WiMax and LTE 4Ging Ahead - Significant Opportunities for Test Equipment Vendors


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The focus points of this presentation are as follows: Market Segmentation and Definitions, Market Drivers and Restraints, Market & Technology Trends, Revenue Forecasts and Projections, Market Segment Analysis, and a list of major Industry participants.

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WiMax and LTE 4Ging Ahead - Significant Opportunities for Test Equipment Vendors

  1. 1. WiMAX and LTE 4Ging Ahead – Significant Opportunities for Test Equipment Vendors Vijay Mathew, Senior Research Analyst Test & Measurement October 2009
  2. 2. Focus Points 1 1 Market Segmentation and Definitions Market Segmentation and Definitions 2 2 Market Drivers and Restraints Market Drivers and Restraints 3 3 Market & Technology Trends Market & Technology Trends 4 4 Revenue Forecasts and Projections Revenue Forecasts and Projections 5 5 Market Segment Analysis Market Segment Analysis 6 6 Conclusions Conclusions 7 7 List of Major Industry Participants List of Major Industry Participants 2
  3. 3. Market Segmentation Base Year : 2008 Total WiMAX & LTE Test Equipment Forecast Period : 2009 – 2013 Market Geographic Focus : Global WiMAX Test LTE Test Equipment Equipment Base Station Base Station Geographic Application Geographic Application & & Analysis Analysis Analysis Analysis Mobile Station Mobile Station Geographic analysis includes Application analysis includes • North America • Research and Development (R&D) • Europe • Manufacturing • Asia Pacific • Installation and Maintenance (I&M) • Rest-of-World Source: Frost & Sullivan 3
  4. 4. Key Drivers Summary Demand for Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Accelerates Evolution to 4G Technology Competition Drives the WiMAX and LTE Market Stimulus Bill Boosts Smart Antenna Wireless Technology Creates Proliferation of Internet Constant Updates to the Infrastructure Opportunities for Test Friendly Devices Fuels 3GPP Standard Creates Development Equipment Vendors Demand for WiMAX and Testing Opportunities Initiatives LTE Test Equipment Source: Frost & Sullivan 4
  5. 5. Key Restraints Summary Lack of Availability of Complete Tight Budgets due Test Systems to Economic Hinders Downturn Restrains Consolidation Growth Growth Restrains Growth Shortage of Handsets Restricts End User Penetration Source: Frost & Sullivan. 5
  6. 6. Market and Technology Trends Femtocell Growth in Wireless Data Testing Usage WiMAX France, Germany, and Need For Multi-Mode & Japan out Of Test Equipment LTE Recession Test Equipment Market Industry Split over Approach to Voice over LTE 6
  7. 7. Revenue Forecasts and Projections WiMAX and LTE Test Equipment Market: Revenue Forecasts (World), 2008-2013 LTE WiMAX 2000 100% Revenues ($ Million) 1600 evenues (%) 80% 1200 60% 800 WiMAX 40% LTE R 20% 400 0% 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 0 Ye ar 2008 2013 Year Total Market Size $396.2 million in 2008 • The global WiMAX and LTE test equipment revenues in 2008 were $396.2 million with WiMAX test equipment accounting for around 55.7 and LTE test equipment 45.3 percent of revenues. Research indicates a dramatic turnaround by 2013 with WiMAX accounting for 17.0 percent and LTE 83.0 percent of revenues. • Growth rates for both the markets vary significantly. With LTE currently in its early testing phase it offers more opportunities to test equipment vendors while WiMAX’s R&D phase is almost completely over and testing opportunities have moved on to manufacturing and monitoring applications. Source: Frost & Sullivan 7
  8. 8. Geographic Analysis WiMAX Test Equipment Market: Percent of Revenues by LTE Test Equipment Market: Percent of Revenues by Geographic Geographic Region (World), 2008 Region (World), 2008 36.2% 27.6% 20.80% 31.0% 18.4% 32.8% 33.2% North America Europe Asia Pacific Rest-of-world North America Europe Asia Pacific With Verizon Wireless paving the way for Asia Pacific region remains at the forefront LTE deployment a majority of the demand of WiMAX innovation in 2009. Tier-1 for LTE test equipment comes from North operators such as KDDI, Tata America, with 36.2 percent of overall Communications, Reliance revenues. The United States is the second Communications and Korea Telecom are largest market for 3G and the growing still investing heavily in the technology popularity of smartphones and increasing and the region is also home to many consumer interest in data-intensive greenfield WiMAX operators. applications has accelerated the migration to 4G networks. 8
  9. 9. Application Analysis WiMAX Test Equipment Market: Percent of Revenues by LTE Test Equipment Market: Percent of Revenues by Application Application (World), 2008 (World), 2008 12.0% 2.0% 42.0% 46.0% 98.0% R&D Manufacturing I&M R&D Manufacturing With WiMAX and mobile WiMAX services With the first LTE deployment expected by currently being available across the globe, the end of 2009, the R&D segment the laboratory testing phase of the contributed 98.0 percent of the market technology is almost over and in 2008, the revenues in 2008. With 39 operator R&D application accounted for 12.0 commitments the LTE market is expected percent of revenues in the WiMAX test to reach critical mass by 2012-2013. equipment market. 9
  10. 10. Conclusions Compressed Timelines Compressed Timelines Will be the Biggest Will be the Biggest LTE Offers Biggest LTE Offers Biggest Challenge Challenge Growth Oportunity Global Presence Global Presence Growth Oportunity WiMAX & LTE Test Equipment Test Equipment Vendors Test Equipment Vendors Maintaining Close Knowledge of the Market Knowledge of the Market Unsure Which Way to Go Unsure Which Way to Go Maintaining Close Relationships with Relationships with Customers Customers 10
  11. 11. Key Market Players 11
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  14. 14. For Additional Information Kiran Unni Jake Wengroff Research Manager Global Director Measurement & Instrumentation Corporate Communications Practice (210) 247-3806 (210) 247-2495 Jake.wengroff@frost.com kiranunni@frost.com Jessy Cavazos Vijay Mathew Industry Manager Senior Research Analyst Test & Measurement Test & Measurement (325) 695-6332 +91.44.39144890 Jessy_Cavazos@frost.com vijay.mathew@frost.com 14