burst within buildings was already insulated. The trend was 48-72 hours ofconstant freezing temperatures which left pipe insulation ineffective resulting in a frozen or burst pipe.The damage a burst pipe can cause in a short period of time can be substantial. Buildings can becompletely destroyed resulting in some having to be gutted and fully renovated.Insurance:The Irish Insurance industry is currently estimating the problem is nearly 521 million for 2010 alone.Due to the cost of claims insurance companies are now advising that steps need to be taken to preventpossible pipe damage due to arctic weather conditions. Numerous homes & businesses now findthemselves with no insurance having been refused cover due to previous claims when their propertieswere flooded from burst pipes. Currently everyone has either experienced or knows of homes orbuildings where pipes have frozen or burst causing flood damage.Froststop is dedicated to solving these problems and the use of our systems in any building wouldsubstantially reduce heating bills and prevent huge repair bills caused by burst pipes.
  3. 3. Heat cable attached to copper pipe work before foil taping & insulating. Warning labels Installation on plastic pipe.
  4. 4. Tanks are insulated with 6 insulation and covered with aero board to create a cover before a layer of 6 insulation is fitted Cover cable with foil tape before insulating.
  5. 5. Long pipe runs are protected.6 insulation is fitted to tanks, top covered with aero board before 6 insulation isplaced on top.
  6. 6. Driveway/Foot Path heatingFroststop also specialises in driveway/footpath heating