Solar Opportunities in Africa Set to Blaze into the Future


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An analyst briefing presentation delivered by Dominic Goncalves, research analyst in energy and power systems for Frost & Sullivan's South Africa office.

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Solar Opportunities in Africa Set to Blaze into the Future

  1. 1. Solar Opportunities in Africa Set to Blaze into the Future Dominic Goncalves, Research Analyst Energy and Power Systems May 25, 2011
  2. 2. Today’s Presenter: Dominic Goncalves Functional Expertise • Particular expertise in growth process innovation, strategy, analytical research methodology and writing - Pre-feasibility studies - Market entry strategy analyses - Distribution channel analyses - Benchmarking global best practices - Competitive intelligence and growth process strategies Industry Expertise Extensive experience and long-standing client relationships with leading industry participants and key policy- makers in the Sub-Saharan Africa renewable energy sector. Particular expertise in solar energy markets (SWH, PV, CSP) Feedstock transportation analysis What I bring to the TeamDominic Goncalves • International backgroundRenewable Energy • Fluent in SpanishAnalyst • Client management skills • Strategic management and leadership skillsFrost & Sullivan • Business developmentAfrica • A passion for renewable energyCape Town Career Highlights • Written a book, published in 2002 • Market intelligence background Education • Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Communication Media from the University of South Africa 2
  3. 3. Focus Points• Scope of the study• Technology overview• Market overview• Legislative policies• Industry challenges, drivers, and restraints• Key growth opportunities • PV • CSP • SWH• Strategies for success • Market entry options• Concluding remarks 3
  4. 4. Solar Technology Solar Energy 4
  5. 5. Hot Topics (from the current & beyond current year)Electricity crisis in South AfricaIRP: Need to diversify into clean energyIncubating solar to kick start growthWaiting for the first PPAs for the REFITNew building codes 5
  6. 6. Renewables in the IRP Renewable Allocations in the IRP: Solar is clearly the biggest winner Source: Policy Adjusted IRP2010 6
  7. 7. Major Challenges• Delay in implementation of legislative policies • Delay for PPAs to be signed, and ISMO to be set up (PV and CSP) • SWH awaiting new building codes• Price sensitivity• Quality and installation issues for SWH 7
  8. 8. Major Drivers• RE drive by government• Upington Solar Park• Price decrease• Manufacturing potential 8
  9. 9. SWH Market with New Building Code Regulations Solar Water Heater Market Forecasts (Cumulative Units), 2010 – 2014 The dotted line represents the impact of new building code regulations on the most likely scenarioCumulative Units (Total Installed Base) Source: Frost & Sullivan, Blue IQ 9
  10. 10. Solar Park Concept• IRP Developments • Recent incorporation and Land Requirements, PV vs. CSP disaggregation • Current allocation: • 8.4GW of PV LFR CSP Plant • 1.0GW of CSP• Land Resource • ~46,300 soccer fields CSP Trough ~ 1.5X Tower/Crystalline PV ~ 2X Thin Film PV ~ 3X 10
  11. 11. Upington Solar Park • Land availability • Solar resource • Solar Park Authority to set up infrastructure Northern Cape, South Africa • Run like an IDZ Land earmarked for Upington Solar Park development, Northern Cape, South Africa. Source: DoE 11
  12. 12. Upington Solar Park (Contd…) • Component Upington Solar Park manufacturing and R&D hub • Scale advantages Source: DoE 12
  13. 13. Conclusion• Component manufacturing• Installation and maintenance• Project development• Upington Solar Park investment• Solar is here to stay 13
  14. 14. Next Steps Request a proposal for Growth Partnership Services or Growth Consulting Services to support you and your team to accelerate the growth of your company. ( Join us at our annual Growth, Innovation, and Leadership 2011: A Frost & Sullivan Global Congress on Corporate Growth ( Register for Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Opportunity Newsletter and keep abreast of innovative growth opportunities ( 14
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  17. 17. For Additional InformationChristie Cronje Vassilissa KozoulinaCorporate Communications Sales ManagerF&S Africa Energy & Power Systems(27) 21 680 3566 (27) 21 680 vassilissa.kozoulina@frost.comCornelis van der Waal Marc GoldsteinBusiness Unit Leader Consulting ManagerEnergy & Power Systems Energy & Power Systems(27) 21 680 3266 (27) 21 380 17