World Sensor Market Opportunities in HVAC Applications: Sensors and Transmitters Meet Diversity in End-User Needs


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Frost & Sullivan analysis of World Sensor Market Opportunities in HVAC Applications.

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  • It doesn’t say when the market is bottoming out. Title should be as follows: World Sensors and Instruments Market Bottoming Out (Now/when?); Recovery Begins by (June 2009/near timeframe?) The recovery time is not on target with our corporate position. Is this information that was gathered through primary research? You should take out the parenthesis around May 2009
  • Suggest to put this information under the “What Will Catalyze the Turnaround? D rivers for Your [CBU/IRG/Market &amp; Region]” slide Suggest to redo some of the text boxes so that the words are not broken. I fixed most of them, let me know what you think.
  • World Sensor Market Opportunities in HVAC Applications: Sensors and Transmitters Meet Diversity in End-User Needs

    1. 1. World Sensor Market Opportunities in HVAC Applications : Sensor and Transmitters Meet Diversity in End-User Needs Dr. Rajender Thusu Sensors & Instrumentation Practice Frost & Sullivan April 29, 2010
    2. 2. Sensors in HVAC Market : Impact of Turbulent Market Conditions (World), 2008-2009 Impact During Economic Slowdown in 2008 - 2009 Decline in Price Levels Decline in Biddings Decreased Automotive Demand Decrease Building Construction Activities Revenue Support from Asian Countries Increased use of Combined Sensors Decline in Base Year Growth Rate
    3. 3. Three Pronged Strategy for Improved Efficiency (World), 2009 HVAC Systems Increased Sensor Applications Combined Sensors Increased Efficiency at Lower Power Source: Frost & Sullivan
    4. 4. Market Dynamics – Ranked in Order of Impact (World), 2009-2016 Drivers High Med Low Increased Indoor Comfort Note: Length of Arrow indicates relative impact Demand for Highly Controlled Monitoring Zonal Cooling Requirements Comply With SEER ratings Replacement/retrofit of Old Systems Automotive Cabins Climate Control Increase in HVAC Modules Restraints Low Med High Economic Slow Down HVAC Market Maturity Lack of Formal Enforcement Laws Deregulation of Electricity Industry Deters Purchases Reliance on Bids
    5. 5. Technology Trends Technology Trends Development of t World's Smallest Germanium NTC Thermistor Multiple Application Bend Sensor Substrate-Based Sensing Technology Energy Harvester HVAC Sensor Based Systems Combined Sensors MEMS Based Low Range Sensors Hybrid HVAC And Wireless Controls
    6. 6. HVAC Sensors: Revenue Growth Trend (World), 2008-2010 2008 2009 2010 Year Percent
    7. 7. HVAC Sensors: Revenue Analysis (World), 2009-2016 2009 2012 2010 2015 2011 2013 2016 2014 $1069 mil $1678.2 mil $2497.3 mil Year $ M I L L I O N
    8. 8. Key Highlights Combined Sensors to Exhibit High Adoption Commercial and Automotive Estimated to be Most Receptive End-users Asia Pacific Region Expected to Ensure Highest Growth Among Regional Market Humidity Sensors Estimated to Register Highest CAGR over the forecast period Regulations and Implementations Getting Stricter
    9. 9. Unmet End-User Needs , 2009 Source: Frost & Sullivan Unmet Needs of Sensors in HVAC Markets Miniaturization (Nano) Wireless Options Drift & Repeatability Need for Integrated Platforms Self Configured Multi-product & Multi-vendor Capability
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