Analysis of the Global DC Power Systems Market


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Emerging regions across the globe are actively expanding their telecom infrastructures and networks which primarily rely on direct current (DC) technology for power. Consequently, the DC power systems market is poised to expand expeditiously by 2020. For DC power systems manufacturers, this observation supplies guidance for identifying the most profitable markets.

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Analysis of the Global DC Power Systems Market

  1. 1. Telecom Infrastructure Development in Emerging Regions Reenergizes Global DC Power Systems Market Research PREVIEW for the Analysis of the Global DC Power Systems Market (ND37-27)
  2. 2. Key Findings • The DC power systems market is mature and characterized by intense competition, price declines, and little product differentiation. • Telecom infrastructure growth is a necessity for regions needing economic growth, which propels investments in DC power systems. • Mature economies are not investing capital expenditure (CAPEX) on telecom infrastructure upgrades, so DC power system manufacturers are looking to emerging regions for growth. • This study finds higher-than-expected growth in the telecom DC power systems market, and this forecast period is expected to witness several ups and downs based on macroeconomic and political tensions worldwide. • Growth is expected in regions worldwide beyond BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Mexico, Argentina, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa are emerging regions where manufacturers may find opportunities for telecom. Source: Frost & Sullivan ND37-27
  3. 3. Executive Summary—CEO’s Perspective 2 Telecom spending continues to remain slow as worldwide economic woes continue. 3 Long-term evolution (LTE) advance and 4G networks provide the next wave of growth opportunities. 4 Consolidation among competitors along with mergers and acquisitions expected to increase. 1 Opportunities for growth are in emerging regions worldwide. Source: Frost & Sullivan ND37-27
  4. 4. Drivers 1–2 Years 3–4 Years 5–7 Years Penetration of LTE Advance and 4G networks drives demand for DC power systems H H H Need for high energy efficiency drives demand for revamp of existing networks H H M Gradual increase in telecom spending worldwide drives DC power equipment investment M M H Impact Ratings: H = High; M = Medium; L = Low Drivers—Impact and Duration Source: Frost & Sullivan ND37-27
  5. 5. Restraints 1–2 Years 3–4 Years 5–7 Years Intense price competition slows growth for DC power systems H H H Highly mature and saturated telecom equipment market slows end-user uptake of DC power systems H H H Lack of product differentiation provides fewer options for telecom end users M M M Impact Ratings: H = High; M = Medium; L = Low Restraints—Impact and Duration Source: Frost & Sullivan ND37-27
  6. 6. Contents Section Slide Numbers Executive Summary 5 Market Overview 10 Total Market - • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 18 • Forecasts and Trends 25 • Market Share and Competitive Analysis 39 • Mega Trends and Industry Convergence Implications 46 CEOs 360 Degree Perspective 49 Low Power Segment Breakdown 52 Medium Power Segment Breakdown 62 High Power Segment Breakdown 72 ND37-27
  7. 7. Contents (continued) Section Slide Numbers North America Breakdown 82 Europe Breakdown 91 Asia-Pacific Breakdown 100 Rest of World Breakdown 109 HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) Evolution 118 The Last Word (Conclusions and Implications) 124 Appendix 127 ND37-27
  8. 8. Market Overview—Key Questions This Study Will Answer Is the market growing, how long will it continue to grow, and at what rate? Are the existing competitors structured correctly to meet customer needs? Will these companies/products/services continue to exist or will other companies acquire them? How will the structure of the market change with time? Is it ripe for acquisitions? Are the products/services offered today meeting customer needs or is there additional development needed? Source: Frost & Sullivan ND37-27 Will the products/services become features in other markets?
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  11. 11. Global Perspective 40+ Offices Monitoring for Opportunities and Challenges
  12. 12. Industry Convergence Comprehensive Industry Coverage Sparks Innovation Opportunities Automotive & Transportation Aerospace & Defense Measurement & Instrumentation Information & Communication Technologies HealthcareEnvironment & Building Technologies Energy & Power Systems Chemicals, Materials & Food Electronics & Security Industrial Automation & Process Control Automotive Transportation & Logistics Consumer Technologies Minerals & Mining