nanogrid wireless home networking


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Frostdale aims to empower consumers to save energy and cut down on utility costs through greater control over their homes.

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nanogrid wireless home networking

  1. 1. Deliver greater value to yourcustomers with designPremium product designsThis range of lighting and security productspacks big features into compact and elegantdesigns. With the end user in mind, thepainstaking design process behind each productemphasized both aesthetics and usability.Color for every occasionOur wireless switches are available in fivesophisticated colors that will complement anyhome. A choice of LEDs in four colors add astylish and modern accent to the space. Securityproducts are available in clean white and blackfinishes that bridge beauty and protection.Substantial touch and feelA light switch is something that gets used often.As such, great care went into the touch and feelof the ones featured here. The two, three, andfour button switches feature a sculpture-like,raised switchplate, bringing the user into thehome control experience. A sophisticated rotarycontrol does the same on the wireless dimmer.
  2. 2. The full range of featuresComprehensive networking capabilities Lighting Lighting is one of the most often overlooked aspects of interior design, yet one that has a great deal of impact. Create custom ambient lighting for any space, and use smart software to create scenes that match your lifestyle. Security Our smart sensors provide round the clock security and monitoring, without monthly fees. Users have peace of mind with access anywhere they are, and the knowledge that their homes and loved ones are safe and secure. Energy Management Energy management means cutting down on waste, not the energy you use to make your life at home more comfortable and productive. Monitor your homes energy consumption by the day, week, month, or year with intuitive, user-friendly software. Identify areas of greatest consumption for instant savings.
  3. 3. Wireless options are adaptable and dependable Brilliant interiors A custom ambient lighting solution can highlight a home’s features and warm the space. Quickly create lighting scenes that match your routines, and make your busy schedule just that much more manageable. Security perimeter Establish a secure perimeter around your home using our smart sensors. If a security event occurs, you’ll be notified immediately via SMS. When away from home, check in on an emergency with the remote camera. Fire and gas protection Protect your home and assets with advanced fire and gas protection. If the wireless fire detector picks up on an emergency, you’ll immediately be notified. But you’ll also be able to confirm the event is real with access to the built-in temperature sensors in every smart switch. WIRELESS SWITCHES WIRELESS SENSORS CUBE CONTROLLER
  4. 4. Products that combine and connect to meet any task Web App Living Room The CUBE • Custom, ambient lighting • Temperature monitoring • Access from any internet • Advanced security enabled device • The hub of home control Kitchen / Dining • Internet Connection • Fire, gas, & heat protection • Mood lighting • Lighting Control Smartphone App • Energy Management Bedroom • Security • Lifestyle Support • Health and Wellness • Health • Access anywhere you are • Productivity • Mood lighting
  5. 5. Added convenience, security, and savings morning 06:30 The lights come up to wake you gradually. 08:30 The lights turn off 15 minutes after you leave the house, the alarm system is on. afternoon 12:00 You check your security system from your iPhone on the way to work. 16:30 Check to see that the kids made it home safely from school. 17:30 If no one’s home, switch the lights on and the security system off. evening 18:30 pm Dim the lights for a relaxing evening meal. 21:30 pm Set the security alarm after everyone is inside for the night. 23:00 pm Power down your home in seconds to get ready for bed.
  6. 6. Your solution, your lifestyleTelevision viewingYouve invested in a top-notch home theater system.Now get the most out of it by creating an ambientlighting scene to accompany the experience.Savvy commuterHave a fixed routine throughout the week? Benefit fromthe added comfort and convenience of a smarter home.And never come home to a dark house again.Vacation & travelNo matter where life takes you, your home will neverbe out of reach. Know that your home and valuablesare safe and secure with remote access via web orsmartphone. Or create a vacation lighting scene to givewould-be intruders the impression you never left.Seize the dayA lot of energy is wasted during those hours when itsjust dark enough that artificial light is needed, but yetnot entirely dark. Dimmers are a great way to be sureyou always have adequate light, but that youre onlyusing what you need.
  7. 7. It pays to be networkedSave moneyMaking sure lights and appliances aren’t lefton when not in use is the first step towardcutting down on monthly utility costs. Thissystem helps you do just that with smartcontrols at home and full access while away.Dimmers can save you moreLights can be dimmed up to 25 percent beforethe difference is detectable to the human eye.This means that plenty of electricity isunnecessarily wasted lighting a home. Createsmart dimming scenes to save money andextend the life of bulbs, all while enhancing thenatural beauty of your space.Add value to your homeJust like other home upgrades, installedlighting and security systems can add value toyour home. This is especially true when thedesigns are as elegant and sophisticated as theones featured in our catalogue.