Telehealth Defined, Explained and Explored


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An analyst briefing delivered by Zachary Bujnoch, Frost & Sullivan senior industry analyst, telehealth, and Sanjay Bahel, Infosys client partner, medical devices.

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  • i really appreciate the application of advanced technologies in health care so as to keep effectiveness and efficiency of health care systems. It will also enable us to share information, remote services like consultation, online education, etc. This is specially so vital for developing countries who have lots of problems related to finance, specialists, technology, etc.
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Telehealth Defined, Explained and Explored

  1. 1. Telehealth Defined, Explained and Explored Zachary Bujnoch Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst Telehealth Sanjay Bahel Infosys Client Partner Medical Devices June 14, 2011
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Zachary Bujnoch, Senior Industry Analyst, Telehealth Frost & Sullivan Sanjay Bahel, Client Partner, Medical Devices Infosys 2
  3. 3. Focus Points Telehealth Defined Telehealth Matrix and Spectrum Telehealth Explained Challenges Telehealth Explored Case Studies Infosys Focus Point Topic 3
  4. 4. Poll QuestionWhat is your overall opinion on the state of Telehealth?• Highly Favorable – What’s the hold-up? Telehealth programs should be in every state along with intense Federal support• Moderate – There have been some positive outcomes; I still want to slowly introduce telehealth programs and concepts, observing results• Cautious – I need to see some substantial and straight forward cost savings before I give my full support of telehealth 4
  5. 5. Telehealth – Healthcare’s Road to the Consumer Telepresence Visual Collaboration Teleradiology• Remote Monitoring Distance• Disease Home Video Tele- Learning/Simulation Management Health health• Wellness Systems• Activity Monitoring• Medication Dispensing e-Health IT Enabled m-Health Solutions Personal Health Records (PHR) Mobility 5
  6. 6. Telehealth MatrixProfessional Traditional Healthcare Core Telehealth and Telemedicine Customer Focus Consumer/Non-healthcare Approaching TelehealthConsumer Information Healthcare Communication Industry Focus Source: Frost & Sullivan. Technologies 6
  7. 7. Telehealth Matrix Discussion Professional Traditional Healthcare Core Telehealth and Telemedicine Y Axis – User FocusThe higher vertically on this axis Consumer/Non-healthcare Approaching Telehealth the more focus the market has Consumer on high end professional Information Healthcare markets Communication Source: Frost & Sullivan. TechnologiesThe lower vertically on this axis the more the market is focused consumer driven offerings X Axis – Industry Focus Moving left horizontally on this axis increased the focus on the information communication technologies (ICT) industry Moving left horizontally on this axis increased the focus on the traditional healthcare industry 7
  8. 8. Telehealth Matrix Discussion Traditional Healthcare and Telemedicine (Dark) The area of traditional healthcare and telemedicine is heavily professional and healthcare focused, and primarily focuses using “tele” applications to extend traditional healthcare services over a distance. Professional Traditional Healthcare Core Telehealth and Telemedicine Core Telehealth (Medium) Here is largely where the opportunities for revenue Consumer/Non-healthcare growth healthcare Approaching Telehealth transformation reside. Consumer Solutions in this area provide Information Healthcare significant healthcare to Communication Source: Frost & Sullivan. patients with minimal Technologies involvement by trained healthcare professionals. Consumer/Non-healthcare Approaching Telehealth (Light) This area contains offerings heavily focused around fitness and wellness with almost no healthcare professional involvement. 8
  9. 9. Telehealth Matrix – Telehealth MarketsProfessional HIE EMR/EHR Traditional Healthcare Core Telehealth Robotic and Telemedicine Telepresence Tele-Imaging Simulation/ Tele-pharmacy training Sleep Apnea Remote Video Mobile Telemedicine Mobile Health Consultation Software ECG Monitoring Remote Vital Signs Mobility/Tablets Customer Focus Mobile Info Gathering Medication Diabetes & Delivering Dispensing Monitoring PHR Activity Monitoring Patient Portals Fitness Apps PERS Consumer/Non-healthcare Wellness Systems Approaching Telehealth Wellness AppsConsumer Health Coaching Information Healthcare Communication Industry Focus Source: Frost & Sullivan. Technologies 9
  10. 10. Telehealth Professional vs Consumer Spectrum• Understanding who the customer is, is essential in assessing a client on this spectrum• Understanding where your solution is or wants to be, is essential in understanding the value of a product FDA Approval Reimbursed Direct Payment Professional HC Consumer Source: Frost & Sullivan. 10
  11. 11. Telehealth Technology Spectrum• Technology is an enabler for success, but the tipping point for success is increasingly becoming exceptional sales support, partnerships, and being service oriented FDA Approval Reimbursed Direct Payment Professional HC Consumer Source: Frost & Sullivan. 11
  12. 12. Market Challenges 1 How do you reimburse for diverse, complicated systems? 2 Various complicated regulating bodies possibly in conflict 3 How do you change behavior and the unique needs for the elderly 4 How does this make me a better doctor? 12
  13. 13. User Implementation Challenges How do you keep your technology up to date and functional in the 1 fast moving information and communication technology world? 2 How to you train users and then keep that user up to date? 13
  14. 14. Telehealth Market Case Studies –Remote ECG (MCOT/ACT) Overall Market Characteristics Remote ECG Key Metrics • Mature, traditional HC market • Revenue grew 57% from 2005 to 2010 in ECG Event Monitoring due to the introduction of • Direct reimbursement MCOT and ACT services • Highly competitive market • Price points for MCOT/ACT were over four • New telehealth technologies times traditional event monitoring services (MCOT/ACT) utilize the continuous when first introduced and are still more than monitoring of Holter and the extended double in 2010 time period and mobility of event • Obtained CPT code for MCOT/ACT in 2009 Key Take Aways • Moving traditional healthcare markets to telehealth is possible and profitable, but requires extensive experience and expertise in healthcare systems and reimbursement • New telehealth products and services created significant upselling opportunities and growth Note: All figures are rounded; the base year is 2009. Source: Frost & Sullivan 14
  15. 15. Telehealth Market Case Studies – PersonalEmergency Response Services (PERS) Overall Market Characteristics PERS Key Metrics• Non-traditional HC market • The largest of all telehealth markets• Out of pocket consumer costs in revenue• Direct customer focused market • Consistent double digit revenue growth• New, more sophisticated monitoring technologies are generating new • Increasing price points due to growth by justifying higher price increasing inclusion of more points advanced telehealth technologies Key Take Aways • Adopting consumer service models to telehealth is possible and sustainable through healthcare referrals and “fear” based marketing but heavy use of traditional consumer tactics will limit opportunities in healthcare applications • New telehealth products and services created significant up selling opportunities and growth Note: All figures are rounded; the base year is 2010. Source: Frost & Sullivan 15
  16. 16. What is Remote Health Monitoring?Source: Adapted from Center of Technology and Aging 16
  17. 17. Infosys Remote Health Monitoring Solution Infosys Digital Smart Infosys Health Web Portal Home Gateway Management Platform (Information Access) Source: Adapted from Center of Technology and Aging 17
  18. 18. Infosys Digital Smart Home GatewayA Dynamic and Intelligent Medical Devices Gateway. Providers can interact and customize therapies topatient’s specific need. Tracking Health Configurable Designed For Economical Readings Gateway Compliance • Convenient • Configurability - • Low power • Standards Tracking of from disease consumption Health Data specific state to • Regulatory wellness • Small form factor • Interface with • FCC several Patient- • Remote Updates • Embedded wired worn devices and wireless and • ROHS (Hazard) technologies • Environment and Noise compliance 18
  19. 19. Health Management Platform and Web Portal DevicePharmaceutical Payers Providers Other Features Manufacturers• Medication • Integrated view • Device • Physician portal • Customizable Compliance for care plan Monitoring to view integrated Branding Management manager device data • EMR / PHR • SaaS based• Disease • Create new Interoperability • Rule based offering management health plans Clinical Alerts services • Remote • Integration with • Incentive Programming • E-Consultation social media sites calculation with Patients (Facebook / Twitter, etc.) Interoperability Layer Health Vault / EMR / EHR GoogleHealth / Dossia Payer Clinical Data Repository 19
  20. 20. CASE STUDIES 20
  21. 21. US Cardiovascular Solutions Company: Designand Development of Remote Monitoring Solution Situation: Pioneer in wireless cardiovascular solutions focused on digital healthcare through the confluence of medical devices, telecommunication and IT sought to develop a system for remote patient monitoring Infosys Solution: Business Value: A physiological monitoring device attached to Allowed the client to focus on more strategic the patient that talks to a gateway over Bluetooth, aspects of their business - Algorithms which transfers data using wireless Supported creation of key elements of the communication or ZigBee design history and other documentation Development of key system components, required for FDA approval enabling the monitoring of vital patient parameters remotely Develop complete solution for the gateway 21
  22. 22. Global Sleep Apnea Devices Company:Patient Data Management Solution Situation: A leading manufacturer of products for the diagnosis and management of sleep-disordered breathing solutions sought to re-architect and develop a system for patient data management system Infosys Solution: Business Value: This product is used to collect patient data Expedite product introduction to market by remotely and transmit it using cellular network creating a global, flexible, platform based interface or standard telephone line architecture Solution definition for a flexible platform based Significant reduction in development and architecture enabling the verification of patient testing costs to support any new device family compliance and diagnosing Apnea and Hypopnea without requiring major system changes and via clinical reports testing effort New product design, development, verification Supported in achieving the US FDA for 510(k) and validation testing clearance for the product 22
  23. 23. Poll QuestionWhat are your organizations plans to develop a Remote Health Management Solution?• Currently have a Remote Health Management solution• Planning within the next 12 months• No plans• Not applicable 23
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