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Elevator pitch Frostlab gate eShopManager, social selling
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Elevator pitch Frostlab gate eShopManager, social selling


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Elevator pitch Frostlab gate eShopManager, social selling

Elevator pitch Frostlab gate eShopManager, social selling

Published in: Business

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  • 1. EShopManager social sellerLink ALfa development --> Link blog --> Link slideshare -->
  • 2. EShopManager - social sellerEShopManager, social selling, it helps to share the taskwith the people in your life.The algorithm employs social selling (designed andprotected for life by Frostlab gate, valid for the wholeworld) to share, have the supervision and automaticcounting of the economic situation of sharing, throughmarketing link with the people in your life .
  • 3. Target (Need / Problem/ Benefit)EShopManager the social seller allows all those who use social networking sites, the "like", thecomments and the interest arising from the experiences relived of these tools, customers for theiractivities in compliance with all personal and financial relationships with the people in theirlife(experiential marketing).In the world there are 3.2 billion of like and comments to the day but the sales market for all activitiesand tend to fall in spite of the shares, and the use of these instruments is large (Share link for life).With the algorithm eShopManager, social selling ,balance the market sales of global social, because theutility depends on the perceived value of the product / service shared on social and businessnetworks(Marketing link) that users perceive using these tools with people in your life.Is determined first of eShopManager mode merit the price, minimum of$ 0.01 or bargaining amongeShopper / eSeller in your network, if the share produces a sales alleseller is recognized previouslyagreed upon percentage of the sale.
  • 4. Idea (Clare / Simple/ Motivated) Website and .It, the ESM app for all smartphones and tabletsEShopManager allows the sharing of your business with the people in yourlife in a practical and economical in compliance with all personal andbusiness relationships.EShopManager is also profitable as a Pay Per Sale (PPS) and effective (butcheaper) as a Pay Per Click (PPC) but in a social context, then the revolutionof business, generating economic benefits everyone, because, from aall, time to market close to 0.
  • 5. CompetitorThe market for social seller and social selling is practically virgin in terms ofonline platforms, with integration with other platforms, app for smartphonesand tablets, allowing the automatic management of economic andcommercial users in real time, business users and related activities in multiplemode. The only direct competitors are professionals engaged in this activityfor others or within a specific business area.There are indirect competitors that are social commerce, facebookcommerce, pay per click and pay per sell. These markets are small comparedto the market that we go and gather with eShopManager, socialselling, becoming world leaders in this market.
  • 6. How does it work?Lutente si iscrive, accede tramite il proprio profilo social, su eShopManager il social seller, integra il suoecommerce, collega le sue attività gestita tramite i social e costruisce la sua rete di eSeller ed eShopper.Lalgoritmo organico di social selling individua automaticamente i membri che sono eShopper/eSellerdiretti ed indiretti permettendone la gestione e la coordinazione, suggerendo i potenziali clienti, eSellered eShopper, permettendo ai membri della rete di concludere le trattative .Ogni marketing link generato da ogni membro viene monitorato e conteggiato allinterno dellarete, gestito con le 3 funzionalità, la pubblicazione, la ripubblicazione e la propagazione in modo damungere tutto il mercato mondiale nello stesso momento, facendo percepire quel link comesano, evitando agli utenti, alle aziende e alle attività di essere classificati come spammer, avendo il timeto market prossimo allo 0. In questo modo si aprono trattative con persone di attività e di imprese ditutto il mondo, coordinando e rispettando tutti i rapporti, con gli strumenti di gestione deicrediti/debiti, delle valute e della gestione avanzata delle lingue. Ci saranno anche le indicazioni sullenorme e le regolamentazioni di diritto commerciale internazionale per far avvenire correttamente laconclusione efficace di tutte le trattative, senza problematiche . Siamo partner di eBay e di PayPal, infattiinizialmente facciamo creare ai negozi eBay la rete di vendita.
  • 7. Business Model eShopManager has an automatic management of tariffs, pay less and sell more, sell less and less pay and if you do not sell you do not pay, simple is not it?The prices of eShopManager are optimized for you to grow steadily in sales volumes in the volume ofbusiness, and especially allows you to maintain an optimal management of costs during your activities tothe seller, even if you have no experience and some skills.The billing is active, after your permission, after the free trial period of 30 days, to be taken into account thatTimmy, based on the classification of our level of eSellernot pay anything even if it has been more thanthirty days .The pricing and billing is handled automatically based on the class of substance that have reached moreyou sell, the less you pay and manage multiple accounts, this is the great strength of eShopManager!There rivolgliamo to B2C and B2B integration platform using the same business logic, in the sense that weboth earn based on what users are able to sell. Percentages and pricing details are in the link at thebottom.The obittivo is to make all eSeller Bill as the genius of the sale, in practice inspired by Bill Gates ... :)
  • 8. Development ModelFirst we form the new company Frostlab in England or in another country where the business is no longer sustainable.We transfer the know-how from Frostlab gate snc Bagnaresi Mark and Michael Rispoli the new being established. Weclose snc by covering the liabilities accrued needed to get to this stage of technological development and know-how.We complete and test the platform eShopManager with the first beta tester ecommerce and users who are parties thathave already joined in this way, already 71 people have signed up for this. We complete the integration with Facebook,LinkedIn, Twitter, eBay and Paypal.Create the integration platform API eShopManager and implement Beta of the app for smartphones and tablets.We follow the growth of the market with this criterion, every sale generated will be published in the bulletin board userso as to stimulate social friends or professional user to register and become a eSeller / eShopper friend / professionalregistered eShopManager.The global economic recovery will begin, initially will most benefit the young people of the third world, where gains of afew dollars a day have greater benefit, and then also the Western countries after a few years will have the samebenefits in terms of economic relations.
  • 9. Description of the teamThe team will be composed of employees partners and associates that undertake and have already embarked on thispath. Already many people are contributing to the emergence of this project, all of whom recognize the value of a greatidea that can change the destiny of this country and restore the economic equilibrium / real world.The members and prospective members of the company are Michael Rispoli, graduated from the Faculty of Economicsof Forli course of business and management address management. He has since he was little, his passion forcomputing, transmitted from father, Music producer/ DJ, and son of art. And the deatore algorithm employs socialselling.The idea was born because it has been the wave of the crisis that the Internet has brought music with the entry ofNapster and peer-to-peer, so thanks to marketing link you can boost this market.Marco Bagnaresi is the creator and programmer of technology OpenXD Crabs and technology, necessary for theoperation and the creation of the portal eShopManager, computer services for businesses fio made ​today.Gianpiero Cyril, rebel genius of online security and online marketing. At only 14 years had pierced the site of NASAgetting a note on mail to have noticed the flaw in the system, and to have done this.Many other contractors and consultants are working with us and make a list to become as long, all determinants todate and will all be crucial in the future, we thank them all.
  • 10. Milestone / Investment soughtWe seek a sum for the first step of investment ranging from 60,000 to 150,000 euro. Investors/Business Angel can enter into a partnership with a share of up to a maximum of 30%, the investor maydecide to stay with us or to play for the Way Out with a venture capital firm that invests at least onemillion dollar, when more whether or not we have reached 300,000 subscribers and users have thestable version of the platform and app for Smartphone and Tablet.The interface is 80% complete, the logic to 20%, the database to 60%, we must complete theproduction and test the platform in the beta phase, the investments will have these objectives.Parallelly to the Business Angel can obtain financing with banks and investment funds that providepublic sunk involving universities and local reference.We want to have partners who can help us achieve the objectives, both institutional and private, largeand small activities but who, like us, the passion for science and for the global economy recovers.